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  1. Just pay someone’s student debt off and call it even. Heck pay for a school that is falling to pieces and fix it up to modern standards and call it even. Give back to the community. But no lets send her 20 years to prison and fix nothing.

  2. "We were never those parents saying you have to get straight As"- well obviously not!!!!! Just saying ya can get into prestigious Universities by payment. Jeeze why didn't she give the 500k to a charity for children in out of home care trying to get to college? This is the age of entitlement.

  3. They knew they were wrong. Above the law they thought. Stupid kids though. Not interested in learning anyway. Still be stupid no matter what.

  4. Ew .. they must share a plastic surgeon because they both have the same face … the story is so obvious because it is blatant fraud, if it walks like a duck!

  5. they were never “pressuring parents” but pressured their kids into a career and choice they didn’t even want.. it’s all about status for them not education. i mean why send your kids to elite private schools and universities if you don’t care how well they do academically…

  6. She needs to go to prison. Wouldn’t be fair if anyone else did this. I don’t care who you are. Do the crime, pay the time.

  7. I give credit to Felicity Huffman, at least she is trying to set an example for the rest of Hollywood. Money 💰 doesn’t guarantee anything in this life.

  8. But she didn’t photoshop the crew shot by no one…. and then trying to file conspiracy against the IRS by claiming back the money through tax breaks from “donating”

  9. 2:10 Too big Hollywood names? WTF.. Are we talking about Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence or Leonardo DiCaprio? HAHAHAH These ladies are basically soap opera stars…

  10. So, you should put everyone in jail that paid/bribed their way into college? I would say you would have a million new felons. I don't like singling out one example – it is not fair.

  11. Lori Laughl in 😂
    An Actress? Ok
    What 🎥
    Oh I’m Sorry
    Full House 🏡
    What’s that 😂
    Prison for Life
    Plus that Designer 😝
    I’ve seen better Clowns 🤡
    Dressed Better
    A Green Tie ?
    And those Stupid Brats
    Kick out
    Sieze All Assets and Start a Fund for
    Under Priveledged Kids Trying to get into College!

  12. Felicity is doing the right thing. She admitted her wrong, and is going to pay her dues with less prison time.
    Lori needs to do the same. Just admit what you did and pay your dues. By denying her mistake, she is causing this whole thing to be bigger than it should be. She is also possibly causing her prison time to be more extensive than it should be

  13. Cold water on her previous happy entitled attitude. Now, being an actress, she’s doing the Huffman walk and dress since her former public paparazzi smile and wave blew up in her face.

  14. None of us are perfect. They shouldn't have broken the law. If they knowingly broke the law, they should apologize and I'd take a plea deal. If they unknowingly broke the law and were lied to by their co conspirators, I wouldn't take a plea deal but would go to trial and explain to the Judge.

  15. desperate parents do desperate things, she clearly believed her kids were too stupid to get into a decent college with their own grades and test scores – they must be dumb as posts….

  16. What an embarrassment for their kids. Silly people with more money than decency and good ‘cents’. Reminds me of the american in the Whitehouse, the guy with a small circular mouth full of veneers 🤔

  17. Who really cares about this because so far, none of them are behind bars and never will be. The Polo coach received millions of dollars and received no jail time. I doubt these 2 will receive a day in jail. If you're rich, you're special in the eyes of the court. It's sad but true.

  18. Oh no, never the parents to pressure their kids to get good marks ( in case they wanted to further their education ) because, “ . . . . we knew we could simply buy their way in to the college / university of their choice ( smiles both ‘sweetly’ & in ‘matter of fact’ fashion )”. 💰💵

  19. Poor lady, can’t even accept her own truth smh 🤦🏻‍♀️ 👍🏼 to Felicity H for accepting her punishment openly and truly.

  20. Can she make a deal with the Judge to pay of all the students loans in the class of 2019 for her freedom the kids need a brake 😂 UCLA


  22. "they didn't know the money was going towards bribes"!! prrfft okaaaaay!! Lou-CK-lin her up and throw away the key

  23. Lori Loughlin is fast becoming a "Marie Antoinette of the media. She is out of touch with and blissfully ignorant of what is going on nationally and globally. People are struggling to survive and many no longer have the endurance to hang in. People hate her. The court will throw the book at both Lori and her husband. This will be done to show the masses that our system is not broken. What Lori and her husband did was wrong. Simple. However, I doubt that it merits years in prison ? There are criminals and murderers who have gotten off lightly and do not face the potential jail time these two do.. Many of our local and national politicians are guilty of taking bribes and payoffs from big corporations and private interest groups. They have done much worse than these two arrogant nitwits. I feel she has made a fatal mistake by not taking a plea deal on this, admitting her responsibility, and being done with the whole mess. Oh well, if people don't like it…let them eat cake.

  24. Typical brassy kids the daughters of the full house actress. Totally oblivious living in their crystal bubble. I think that should be standar law make everyone at early age have to struggle financially for two years. It's the only way the mindset learns how to be humble and relatable to the majority of society. That way a person like donald trump would have never existed.

