Le métier le plus dangereux du monde

How happy I am to have this job, which after all, has very little risk!
Thanks to what is called:
Editing !
Clement removes the bad jokes, the moments that do not show me to my best advantage at all.
The moments, even sometimes, when I clean my nose without realizing it
I could say, for example, an extremely racist joke!
Like, “It’s the story of an Arab, a black and a white who goes into a bar and …”
There, since there is no sound anymore, I tell shit
But no one will ever know 😉
Everything’s going well !
In short! It’s a pretty safe job Youtuber.
And today we will talk about a VERY dangerous job!
Probably the most dangerous job in the world!
But no one knows, no one realizes how dangerous it is.
And it’s not about people washing the windows of buildings!
Really impressive by the way, huge respect to them.
Today we are going to talk, ladies and gentlemen, about … TV Reporters!
It is to mark the transition.
So, there are plenty of best-of TV fails on YouTube.
When it’s live, you have to know that there is a control room that manages the show.
There is the presenter who has an earpiece.
Someone tell him things in the headset, how it’s going on in the control room.
And sometimes in the control room, there is literally FIRE!
And it’s hard for them to keep working, and to pretend everything is fine.
And on the side of those who are in the field,
this famous moment when there is a delay!
Between the guy on the field and the control room, it’s like 7 or 10 seconds.
So the guy, there’s 7 seconds between when he gets the
“Okay, you’re on the air” and the moment he’s really on the air.
And sometimes during these seven seconds, crazy things happen!
I did a little …
** mouth sound with his fingers **
… selection of live moments on television
the most awful, the most FATAL from the reporter!
And, I confess that it makes me laugh!
Come on, let’s start right away with …
Dude! It looks like a scene from a fucking cartoon.
I did not think that there were guys who redo their hair this way.
Look, you will not believe your eyes, let’s go!
It’s a guy who is filming his TV, we are on a level of … total non-quality.
It makes me laugh, the control room who saw that they put him on the air
and that he was spitting fucking gobs in his hand to comb his hair.
He thought “Damn it, is it too late to change the shot?
Or do we change it anyway? “
And they changed it!
And we’ve seen this presenter back, who can’t, by the way, spit in his hands to make up his hair.
Because of his baldness!
No, but really, did you know that there were people who spit for their hair?
Or, it was a legend that there was only in comics, in cartoons?
Dude, never in my life I thought it existed for real!
I had a real revelation when I saw that.
Wait, because after that, they come back on him. I want to see if everything is going well this time.
If he does not spit again
Oh no it’s terrific, the guys in the control room know they made a huge mistake.
When the guy had rewaxed and everything was fine, they did not dare put it back on the air.
For fear of another blunder, just as humiliating for him.
Second! There is something funny as well with the guys on the field, the reporters on the field.
Sometimes there are guys in the background who do not understand that they are in the field of the camera,
and who do something a little unsightly and we tell them during, and you see their reactions live!
The reaction of “shit, they saw me doing that”
It’s funny because he really did not do it on purpose.
Much as, some people do it on purpose, to troll. But him, he really did not do it on purpose!
He laughed his head off. He was so hungry, man, he had his eyes on his pizza, he did not see the huge camera.
It’s so humiliating for him.
Ok, that’s hi-la-rious. Usually, there are guys going on the field,
and what’s happening is less spectacular than expected, it’s less sensational.
So, he has to fake a situation. We can see it for example with yellow vests, when there are reporters
who are really in front, where there is breakage and who say “OH LALA, ALL PARIS IS IN FIRE, MY GOD!”
While, zilch, there’s like only one car in all Paris.
And so sometimes there is this thing, in different situations,
except that this guy, wanted to pretend that the situation was serious while not at all!
Look, he’s reporting on a hurricane, it’s blowing a bit. We can see he has trouble standing up. We are even afraid
that he flies away and that he gets hurt. The guy risks his life to bring us information.
And dude!
**music **
They put the schema like “WOW, it shakes so much, don’t go out!”
Look, we clearly see them behind, they are TRANQUIL, man!

