100 thoughts on “John King: Trump enjoying a significant uptick in his political standing

  1. If CNN went to the middle and stop being biased, in either direction. Their ratings would improve drastically

    Just look at the views on this video

  2. There is something mentally wrong with these Trump supporters. Here is Trump at the opening of the GOP debates, telling everyone he is one of the swamp creatures who created the swamp by bribing politicians. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiVwA19DZ6g&t=5s

    What do these people hear when he speaks? He just paid a $2-million dollar fine, and had his FAKE charity shut down because he and the whole Trump crime family stole money from DISABLED VETERANS. Are you jackass's getting that? He, and his family stole money from disabled veterans, and Trump used $20,000 of that money to buy a painting of himself. This pig disrespects our war heroes, Gold Star families, and steals from us; and you people cheer! He has 3,500 people currently suing him because he cheats Americans out of the money they earned. And you morons cheer. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=trump+stiffs+contractors He even cheats children, and you morons cheer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYqeqsfQMU0

    CNN, like all the news networks, deals in dirty laundry, and they don't care whose. So if they say Trump stole from veterans in his fake charity, while that is True, you will cry that they are picking on him. If they tell you he was just caught hiring 40 illegal aliens in NJ for his golf clubs; that would be true too. If they told you the largest newspaper in NJ the Asbury Park Press just printed a story about all the contractors Trump cheated, and all the American workers they had to lay off, because Trump cheated them, in this state; that too would be true; yet you would cry the liberal media is picking on Trump even though the APP is owned by a republican. Trump supporters while whining about the real news, watch FOX news who lies 60% of the time.

    To find out who Trump really is, just go to youtube, and type in Trump documentaries! The Trump crime family has been ripping off the rest of us taxpayer for years. It's no wonder

    the Trump crime organization is under investigation by NYS, and the feds! You Trump supporters are really stupid; this cheating family would sell out this country in a second if they could make a profit!


    Trumps frauds! Phony real estate school. Fake charities.









    This whole family is involved in shady deals, and tax evasion, scams!

    You've been Trumped. Trump doesn't just lie to everyone here; he does it around the world!

    Trump cheats children!

    There is no end to this clowns cheating; he even cheats at golf.

    Is he a racist? You judge; his racists followers will say no,but his racist history says yes.

    This is who we have for a president, and what fools would want this cheat representing this

    country! Yet I'm sure we will hear from those fools who support this cheat!

  3. 🤖🙊🙉🙈🤠🤡🤑👹🐖🐊🐑🦃
    Trump supporters celebrating the destruction of America!
    And paying for a stinking wall with military funds, medicare, medicade, education, housing assistance while complaining about homeless.
    Divide 1.5 trillion in upper 1% tax breaks only, by 25 billion needed for wall ………
    Its .016666666 of one fuckin percent!!!!!!!!!!
    You Trump Supporters are a pathetic waste of skin if you're not billionaires !!!!!!!!
    If Trump wanted to make America great, ROLL BACK THOSE TAX CUTS FOR FILTHY RICH , BIOTCH!

  4. If they had been this objective and relaxed 3 years ago, that would have taken quite the wind out trump's sails. maybe they had to with their wonkey candidate?

  5. Is cnn kidding with that panel?? Was that a "class" I don't think any of them , with the exception of John king, have a clue what they're talking about !! I guess you gotta learn somewhere.

  6. Listen…. If cnn … I mean….CNN!!!… Is ADMITTING that Trump has a veeeerrryyy good chance to win!!!!…. Hahahahaha…. Oh man… That's how you know how good of a shape Trump is….

    You'all LiberTARDS might might start crying now….. AGAIN

  7. CNN is punishing the Democrats. They're not going to report fake news until they get they're act together and come up with a candidate who can compete with Trump.

