Living with your ex: “It’s not pretty” – BBC Stories

I know you’re watching porn!
Chantelle, why don’t you NOT fill
the sink up with loads of rice?
When you’re in love and
there’s problems like
someone leaving
the toilet seat up
imagine that when you’ve broke up.
It’s not pretty.
I remember like, having
a wee next to him
thinking, “Am I supposed
to be doing this?”
Let me go for a wee.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
**** off.
Oi, Tevin I think we need
to have a rota man.
Hi, I’m Chantelle Street, I’m a
YouTuber from Nottingham.
When I split up with my boyfriend
we carried on living
together for 10 months.
Spend a
little time with me.
You’d be so surprised how
many exes live together
that keep it secret.
We was so excited when we
got the keys to the flat.
We had all these ideas about what
we was going to do with our lives.
I remember doing the food shopping
and everything was really exciting.
We just wanted to be around
each other all the time
so moving in together
made sense.
And then a month down the
line it’s not as exciting any more.
It was that quick?
Yeah it was like a month.
Open the door.
You’d better not be able
to see up my jockstrap.
Has this got to be like…
Basically within a month
we stopped having sex.
We stopped being sexually
attracted to each other.
We started looking
at other people.
We started wanting to focus
on our careers more.
And it turned into a friendship.
Let me have a go now.
We was still like best friends.
Because Tevin wanted
to be a filmmaker
I wanted to be a YouTuber…
You was meant to compress the
file size of the YouTube video.
Are you ****** off with me?
We was like, you know what?
Let’s make the best of
a bad situation here.
Let’s make a YouTube
channel about it.
Let’s film the experience
of living together as exes.
And that’s what we did.
Why are you so moody?
I’ve just split up with my boyfriend and
I’m looking for the love of my life.
Have you got any tips?
Find someone who values
love over money.
I don’t think I ever brought
anyone over apart from
people who were genuinely
friends, but if they were male
Tevin would not have it.
It made him really uncomfortable
even it was just a friendship.
Which is understandable given
everything we’d just been through.
Get off my guitar.
I think because I’d sort
of broke up with him
it was heartbreaking to
see him heartbroken
and living in that
house with him.
We got so many messages
from people saying
“I actually live with my ex and
your show is so relatable.”
And we was like, what there’s
other people doing this?
We thought we was crazy.
Don’t think you’re
irreplaceable darling.
Oh my god, the final few days of
living together was so weird.
We didn’t want to move out.
We’d grown so attached to
living together as exes
that it was actually
It was like going through
the break-up all over again.
And I’m only just getting
over Tevin now
and we broke up
like a year ago.
Can you stop filming?

20 thoughts on “Living with your ex: “It’s not pretty” – BBC Stories

  1. Its normal ,i was also living long time with my ex like that and some people live for years ,if u are in good relations is ok ,but if not sucks

  2. Bloody hell. Imagine having to put up with that all the time. Lucky escape man !! Fingers crossed, one day you'll see the last of it !

  3. If leaving the toilet seat up is a problem when your in love then your relationship is obviously doomed just close the bloody thing!

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