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“It’s on.” “Oh, it’s on.” “It’s on.” “Oh. It’s on.” “It is on.” “It’s so on, you don’t even know how on it is, that’s how on it is, it’s on.” Round 1 we have James Corden versus Michelle Obama. The late-night host and the former First Lady, featuring a handful of other celebs, went head to head as Team U.S.A.. and Team U.K. for an epic dodgeball showdown on ‘The Late Late Show’ Monday night. The hilarious sketch started out with Corden and Obama looking like they were about to dive into another round of “Carpool Karaoke,” but instead get into a heated debate about Brits vs. Americans. Obama did not hold back when Corden insisted that Brits are in fact better at sports. ”Ha, I don’t think that’s true, and if it is, you have nothing to do with it.” Ooh, the shade! After that it was game on. The two challenged each other to a game of dodgeball to prove once and for all which country is better at the sport and let’s just say things got heated. ”This team is going to eat them for breakfast. For breakfast. The most important meal of the day.” During the epic ‘Late Late’ Dodgeball Championship, the former First Lady led an all-star and all-female American team that included Allison “Uncanny” Janney, Mila “The Killer” Kunis, Melissa “Never Missa” McCarthy, Lena “Wildcard” Waithe and Kate “Hacksaw” Hudson. Meanwhile, “Hot Potato” Corden assembled his all-male team of Brits which included, Harry “Sign of the Crimes” Styles, Benedict “The Claw” Cumberbatch, Game of Thrones star John “Hurt You Badly” Bradley and Late Late Show band leader Reggie “Windmill” Watts. Obama had a pretty easy time getting her squad together, ”Listen, when Michelle Obama calls and asks you to do anything, you just say yes.” but Corden on the other hand… ”When James Corden calls you, you initially ignore the call. Then he keeps calling you, and then starts texting saying ‘hey, did you get my call?’ And then he shows up at your house.” The two teams are shown warming up before it’s game on. During the first round, Styles was the solo one standing from Team U.K., something he must be used to by now. ”Harry Styles gone solo all over again. Obama winds up and ooh! Right in the 1D.” The Brits regroup from their loss by having a tea party obviously, but then things heat up in round 2. That is until Cumberbatch asks Obama to sign a copy of her book for him, which then prompts all of Team U.K. to form an autograph line for the former First Lady. During the final round, Cumberbatch was the last U.K. player standing against Kunis and Hudson, but after the actresses beat Cumberbatch, Team U.S.A. was officially declared the winner – something Corden tried to forget. “We showed kids that exercise can be fun, and that’s the big thing. Honestly, I can’t even remember who won or lost.” “Oh, oh no. You lost. We won.” “Honestly I have no idea if that’s even true.” To see the hilarious sketch in full, head over to THR.com and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News I’m Neha Joy.

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