Jeanine Pirro: Dems don’t have a case for impeachment

100 thoughts on “Jeanine Pirro: Dems don’t have a case for impeachment

  1. Well said Judge Jeanie ,Sniffer Joe and demonRats only for there pockets first and nothing for American people ,Trump 2020 ??????

  2. The CIA Chief, Gina Haspel is a Brennan protegee though appointed by Trump. That CIA whistleblower is a Deep State operative

  3. Not only they don't have a case but they are going to push the country to the brink of a civil war. It's time to join and stand by our president. A caged animal can be very dangerous.

  4. Which members of the Intelligence committee signed off on the 2nd hand Intel is acceptable to use in court against our President? We WANT THEIR names! Vote them out!

  5. Tucker says Hunter Biden is a nice guy…coke head , thrown out of the Navy…so Tucker is one of these cokeheads who hate pot…? and use coke to get through college? There is something very strange about Tucker Carlson and he needs to be investigated.

  6. Tucker, there will not be place for CORRUPT DEMOCRATS IN THE FUTURE AMERICA. 6 more years they like or not, Trump will be in their faces making America the country that it were supposed to be for a long time. THE GREAT AND PROSPEROUS USA.

  7. The fear that i get Jennifer Lopez ear number & call her to seduce her from that Arod Guy. Its a thriller without piller. Stalking Celebs are My primerly mission in life so why not stalk THE most Beautiful.

  8. "Coke nose Hunter", the son of Joe Biden was dishonorably discharged from the Navy Reserves for failing a drug test. He tested positive for cocaine. How did a drug addict get a position on a company board oversees in Ukraine? Being the son of a Vice President, a drug addict, and the job being in corrupt Ukraine should have kept him taking this job. But the greater corruption under the Obama administration made all things possible. You made your beds, now sleep in them.

  9. The Democrats are obviously protecting the family of the corrupts in Biden. They did not put them in jail. Instead, they impeached President Trump because he exposed Biden’s family corruption, which is difficult to understand. The right to investigate is like It was created specifically for the Democrats to protect their corruption. This is undoubtedly too overbearing. In fact, we should be impeaching the Speaker of the House of Representatives because she tried to cover up the corrupts of her party.

  10. All it is is a plan to draw all the Trump haters to get together like flies to a crap pile. Stir all the crap and creat a stench of distraction for the stupid misinformed to ack upon.

  11. This women is a female trump why dont he offer her a job to help go after these asshats I think she hates Clinton's more than I do. She seems like a hard nosed women i think she would serve Trump very well.

  12. Since her points r obviously bs I'll simply address how Janine iz & haz the mozt unattractive voice thiz side of jagged glass on the larynx. Cardi B soundz like a dude, 2 but @ leazt she'z attractive & doesn't have a mustache. Where'z pierro'z redeeming qualitiez? It sure iz'nt her viewpointz or personality??

  13. Now, Republican no need to search far any crime done by the Democrats, just watch for whatever they accuses anyone in the Republic.. or the POTUS

  14. Although I like Fox news, I find it amusing how they talk about cable news and the news media like somehow they are exempt.

  15. How in Gods name did they get a majority in the house people were told what would happen vote rigging it makes no sense.

  16. so why is shiff not in jail why are they letting him keep his job tell us what to sign and how to but this trash in prison time for the tide to change. ovomit and killay would all ready be in jail if our congress was doing there job

  17. I don't even think its blind hate. I think the AOC and the clown squad have split the democrat party so bad. They don't know what to do. The squad constantly yelling "impeach impeach". Nancy jumped the shark on it. She should have waited for the facts before she even opened her mouth to the press. The only winners here feel like the squad. The have embarrassed Nancy and got another controversy for Trump and probably sunk Bidens chances. All behind the scenes so they don't take any blame for anything. All while doing nothing for there own states or taking any political risks.

  18. Omg the Dems are so stupid their plan will fail it always does why don’t the republicans fight back show Americans Wht liars the democracts are

  19. As President Trump is required by law to report any story he hears that may affect the security of our country. Or any violations of law. If the Bidens are innocent then okay but if a law has been broken he should have it looked into.

