100 thoughts on “Joe Biden to address impeachment and Trump-Ukraine whistleblower call , live stream

  1. I guess creepy old Joe had his hand in the cookie jar and figured he earned it for being Obama's token ofay. How's that going, Mr. B?

  2. So his son is taking brides and so does biden. Not to mention he diddles little kids. Bit trump is bad because he wanted bidens and son investigated. He is fine. I love it. By joe your run will now be over

  3. Impeach the President for Joe Biden’s crimes?

    An unnamed source (reported to be former Clinton attorney) was told a rumor by a spy in the White House that apparently wire tapped a private conversation between the President and a Ukrainian leader.

    This unknown spy disclosed confidential information that Trump asked for information regarding Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden (A known cocaine addict) with a $85,000/mo job (that he had no qualification for) with a Ukrainian power company.

    Hunter Biden was under investigation by a Ukrainian prosecutor at that time for 3 serious crimes

    Joe admitted on video that he coerced a Ukrainian leader into firing the prosecutor or he would stop loan grantees that the US had made to the Ukrainian military. Biden committed a crime and Trump has a right to have this serious crime investigated.

    The American people elected Donald Trump to end this kind of corruption in our country. STOP THE LIES and let him do the job we sent him to Washington to do.

  4. He son need to be in jail and creepy joe. They are a joke and cant stay what Trump is doing for are country. Trump did nothing wrong and joe a joke.

  5. This  Vedic 
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    President  Trump.

    3.    According 
    to  newspaper  reports  
    ,     President 
    Trump  is  reported 
    to  have  fired 
    National  Security  Adviser 
    John  Bolton  on 
    9  September  , 

    4.    The 
    Congress  has  already 
    been  probing  various 
    aspects  of  President 
    Trump’s  campaign  , 
    his  business  and 
    his  conduct  as 
    President.  But  had 
    stopped  short  of 
    setting  up  a 
    formal  impeachment  inquiry 
    for   probably  reason 
    of  their  not 
    being   sound 
    enough  from  2020 
    electoral  angle.  But 
    the  Ukraine  episode 
    seems  to  have 
    convinced  the  Democrats 
    of  soundness  so 
    far  as  2020 
    electoral  prospects  in 
    the  US  are  concerned.  Therefore 
    ,  Pelosi  announced 
    on  24  September 
    2019  ,  a 
    formal  impeachment  inquiry 
    against  President  Trump 
    over  what  has 
    come  to  be 
    known  as  Ukraine 
    episode.  Now  , 
    President  Trump  is 
    reported  to  be 
    considering  his  reply. 
    Obviously  ,  month 
    of  October  2019 
    looks  to  calling 
    for  more  care 
    ,   patience  and 
    appropriate  strategy  on 
    his  part.

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  6. Like sports commentators, the UK are so so better on intelligence and-voice. You have to be top-end brains to be on the BBC. It always amazes me seeing and hearing the US News v the UK News-only one winner. HANG ON A MINUTE- YOU HAVE ME WORRIED

  7. Everything Obama said here is even more true today. So vote for this man. Warning: Plot twist.

  8. EVEN THOUGH I AINT FOND OF TRUMP calling for an investigation IS NOT WRONG if there are questionable behaviours as far as health care the only way it could be wrong is if you was automaticly signed up to extra fees in the background clause of the fine print other wise health care for all that is paid by automatic credit value of the tax treasury department sounds good but i dont find anything wrong in seeking an investigation when there are questionable behaviors and maybe people need a history bio to see again what is actualy been said and done

  9. When Biden was bragging about holding on to the billion dollars from Ukraine until they fire the prosecutor he mentioned to the Ukrainians to call obama if they didn’t believe him So is Joe lying or did Barry give his blessing to this clear blackmail ?

  10. Biden should not be allowed to have any part in the right impeachment process. It’s like having a victim cross examined in court by her rapist. He got away with blackmailing the Ukraine government to oust a prosecutor that was investigating the company his unqualified son was getting huge money from. How on earth this corruption was vindicated is an unbelievable. Lots of corruption under Obama and Congress.

  11. What a hypocrite this guy is. The balls he has to accuse trump of what this he did is crazy. Even talking about blocking aid money. Jesus. What a clown

  12. Biden is clearly an idiot. Just search Creepy Joe Biden.Who is this creep to talk about CONDUCT of a President. Being a pedophile is not the conduct of anyone. Especially not a president.

  13. Hi I'm Biden me n my son just robbed a bank but look at Trump he is jwalking to get to a pay phone to call 911 on me get him !

  14. Mr Trump be careful these fools may have you commit Suicide , I'm guessing they know they can't win the election n there wanting you out at any cost !

  15. You blocked a billion dollars in exchange to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor. The government needs to investigate you and your son's relationship with the Ukraine. You took an oath and failed the US public for personal profit. YOU even bragged about "your" power and how YOU held a billion dollars back until your will was served. Sorry ,you only have what "the PEOPLE" of the US gives you!

