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– [Announcer] This week.
70% of Canadian millennials
say plants are the new meat.
Penn Jillette explains to Joe Rogan
why he’s an ethical vegan.
Pornhub joins the fight
against plastic pollution.
And presidential candidates
Andrew Yang and Kamala Harris
say meat is destroying the planet.
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According to a new poll by Angus Reid,
95% of Canadians are familiar
with plant-based meat products.
But it’s the younger generations,
those between 18 and 34,
who really believe in the power of plants.
– Would you like to try a
burger made with plants?
– Plants?
– It’s delicious.
And I’m a kid, so if I like it.
– Mmm!
– 70% say the plant-based
movement isn’t going anywhere,
especially when it comes to vegan meat.
Out of all Canadian meat eaters,
22% said they would like
to reduce their intake.
Between the ages of 18 and 34,
this percentage rises to 39%.
“There appears to be a
considerable generational divide,”
says Angus Reid.
Canada isn’t alone.
Around the world, young
people’s attitudes toward food
are shifting.
In the US, a 2018 study revealed
that nearly 80% Millennials
regularly eat vegan meat.
In Sweden, 30% of Millennials
are eating more plant-based foods
to reduce their carbon footprint.
In the UK, 66% of Millennials and Gen-Zers
believe the vegan movement
is set to keep growing.
Vegan Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn
appears in a new animal rights documentary
called “Hogwood: A Modern Horror Story.”
Produced by British
animal rights group Viva!,
the film looked at common
practices of factory farms.
It draws heavily from a recent campaign
against an industrial pig
farm Hogwood in Warwickshire.
The expose shows farm workers
striking pigs with metal riding crops
and leaving dead animals in piles to rot.
The National Farmers’ Union’s
assurance scheme Red Tractor
has now suspended the farm’s certificate.
Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain,
cut ties with the farm as
a result of the footage.
– This is the film the meat industry
doesn’t want you to see.
– [Announcer] “After seeing
the horrendous conditions
“and animal abuse that is
happening behind Hogwood’s walls,
“I had to do something,” Flynn said.
“The pigs of Hogwood
aren’t just meat products.
“They are sensitive, emotionally
aware beings just like us
“and they deserve better than this.”
Viva! founder and
director Juliet Gellatley
hopes the documentary will raise awareness
about what goes on in the meat industry.
“Each day, consumers are being lied to.”
– The fact that giant
corporations put their names to it
and pretend that it’s okay,
somebody has to go in and show the truth.
People have a right to know
where their food’s coming from.
– [Announcer] “Through clever marketing
“and misleading packaging,
“we are constantly reassured
“that we have some of the
highest welfare standards
“in the world,” she said.
“This simply isn’t true.”
Coming up.
Pornhub joins the fight
against plastic pollution.
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Penn Jillette recently
appeared on a podcast episode
of the Joe Rogan Experience.
He told the host that
while he originally gave up
animal products for his health,
he is now also a vegan
for ethical reasons.
He explained that he was
very clear in his book
that he was not ditching meat and dairy
for animal welfare reasons.
– I became plant-based
vegan for health reasons.
And I wrote in my book,
I wrote a lot of stuff about,
I am an unethical vegan.
I’m not doing this for any sort of animal,
any sort of animal, lack
of animal cruelty, nothing.
Strictly health.
– [Announcer] “Presto!: How I
Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear
“and Other Magical Tales”
was published in 2016.
It has since inspired
other stars to go vegan,
including filmmaker Kevin Smith.
But shortly after the book was released,
Jillette began to feel
empathy for animals.
And he says it all has to
do with his gut microbiota.
– And this has happened to
a lot of friends of mine,
who changed that.
After whatever it takes,
people are guessing like,
three months, four months
of no animal products,
those little critters eating
(bleeps) in your guts die.
They like the meat stuff,
and they’re not giving that feedback loop.
And I just found a real emotional change.
Where all of a sudden I went,
“I don’t want to be a part
of that, of the suffering.”
– [Announcer] 102 countries
have voted to protect
sharks and rays.
The proposal passed at the
Convention on International
Trade in Endangered Species,
and it will strengthen protections
for 18 threatened species,
some of which are hunted for
their meat and their fins.
Protected species include
mako sharks and rhino rays.
The former has nearly
disappeared completely
from the Mediterranean Ocean.
– [News Announcer] Known
as the cheetah of the ocean
for its speed,
the species was recently
listed as endangered
after a huge decrease in population.
The shark is still fished for
food in both the US and Japan.
– [Announcer] Numbers are
also falling in the Atlantic,
Northern Pacific, and Indian Oceans.
The latter is the most
threatened family of marine fish.
Ali Hood is the Director of
Conservation at Shark Trust.
She told the BBC, “Mako are highly valued
“for their meat and fins.
“Decades of unrestricted overfishing,
“particularly on the high seas,
“has led to significant
population declines.”
She said the proposal is critical
for ensuring that international trade
is held to sustainable levels,
prompting urgently needed catch limits
and improving traceability.
The largest porn site
in the world, Pornhub,
has joined the fight
against plastic pollution.
That’s right.
Opening the incognito tab on
your browser late at night
is now also a chance to
help clean up the oceans.
“The Dirtiest Porn Ever” features Leolulu,
one of the website’s top
amateur outdoor couples,
having sex on “one of
the most polluted beaches
“in the world,” according to the trailer.