  20. If you are intelligent then you seek the facts. Watch everything that is going on. I'm still waiting for real evidence of wrong doing with the Bidens.

  21. There is none so blind as he/she who will not see. The so called president is a liar, a coward and a bully. And you two are disgusting fools.

  22. Trump's defense … They know I colluded with Ukraine, Australia, etc ok guys I'll say over and over and over til it becomes a norm and nothing happens … My sheep will follow

  23. Without President Trump got elected in 3 years from now,  I guaranteed this country already belongs to China Communist!! Democrats sold their soul they selling everything belong to America to China such like all our technology…etc…These traitors corrupted Democrats betray America!!  Must flush Democrats Politicians down to the toilets, they smells like sewers!! Never forgive any traitors sell our country United States to China!! God Bless America & God Bless President Trump & his family!! ??????

  24. There will be a vote in the Senate. The spineless coward republicans who will not put country before power will be remembered the next time they are up for re-election. If there was ever a POTUS who deserved impeachment it's this treasonous pile of feces. His entire administration is corrupt. I will never vote republican ever again. They have proven they care little about our nation or the oath they took to protect it. Faux News can spin, deflect and reflect all they want. Facts matter. Fact is tRump has to go.

  25. One may call him or herself a "JUDGE". This doesn't mean he or she is "RIGHT"…….. all these Foxes are desperately defending their own JOBS. There is no LOGIC or REASONING behind any intention to defend a MOBSTER and a TRAITOR.

  26. The globalist multi trillion dollar COUP of the good old US of A is crumbling like a sand castle at high tide. One man under God.

  27. Democrats in Congress by themselves can't impeach the President, only the Senate can. So, if this is all just a conspiracy by the Democrats, what are they so afraid of?

  28. According to new U.S. Department of Labor statistics, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Indiana have lost tens of thousands of jobs in the manufacturing sector. Economists are justifiably laying the blame at the feet of Donald Trump and his ill-advised trade war. We need to make Trump answer for his many lies to the good people who've lost their jobs as a result!

  29. Tucker … she was talking about the payoffs for Hunter. .. you skirted it. Ah…. that was the ripe time to agree. But, hey, gotta keep your job.

  30. Interesting…. Guiliani's linch pin Parnas cohosted a fundraiser with Fox news Jeanine Pirro on July 18th? How deep does the Trump/Putin Deep State go?

  31. Congress was upset because of the money they will loose if they are found out. Money is the big problem. Not even hate. They are being exposed. Schiff and Nancy both have dirty hands. They sold guns to the Ukrainian people to fight. Right or wrong they will be exposed by this investigation.

  32. I dont buy books,I watch and learn,I've seen the dems do some illegal things,like treason and sedition,Peter sroczk FBI agents with a bias against our president dirty cia,dirty doj,dirty congressmen and women,,trump derangement syndrome run rampant Talib ran on impeach that m'fer,since November election,no collusion no obstruction,nothing wrong with call to Ukraine no pay for play like hillary, but still trashing our duly elected President Trump,dems incite violence against conservatives that support trump,no condemnation of antifa,and soros other terror groups,we the people have spoken and we will support Trump,again in 2020,only time I voted was for trump,Obama administration so much criminality,and nothing done, please drain the swamp.

  33. Pretty sure they have a great case for impeachment. You don't have to break the law to be impeached, but he has as well. Donald Trump is a sexist, racist who has broken the law many many times. There is no argument. He should have been impeached much sooner

  34. All we hear about is the 20 democrat runners against Trump. Where are the other republican choices that are running for president? Surely there are other republicans that want to run for president. Where are they? Why is the press not covering them?

  35. Speaking of the the hate and contempt towards rump is only based on his actions statement and he's clearly obvious intentional racist ways that's why I'm indifferent towards him and people like you this Administration has too many problems so something's got to be wrong so shut up

  36. Why does nothing happen to the Democrats or the Clintons. The Republicans need to stop being such pussies and fight back NOW

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