    What a disappointment you are. You and your son are next! to be investigated. If not you're own party will crush you in the primaries everytime you walk on stage.

  16. Biden admitted to blackmailing the former Ukrainian President in a 'CFR' Council of Foreign Relations press briefing. Biden told the Press he would withhold a Billion dollars, if a matter, his son 'Hunter' was embroiled in, was not quashed. This involved a change of Ukrainian Judicials. This is public record. Trump is the whistleblower.

  17. Well, that backfired, didn’t it? Biden’s son is still a scumbag and Trump is still president. If Biden cared about the law his kid would’ve been held accountable for all his run ins with the law and Navy.

  18. Yeah and you only withheld a billion dollars from Ukraine for the prosecutor to get fired. You said it yourself during the Council of Foreign Relations video that's on YouTube

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  20. Trump is exposing Bidens abuse of power for years. as well as hillary. no one will investigate the real threat to america we still dont have answers to. they keep making witch hunts to hide the real corruption.

  21. You and your son Biden have stolen millions of dollars from our country of Ukraine! You are shame to US capitalism: you are not even ashamed!! Sickening to watch you THE Liar!!!

  22. The oldest elected President remains today, Ronald Reagan 69 years old. Joe Biden turns 77 this coming Nov 20th. If elected President January of 2021 inauguration day, Joe Biden would be 79 years old. By the end of his first term, he would be 83 years old. Basically, a ONE TERM President.
    Why Bother?

  23. So Obama and Biden are next to be impeached? He definitely forced the Ukraine to fire a lawyer. Trump has done nothing, again the Dems want to cry and act like babies. I never seen so many lies on the news.

  24. Warren will get the nomination and lose. I wouldn't be surprised is she nominates Hillary as her VP. LMAO. Then Hillary will have her whacked.

  25. Trying to impeach a President for starting an investigation probe. While committing ZERO quid pro quo. Democrats are really pushing the limits of sanity.

  26. Biden is a tool of the bushes clintons and Obama. He doesn't care about this country. He knows how to steal from us! What a snake. We're so sick of this entitled deep state selfishness

  27. Its funny how there is video EVIDENCE of Biden talking about him pressuring the Ukraine to fire that Prosecutor right here on youtube. Yet here we have this guy lying STRAIGHT to the face of the people.

  28. It is the duty of the President of the United States yo prosecute corruption in the country. The optics of Joe Biden flying his son, Hunter Biden to replace Beau Biden in dealings with China and then hooking him up into a board position in a company he has no expertise on are very bad. Biden should welcome any investigation to clear his name as Trump’s name has been cleared of Russian Collusion.

  29. Joe Bidenis an assclown, he bragged on national TV how he used quid pro quo against the Ukraine President to get a prosecutor that was about to depose his son in a criminal corruption investigation fired, Joe loudly spouted how he told the President of the Ukraine that if he didn't fire the prosecutor within 6 hours, again 6 HOURS, he was leaving the Ukraine and so was a $1 Billion dollar aid package and then he told him that if he didn't believe Biden that he should pick up the phone and call Barak Obama. This is as illegal as it gets, why has no one at the DOJ or the FBI investigated this incident. Biden just didn't break our laws he trampled them and then bragged on national TV how he did it and he still has not been investigated by our FBI and DOJ, why, because the NSA, CIA, FBI and DOJ are full of Obama era partisan hacks who have leaked classified information since day one of this administration, Biden is guilty as Hillary Clinton is guilty even more so because he is so ignorant he bragged about in on national TV and there is not a prosecutor in this nation that will filed the charges. Either Biden gets investigated or it's time for Americans to rise up and use the 2nd amendment to end this corruption, because as we have seen it is complete on the Democratic side of the isle. This is why they fight POTUS Trump because they know that if he cleans house at the NSA, CIA, FBI and DOJ and fills those investigative bodies with his people the left is done, dozens of Democrats will end their lives in jail and one of them should be Joe Biden. He could of just kept his mouth shut and retired but he was the one who started throwing insults around saying how he wanted to punch the POTUS, he is a 76 year old fool who is now on the verge of a criminal indictment and if convicted he will end his life in jail where he belongs.

  30. This guy is a liar and he’s the one who did a pay for play with Ukraine and bragged about it. Trump did not threaten the Ukraine president, Biden did. Lies lies lies! Read the transcript on the call.

  31. Damn, you know the deepstate is corrupt and desperate if this is all they’ve got. We can’t forget about fake news running as blocker to.🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  32. Why didnt Obama step in and stop this crook from getting his son on the board of the most corrupt Ukrainian company? Your supposed to be stopping corruption in Ukraine you fool not getting your son a kickback job from them. What a disgrace.



  35. Trump is a impulsive lunatic, as well as an idiot who thinks hes above the law,this nut job will be getting impeached @the end of the year ,he and his crooked administration all belong in federal prision

  36. Way to twist the narrative Joey. We see through you and all the DFL. You have abused the power of the USA for personal gain. The facts are crystal clear, your son took millions of dollars from Ukraine and you helped him.

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