‘It’s totally appropriate’: Pompeo jokes about political pressure in Greece

Look, I was on the phone call. I’m on almost every phone call
with the president, with every world leader. – Can you assure your allies, Greece,
other countries of the Balkans, – the US allies – that they will not be
subject to political pressure based on their willingness or
unwillingness to help the interests of the US president? – What’s the question? To do what?
[laughter] No, no, you’re going to be under
enormous political pressure, let me assure you, right? This is what we do. We work together in a political
environment to achieve what the Greek people want, right? And America tries to advance
its interests around the world and I am confident that I feel pressure. When I talk to your foreign minister,
he pressures me all the time. [laughter] It’s totally appropriate.
– OK. – Right? Isn’t that right?
It’s totally right. Go ahead and admit it. You can say.
It’s completely right. [applause] Yeah, it’s OK, it’s OK.
I understand, it’s OK, it’s fine. Nations do this. Nations work together and
they say, ‘boy, goodness gracious, if you can help me with x,
we’ll help you achieve y’. This is what partnerships do.
It’s win win. It’s better for each of us. I’m not offended when your
prime minister asks me, ‘can you help us with x?’

39 thoughts on “‘It’s totally appropriate’: Pompeo jokes about political pressure in Greece

  1. Just seeing the name Pompeo made me want to laugh, it's funny
    I know it has nothing to do with the video, but it is kind of funny.
    Just thought I'd out that out there.

  2. Given the suicide rates that occured due to the bankers and EU organisations he wishes to defend. For him to say this is insane. Typically insane.

  3. Our White House is falling down, falling down, falling down.
    Our White House is falling down, our Corrupt President!

    Take the keys and lock him up, lock him up, lock him up!
    Take the keys and lock him up, and all his cronies!

  4. Yes Mike. The great American people really want you to pressure Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden by withholding the help of the great American people. It's perfectly appropriate. Everyone does it. Right? It's OK. You can say it.

    RIP USA 😭

  5. Mikey, when they make a movie about this, which celebrity would you like to play your character, "Frightened Inmate #2"?

  6. Biden and his sons business dealings fits a long pattern of companies owned by or closely tied to foreign governments courting the families of high-ranking American officials….

  7. If you are on almost every phone call with the president. Say so in the 1st place – not when you know you've been busted.

  8. Pompeo is pathetic. This is NOT defending, or standing up for, the Constitution of the United States. This is NOT OK – PERIOD!

  9. America overthrew the legitimate government of Ukraine, so naturally the usurpers expect favours from those selected to rule.

  10. His brain is melting down, like Giuliani's, for the same reason: he knows that he will be thrown in jail for a long time for what he did in Ukraine, unless somehow Trump gets re-elected and becomes President for Life.
    Of course HE would not not offended when the Greek PM asks "can you help me with X". It is the Greek people who should get mad if they find out, and "X" is "win my re-election".

  11. Trump/Barr/Pompeo are gonna bring the entire corrupt temple down on thr democrats heads. Anyone who believes tje liberal media is a fuckin sheep.

  12. He diverted from the subject by faking not to understand the question and getting a laugh. Then, he answered a fictional question about pressure from the US.

    The original question remains: will nations be put under pressure to help the interest of Trump’s political campaign against other American parties?

    As a very polite reporter of course, she left an escape door for her guest by using the ambiguous term “US President”, which can be interpreted as “the US” or as “Donald Trump”.

    Pompeo should thank her.

    And “enormous pressure” by the way, is the same as bullying.

  13. At the 1:01 mark, she crosses her arms. Crossing the arms across the chest is a classic gesture of defensiveness. This defensiveness usually manifests as uneasiness, shyness or insecurity. When a person feels threatened by a situation.

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