Labour MP tells Boris Johnson to apologise for burqa remarks

Mr Speaker, if I decide to wear
a turban, or you decide
to wear a cross, or he decides
to wear a kippah or a skull cap,
or she decides to wear a
hijab or a burqa,
does that mean that it is
open season for
right honourable members
of this House to make
derogatory and divisive remarks
about our appearance?
For those of us, who from a
young age, have had to endure
and face up to being called
names such as towel-head,
or Taliban, or coming from
bongo-bongo land,
we can appreciate full well the hurt
and pain felt by already vulnerable
Muslim women when they are
described as looking like
bank robbers and letterboxes.
– Hear, hear.
So rather than hide behind sham
and whitewash investigations,
when will the prime minister
finally apologise for his
derogatory and racist remarks which…
– Go on, Tan
– Racist remarks, Mr Speaker,
which have led to a spike in hate crime
and given the increasing prevalence
of such incidents within his party,
when will the prime minister
finally order an enquiry into
islamophobia within the
Conservative party,
something which he and his
chancellor promised on national television.
– Order. Order. Let’s hear the
answer. The prime minister.
– Order. Order. Order. The response
from the prime minister will be heard.
The prime minister.
– Thank you Mr Speaker.
Now, can I just say to the
honourable gentleman that
if he took the trouble to read
the article in question,
he would see that it was a strong
liberal defence, as he began
his question by saying,
of everybody’s right to wear
whatever they want in this country.
And I speak as somebody
who is not only proud
to have Muslim ancestors but to
be related to Sikhs such as himself.
And I’m also proud, Mr Speaker,
to say that under this government
we have the most diverse
cabinet in the history
of this country and we truly
reflect modern Britain.
We truly reflect modern Britain
and Mr Speaker, what we have
yet to hear from anywhere in
the Labour party is any hint
of apology for the virus of
antisemitism that is now
rampant in their ranks.
I would like to hear that for
the honourable member opposite.

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