Latest News – beto o’rourke and other Insignificant news

one quote from the debate definitely
stood up more than others and that will be
old Robert Francis O’Rourke giving
us this little gem right here.
Hell yes. We’re going to take
your AR 15 or AK 47 hell,
who wants to talk about that?
Let’s get to the real news.
All right. First up, North Korean leader,
Mr. Kim decided he was going to send a
letter to president Trump asking him to
come for a visit. My problems,
not that the dictators, you know,
communicating with the presidents
and, Hey man, come over and visit.
Let’s talk about some things I
know it can be kind of a Dick. No,
is that he sent a letter. It’s
as if he invested too much money.
All of his resources in a testing,
failing missiles and nuclear
programs that he sent a letter.
What about an email?
Text message, WhatsApp.
He can slide into the Trump’s dm’s on
Instagram. No private message on Twitter.
We know he’s on it all the
time. Get with the program. Kim,
Never want to shy away and forgetting to
remind us why Europeans hate Americans.
The Duchess of Sussex.
Megan Markel’s cousins back in the news
after naming a new strain of marijuana
after her baby. Now, her cousin made
a fortune off of Markle sparkle.
So there’s like hell, how can
I want up that? That’s right.
Involved children with drugs. So I’m going
to sell Archie Sparky. Not gonna lie.
Sounds like a good time, but maybe
not real involved. The Royal family.
Next time
Florida woman facing a lifetime
ban from Disney over cigarettes.
They were asking yourself, Zack,
how can somebody get a lifetime ban of
her cigarettes? Let me tell you. Um,
she wasn’t even in the damn
park. She was outside the gate.
Cab driver drops her drunk ass off.
She asked for a cigarette. He says,
I’m sorry ma’am, I don’t smoke. She
perceives to slap the crap out of him.
Police show up, arrest her.
Then she kicks one of them a couple
times on the way to the cop car.
She’s got all her own problems, but
good luck getting into Galaxy’s edge.
Now lady
looks like the people of Utah
are going to be experiencing it.
People of Utah are experiencing a beer
shortage after some new law that’s coming
in. I don’t even know what this law is
because I did read an article about Utah.
All I can assume is that the
shortage of beer has been purchased.
We’re about to have a giant
Mormons gone wild party. Uh,
I don’t know why they
wanted to do the desert,
wait for aliens to drop some
new book off. I don’t know.
NFL speaker catches fire pregame
and him want to stare at nothing.
Again, I also missed this. However,
if you look at the footage, uh, at
some point on the red zone channel,
you saw all this excitement
of touchdowns being scored,
passes running through broken
tackles, and then a bunch of goons,
like they’re the first men who discovered
fire just staring at this flaming box.
Like Lindsay Lohan was
standing on the sideline.
All right. American airlines
is out as a sponsor of the, uh,
Miami heat stadium down in
you guessed it Miami fear,
not adult entertainment
conglomerate Brazzers air to
save the day where they put
in their bid to rename the
center, the bang bros center.
Or if you’re not following
at home, the BBC,
which I think is a little on the
nose. Consider this is an NBA arena.
all right. I’m not going to lie to you.
A lot of the headlines this week were
brought to me by my a camera man and
editor Shelton. Um,
I haven’t read a lot of these so I have
to leave it up for interpretation. Um,
the search is still on in the lone
star state for a swinging Chimp.
Now that’s two things to
me. One, is this a chimp,
it’s like swinging from trees. It’s
causing a nuisance, uh, you know,
maybe threatening, you know, people
feeling scared. There’s that.
Or is there a sexual deviant
chimp on the loose Texas,
like attending like fish bowl parties
or like, you know, trying to like,
you know, your wife. I don’t know.
I wanna know cause I mean,
who the hell wouldn’t want to experience
a swinging chip one way or the other?
I don’t know of anybody else out
there. And YouTube, Facebook,
social media land knew that the U S
Navy lost a boat in 2018 but here I’m
showing that it just showed up in Ireland.
Like is anybody asking
questions about this?
Or like I remember we locked down the
entire post of Fort Drum because some
dillweed lost a pair of nods on the range,
a single pair of night vision and
goggles shut down an entire military
installation. The Navy lost
the boat. Nobody knew about it.
Hey French rooster was recently cleared
of all charges for being too loud
because some dumb ass out there decided
to Sue a rooster for being too loud a
next headline is actually strangely a
rooster pecks a woman to death a freak
accident. Now I can’t tell you it’s the
same rooster, but what I can tell you,
they all look alike. Anyway,
Texas motorcycle icon,
Sebastian baby Jesus Gomez, uh,
recently entertained some police with
some sick thick motorcycle tricks going
down the highway when they
tried to pull them over,
didn’t quite work cause witnesses
saying, Holy crap, that’s baby Jesus.
And the police went and got him. Uh,
it tells me that the AP has been watching
my videos because the ending line to
this is,
I guess they wanted to have a
coming to baby Jesus talk with him.
last but not least,
we have an Australian vegan takes their
neighbors to court because she doesn’t
like the smell of barbecue
fish. Now face value,
you’re going to think this is
absolutely ridiculous. However,
what you need to know is that not just
our neighbor but all the people in the
neighborhood or the Dingo farm or the
province or whatever the hell people live
in and Australia,
you got together and had their equivalent
of a block party to like basically
smoke this lady out with barbecue meats.
That would really piss me off too.
And I’m probably trying
to take somebody to court,
but what I don’t know is
what led to that point.
Like I doubt that all these
people got together and said, Hey,
let’s go smoke a bunch
of meats outside of, uh,
this lady’s house cause she’s a vegan.
All right. I absolutely can’t
just gloss over something.
Let’s get back to the very,
very beginning of this video.
Robert Francis O’Rourke, you clown shoe.
We’re going to come and damn
right, we’re going to take this,
we’re going to take that.
You’re not going to take anything because
I’m just convinced that you were tired
of running the election.
Like you are the equivalent of forest
Gump running back and forth across the
company. Not really accomplishing,
but just amassing people,
following you along the way, and
then you’re like, man, I’m tired.
I think I’m just going to go home now.
So you went out there on the
national stage and hell, yes,
we’re going to take your guns.
Well, I got news for you. Uh,
if you want to lose an election,
that’s how you lose an election.
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