  8. Washington state is also gonna flip red as well as Seattle itself no one likes dems especially not democrat run states this 2020 election will be a national history maker

  9. Let's just be honest here, half of us are probably going to vote for Trump over any of our candidates this time around. I'm registering independent this year… #Walkaway Movement

  10. All these fake gradings do not mean any thing if it is commonly taken away. (economy implodes then bank bailouts again). Young college graduates have no real job. Tuition too high, promised cuts to social services. CNN fake news. Fire Mr. Zucker. This video is not even challenged, therefore, it is called propaganda.

  11. CNN and the media secretly has been trying to put down and create smears against Trump cos it’s good for business and it’s reverse psychology, the more they hate the more his supporters will back him. Hence, creating a re-election and 4 more years of business.

  12. This is the most unbiased CNN video ever!! I am going to stop watching CNN 🤣🤣🤣
    Democrats if you are not debating issues and keep calling Teump voters fools, the independents are watching: witch hunting is the game, abuse of Americans is the means. Liberals do something useful.

  13. Holy shit! Wow this hasnt happened in a long time, CNN did a fair unbiased report! Thank you CNN! Thats what people like me, who dont like either Party, want to see! Really awesome!

  14. A balanced, pragmatic and coherent segment on Trump; covering realities. I’m shocked. Congratulations. More reporting like this please.

  15. bs jobs they are burger flipping few hrs a week, when they measure employment by 40 hr weeks only i will take notice .. its called under employment real unemployment at the bs 3% level will be 13% in reality

  16. I want Bernie Sanders to be the Democratic nominee, because that will scare the Republicans/Independents into voting in a Republican-majority Senate and Republican-majority House "just in case" to put the brakes on Sanders' shitty agenda. Then, of course, as everyone EXCEPT the Sanders cultists know, Trump will annihilate Sanders in November (as he would any of the current Dems running), and he'll have the first 2 years of his second term with all of Congress controlled by the GOP.

  17. Out of jobs made… the other end of the stick, jobs lost, really matters to true stats. Blowing dRump's horn, toot-toot, is what CNN likes to do for US scumpublicans.

  18. I'll be making sure President Trump gets re-elected. Vote President Trump in November. Democrat candidates are not who you want leading America. You might of thought the same way about President Trump but that is because you watch to much mainstream meadia. Just look at where America is now after almost 4 years of President Trump. Mainstream media is lying about him and are trying to manipulate your mind by constantly telling you lies and using your emotion. Don't continue to be a fool. Think for yourselves. Look at the past 4 years. Demand fair and bipartisan news coverage. Demand the mainstream media & Democrats in Washington to stop forcing their hate onto you.

  19. CNN doesn’t like Trump, they just hate Bernie a lot more…. Don’t get it twisted lol, Bernie is bad for their business and good for the rest of the population.

  20. Why do any Presidents get any credit for economic statistics?! It’s part of the business cycle and how Feds manage monetary policies. Presidents policies barely makes any significance. Obama takes credit for 10 year business cycle that began under him when economy was on the trough and coming out of depression like crisis and Trump takes credit for peak of the business cycle with added steroids like incentives of corporate tax cuts. Economy would have just been fine even if there were no Presidents because of overall strong fundamentals. Democrats and Republicans just fools the public into believing there is an economic problem and they would fix it when problem might be just an economic cycle going through its phases. During campaigning they will specifically target areas that might be certain sector heavy going through economic trough.

  21. Trump is winning another 4 years again hands down! Democrats are not giving Black people any form of tangibles, and they are their biggest base. They are not voting for the same racist against them this year.

  22. You guys should watch John Kings lunchtime show. It's short but he's always as unbiased as anyone you'll ever see particularly for CNN

  23. Donald J Trump. The best thing to have happened to this country in a long ass fucking time. !!!!!!
    It’s about time to take our country back!!!!🎈🎇🎆

  24. I know people hate cnn rightfully so but Fox News is much worse. I used to hate cnn more decades ago but Fox takes the bait now

  25. He is a pussy ass piece of s**I will invent a time machine go back in time and kill his mama and daddy. Before they can have a piece of s**

  26. Sad, bullying, and all what we thought was bad has show us that we were wrong. New norms that we will have to learn live with it.

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