Jennifer Aniston Shades Ryan Seacrest for Stealing Her House | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-How are you?
-Hi. I´m well. Nice to see you. -How´s my home?
-Your home. Do you want to explain? -I´ve always wanted — Ellen — You bought your home from
Ellen and Portia. And it was a home that I always coveted. And she kept, you know, basically giving me a lot of blank. -She´s coming. Be careful.
-I know she´s coming, trust me. -Okay, yeah.
-We´ve been in contact. Well aware. -You´re welcome any time. We´d love to have you. -Thank you. You still have the poker table? -No. I don´t know how to play poker. -Now I won´t be there.
-We´ll get into it later. Listen, congratulations.
-Yes. Thank you. -I mean, Kerry was just saying this a moment ago. You´re so fantastic in this role, and you´re also an
executive producer. Was it always in your view something you wanted to do, both,
you wanted to be a boss and also take on this character? -Well, it was sort of a perfect storm. I´ve always — You know, I´ve been producing for the last 10
years. Something that I just — My partner and I, when we started
our company, it was — You know, in that moment when we were not finding the roles
and the pieces of material that we felt excited about, so take matters into your own hands, and that´s what we did. And then, we´re now at this moment, and it´s… -It´s incredible.
-It´s incredible. -And when it first debuted, to hear the word of mouth spread
so fast and with so much passion must have been a great feeling.
-Oh, my gosh. -Right?
-Yeah, it was a great feeling. We were also bracing ourselves. I mean, you know, we just wrapped not even a minute ago,
so… -And then it´s up, it´s on.
-And now it´s here. We´re just sort of trying to hold on tight and be excited
and just say thank you. -Hold on tight in there, and good luck. Great to see you.
-Yes, sir. Great to see you.
-Come by any time.

22 thoughts on “Jennifer Aniston Shades Ryan Seacrest for Stealing Her House | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

  1. Umm, does she ever wear ANY OTHER COLOR? My gosh! She literally looks like every year past! Word to the wise, Jennifer! Actually get a diff hairstyle, wear something diff and STOP answering the same questions! Jenn 2020 is Jenn 2009 nothing has changed. Geez! Give us something else At least once!!!

  2. Get that home off him Jen, don't feel too compassionate about this, it's a weakness!!, ha ha. As, let's face it, he won't be homeless!. Ellen should have given you 1st refusal. So just TAKE IT!!. Then, once you've got it, marry me and we'll live in it together. Just to put the cherry on the top, we'll adopt a kid, that will shut people up finally!!. SIMPLES! :D.

  3. Jen didn't win, but just wanted to say she's a winner to me, every day, because she is an amazing person and she deserves to be happy. Good Job for getting Nominated Jen, we are so proud of you and how much you've grown! We love you! – Little Fanistons ❤️

  4. Anything related to Ellen and Jen. Aniston would be funny af😂
    Jennifer was so pleased and at the verge of crying while talking 'bout the company stuff….I kinda wanted to hug her

  5. So sad to see she is getting old her nose is getting mishaped As they say time never stops for any body would love to be in the era of 90's when jen was the Godesss

  6. In some of her recent photos, it looks like she's old like her face is somewhat "puffy" but in this interview, she was still very beautiful. ♥️

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