Keegan Michael Key Gives E! Best Red Carpet Show Award | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Keegan-Michael Key joining me now. -Hey! -I love… -We haven´t won yet. No, I´m kidding. [ Laughter ] -Well, you know what? I was gonna say I love seeing you
because we always have fun together. -Yes. Yes. -But you say “We haven´t won yet.” Three nominated films
tonight that you´re in. -Yes. Yes, I know. Two animated ones — I´m sensing a trend, and then one
live-action one. So “Lion King,” “Dolemite Is My Name,” and “Toy Story 4.” -Talk to me about working with comedy legend Eddie Murphy,
who is — I just saw him out of the corner of my eye. Did you see him? You saw him already? -I did see him. I said hello to him really quickly. You know, Eddie is — he´s so fascinating ´cause he´s the
opposite guy on camera than he is in real-life. He´s a very quiet guy, very thoughtful guy. And then you see him explode on camera, that electricity you
see. It´s like he´s saving it all up. -Saving it all up. -Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But it´s wonderful. He´s been a mentor to me from afar. So it´s amazing now to
have that mentor be next to you and performing with you. -Let me ask you, ´cause even tonight, you´re nominated for
three films, what role that you´ve never had would you love to take on? A type of character? A type of role? -I want to play a detective. Like, I would love to play a
detective in a gritty, dark noir — something like “Seven” or something like — or like “John
Wick” with a quarter of the action. [ Laughs ] Or “John Wick” with — I mean, hey, what the hell. “John
Wick” with twice the action? -Yeah, I´d take the action. -It´d be the last movie ever made. But that kind of stuff. I love drama. That´s my roots is drama, and I would love to
do more dramatic stuff, like detective — gritty detective stuff, yeah. -Well, so good to see you. Have the best time. [ Cheers and applause ] Hey, good luck tonight. -Thank you, guys! I give you guys the award for being the
best show on the “Golden Globes” — “Red Carpet on E!” -“Red Carpet”! -Thank you so much.

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