Plastic pollution obscures the couple
as they’re doing the deed.
A cleaning crew clears
trash throughout the film
so there’s no missing the
final throes of passion
for the planet.
“Ocean pollution has grown
to become one of the most
“significant global
issues of our lifetime,”
says Pornhub vice president Cory Price,
“And it’s only getting worse.
“That’s why it’s imperative
that we use our platform
“to raise awareness and inspire change,
“not just for the time being
but for generations to come.
“We’re dirty here at Pornhub,
“but that doesn’t mean
our beaches need to be.”
Pornhub made “The Dirtiest Porn Ever”
in collaboration with Ocean Polymers,
a nonprofit that aims to
clean up the waterways.
It will do that with
OP1, a 60-meter tanker
equipped with the technology
to collect and process trash.
The adult film website
will make a donation
to Ocean Polymers for each view.
It isn’t the site’s first
environmentally-focused campaign.
The site launched another
campaign this year
called BeeSexual,
complete with voiceovers from
adult entertainment stars.
– [Male Announcer] Dante Colle.
– Hello.
I am Lars, I give you sweetest massage.
– [Daisy] Hi, Lars.
I’m Daisy.
– [Male Announcer] Domino Presley.
– That’s just a little extra
something between the legs.
Wanna see how it works?
– [Announcer] The new video channel
is rife with bee porn videos.
For every view of bee porn,
Pornhub donates to bee
protecting organizations,
like Operation Honeybee
and The Center for Honeybee Research.
Coming up.
Presidential candidates
Andrew Yang and Kamala Harris
say meat is destroying the planet.
Kroger, the biggest grocery
store chain in the US,
is launching dedicated
vegan meat sections.
60 stores across Denver,
Indiana, and Illinois
will introduce three-foot
sections of vegan meat
sold next to the real thing.
According to the grocery store,
the trial is to see how
well vegan meat sells
when merchandised next
to traditional meat.
Research shows that the
majority of customers
who buy vegan meat are actually omnivores.
“We are confident that
this test will demonstrate
“that plant-based meat sales
will increase even more
“when consumers have
easier access to them,”
said Julie Emmett, senior
director of retail partnerships
for the Plant Based Foods Association.
The trade organization,
which represents 160 vegan food brands,
teamed up with Kroger for the launch.
Beyond Meat became the first vegan brand
to sell its products next to meat
with the launch of the
Beyond Burger in 2016.
The burger outsold beef in some stores.
IKEA is removing single-use
plastic from its cafes.
The global furniture store
began phasing out disposable plastics,
replacing them with plastic-free
alternatives this month.
It has introduced wooden
cutlery, cups, bowls,
plates, and paper straws.
– [Announcer] Made from
materials from renewable sources.
(quirky music)
A range that is much more
in tune with Mother Nature.
– [Announcer] To-go coffee
cups, typically lined
with a fossil fuel-based waterproof seal,
now feature a sugar cane coating.
The store sourced all of its materials
from sustainable suppliers,
and all paper going
forward will be certified
by the Forest Stewardship Council.
The move is part of IKEA’s goal
of eliminating all
single-use plastic by 2020.
The People and Planet Positive
sustainability strategy
adds the target of using only recycled
or renewable raw materials by 2030.
American DJ and producer
Diplo recenlty attended
the Los Angeles premiere
of the documentary
“The Game Changers”.
He shared clips of the film
on his Instagram Stories,
telling his fans to “be vegan.”
“The Game Changers” is the
highly-anticipated documentary
executive produced by
director James Cameron
and directed by Academy
Award-winner Louis Psihoyos.
Executive producers also include
Formula 1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton,
action stars Arnold
Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan,
and tennis legend Novak Djokovic.
Diplo shared clips from
a segment of the film
that highlights the benefits
to erectile function
on a plant-based diet.
Athletes appear with a physician
who monitored the strength of
their erections while asleep,
pointing to notable improvements
when abstaining from meat.
“I’d love to put Viagra out of business,
“just by spreading the word
on plant-based eating,”
Cameron said last April.
Democratic presidential
candidates Andrew Yang
and Kamala Harris believe
Americans need to cut down
on their meat consumption
for the environment.
They shared their views
during CNN’s town hall
on the climate crisis.
Harris said that although she does enjoy
the occasional cheeseburger,
the US government needs to
create incentives for Americans
to make more environmentally
friendly decisions
with their food.
– But there also has to be what we do
in terms of creating incentives
that we will eat in a healthy way,
that we will encourage moderation,
and that we will be
educated about the effect
of our eating habits on our environment.
– [Announcer] Harris has released
a $100 trillion climate plan.
She aims to make the US a
carbon neutral economy by 2045.
The plan, which she says is
about putting people first,
centers on carbon-neutral electricity
and zero-emission transportation.
Yang agrees with Harris.
He says that going vegetarian
is good for the environment,
and for overall health.
– It’s good for the environment,
it’s good for your health
if you eat less meat.
Certainly, meat is an
extraordinarily expensive
thing to produce from an environmental
sustainability point of view.
So, I think it would be healthy
on both an individual and societal level
for us to move in that direction.
– [Announcer] Yang supports
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.
He also proposes a
constitutional amendment
to make it the government’s responsibility
to safeguard and protect our environment
for future generations.
That’s it for today.
What do you think about the
presidential candidates’ view
on meat consumption?
Let us know in the comments below.
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