It did not go that far by the way, the one you threw in the air.
Really, stop! Stop wanting to prove.
So, either you get dressed in kite and you particulary catch the wind, or you just lie.
In fact, there was still a fucking hurricane that passed on the territory,
so it’s tight, it’s dangerous and all …
But at the moment when you shoot this sequence,
There’s wind, but you do not risk dying and flying away.
So why are you making a fuss about it?
The worst reaction!
**cry of surprise**
I love seeing people’s reaction when they understand that they’ve just done something shitty.
This expression of the face … Indescribable!
Hmmm, I feed from it.
That! That’s what I’m talking about! That moment .. Look at it! ** snif ** Come on, let’s feed us!
What an athlete!
Aahh, the cut is perfect.
No, but sometimes it seems that the control room is accomplice.
Like, the control thought it was okay to switch now.
It’s too weird, in fact the control room, me, I’m convinced that the control room has its share of responsibility
in all those little moments of embarrassment there, eh. They’re responsible !
It happened to me once, at the dog park. I was blinded by the sun and said:
“Sir, do not take my dog ​​like that”, because she took it by the neck, to caress him.
But in reality she was a lady. As much to tell you that the atmosphere was …
Absolutely HORRIBLE!
“We meet you for sports, Lenaïg, we’ll talk about the video refereeing”
“That’s it, it’s back on the fields”
“Yes, there was a small incursion last year”
** Noise of breakage **
“An accident on the set”
“I am sorry “
“We will ask our sponsor to send us a sofa”
Dude, change your sponsor for real.
Besides, you do not look very very heavy. If a leg breaks itself when you sit on the couch,
it is necessary to change sofa’s brand!
** Scary music **
Why ?! You, who are behind the camera,
why did not you tell her?
Nope ! For real, he did it on purpose. Since then, maybe she loves life ten times more than ever.
So that ! This moment is the most …
INCREDIBLE of something that messed up live.
Basically, there was a HUGE problem in control room,
and the guy on the set had to keep calm. I swear, by no means you want that to happen to you.
So the show starts. This is the credits of the show, BBC NEWS.
Big show, BBC, we do not talk about something independant or else, big show big ressources.
Here it is, it starts in 15 seconds.
Ah lala, I can not wait for my show to start, oh lala, I look foward to watch it so much !
Excuse me ?
Aaah, it’s good!
Ok, it’s good … it’s good
Ok it’s good there, it’s good it’s good it’s good!
Well.. no, we already saw it …
**laugh burst**
Looks like a Youtube poop, man! Looks like a fucking Youtube poop, it’s INCREDIBLE!
Dude, it’s a gag!
Because actually, I think they have loops, and every loop start with this thing “Breaking News”.
So, when they change the loop, when they try to find the right one, it puts the Breaking news
every time in a loop, it’s terrible!
Look in the background, they talk to each other over there. They talk to each other, they try to solve the problem, that’s obvious!
He stares at his colleague! There is clearly a big problem.
And him, he’s waiting. He knows that nothing is ready. In the earpiece they’re shouting, he’s waiting.
He tells to himself “am I going to lose my job maybe?
In the backroom, in the control roome, he laughs, he dares to laugh! He is not at the front, he is not in front of the camera, he has the brass neck to do it!
Oh, that’s hard! No one understand. Who is at fault in all this? Who is the culprit?
They run in the control room! Theyruns in it! It’s telling you the level of distress! How does it end?
Go ahead, tell me there is a solution there. I want the problem to be solved!
Please ! It will begin, please let it starts … plaese, the end is that it starts!
Whoou! Ah, what a hell..Oh, that one is hard to watch. It is really hard, it is a real difficulty.
“He is not present on the score sheet”.
But damn, this ability to normally resume what they were doing, man, that’s insane!
This concentration, this professionalism.
Damn it! It’s clearly not youtubers who would be so pro, dude …
“He is not present on the score sheet” “
I suspect this guy to be a robot, clearly! A humanoid robot, it’s sure.
(whispers) She will fall
They will fall, they are too bent!
What?! What?! They’re robots, man, it’s not possible, it’s not possible!
Your colleague just dropped violently from his chair on a very hard floor probably,
and you present a news! That’s a weird reflex!
Seen how he fall, no one will bame you to delay a bit the show,
to pick him up and help him. That’s crazy, guys!
Well! This is the end of this video, do not hesitate to like it if you enjoyed it, I wanted to talk about this stuff there, live-TV, because …
We often shit on the reporters who are on the field, blah blah, because they’re making a fuss!
Not all, but a lot, because they have to be create some “sensationnal stuff”, because that’s what …
People want today and do not blame them for that …
It’s the same on Youtube, it’s the same on everything.
It is still a job that is really risky in terms of humiliation.
You can quickly find yourself in a compromising situation, or something bad happens to you,
and that thousands, or even millions of people, see it live.
Send them love, and respect! Because I tell you, this is the most dangerous job in the world, it’s terrible!
Well, you know one thing, once again, I am very happy with my job.
I’m happy to decide when I’m in live and when I’m not in live.
It will prevent me being seen cleaning my nose or scratch things. Here it is!
Well, listen, this is the end of this video. I’ll see you soon in a next one!
Big kiss in any case!
This is my new outro sentence!
One says…
I told you…
So, good!
One says…
I told you…
So, good!
* Music *

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