  25. Honestly who gives a rat’s A*s , even if they’re found guilty they’ll do some probation & they still have $$ millions
    Fk u lori also it’s total B/ sht that usc , Stanford, Yale etc… didn’t know about this corruption
    Ya right 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  26. Oh please-even if Laughlin and her husband were found guilty of every egregious felony in that category we all know Celebes and democrats are never found guilty of anything. No matter how profound the supporting evidence of their crimes may be !
    “Fingerprints in these cases crime, today positively identified as those of “ (insert celeb or dem name here) ! “We can report however that said confirmation of fingerprints doesn’t arise to standards that support criminal charges ” ! “ but Uncle Jessie is found guilty by extension today because CNN reports his aunt twice removed once voted for a republican !” “Film at 10 pm”

  27. They are thieves ! Stealing a hard working honest child a chance at an education! They should have to serve time and LOTS IF MONEY !!

  28. The Federal Prosecutor's should not have been so lazy. They should have arrested William "Rick" Singer before he was dangerous to 53 other people. The federal government failed to protect the public from Rick Singer. He is the ONLY criminal. These 53 people including Lori Loughlin & Rick Singer should press charges against the federal prosecutor for failing tho protect them from "Rick Singer. He is the only criminal of this case . Lori Loughlin is innocent in the same way that identity theft victims are. "Rick Singe" is the only one that should be thrown in jail for 1000 yrs. He alone stole from all 53 other innocent victims. I pity the feds in the year 2050

  29. I'm done with Hollywood a bunch of satanist who flaunt it in our faces…I believe these two our guilty! What sad about it is the MSM covers it all up for them..Look how long they covered up for freak Matt Lauer , Harvey Weinstein and Clintons.. They all deserve jail time they stink!

  30. This is B.S. They knew it was bribery. Who pays $500k to get there stupid kids into college and take pictures of them on a rowing machine. Come on! They wouldn’t have gotten in!

  31. They think their above the law that no one's dares put them in prison their discusting crooked criminals period

  32. It’d be ridiculous if she spends one day in prison. It’s a money crime, let them pay with money and community service. Plenty of wealthy have committed the crime of bribing to have their children go to elite colleges.

  33. It seems Huffman had good attorneys, or either Laughlin & husband made STUPID decions… probably the latter… A PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL….

  34. Just because you are supposedly ignorant of where your exorbitant donation went. Ha, does not excuse you of the act. Unfortunately, her money and fame will keep her out of jail

  35. Every one knows that Lori and Mossimo wont get serious time. I think they deserve 5 or 6 months in a county jail and make them pay a fine of a couple hundred grand.

  36. I cant imagine what the defense attorney has in store. What can they say to all the evidence that's brought up. The recorded conversations, the photoshopped photos of the girl's rowing, and singer's testimomony.

  37. big Hollywood star??? She had a part in a tv sitcom she was not headlining she played 2nd banana to a B listed player john something. BIG HOLLYWOOD STAR ??? LOL YOU SOUND LIKE TRUMP! I think"dafcorleone" was being kind! Now you know why it's hard to believe the media !!!! You guys just flat out LIE to make the story sound better than it is.

  38. If only her children were illegal immigrants. They would have been given a free education. They live in California.

  39. Equal treatment under the law…..No man is above the law…..This is an inspiring and beautiful philosophy.
    It is a real shame that we never seem to be able to live up to it when the convicted individuals are rich, famous
    or both……

  40. I believe Lori truly did not realize anything illegal about giving money to a professional consultant navigating them through the college entry process.

    I imagine there are far more wealthy folks out there that have done this, knowingly and unknowingly.

    it is a shame.

    But, I commend Laughlin for speaking and standing for Truth instead of lying to male a deal. That would be surely self serving.

  41. "You got to get straight As, we were never those type of parents". Well of course you planned to get them in unfairly.

  42. What did the parents think the obvious bribe would be used for? Would it sit in someone's backyard buried in the garden? Would it be shredded?

    You knew that your bribe would grease someone's palm, and that's the person who directly received or, or a third party. If the judge wants the public to carry the lie that justice is supposedly blind, he or she will look at obvious facts and impose a sentence that everyone besides a celebrity would receive since they're usually above the law.

  43. Ms. Loughlin should have made other plans for her children…. Like giving them the money instead, so that the children could use it to start some sort of business. In other words, the money given to the colleges could have been used in a more practical way.

  44. Put her in jail show them that just because they are rich doesnt mean that they can do whatever they want and not suffer the consequences

  45. Celebrities don't need to resort to criminality to get their kids into elite schools. Should've taken the legal route – Huge donations (( ̄へ ̄井)

  46. How embarrassing for the teenagers that their parents think that they are so hopeless that they have to pay their way into College. Forget jail have them scrub toilets at the University for 5 years

  47. I would never blame the teenagers/kids. The parents are doing it more for themselves so that they can brag to their friends. The kids are probably clueless to the scheme. Clueless being the issue period.

  48. They better get jail time… Americans are so untrusting of the justice system. The world is watching, if indeed we practice what we preach.

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