42 thoughts on “Lori Loughlin Should ‘Be Scared’ Amid New Charge, Legal Expert Says: ‘The Prosecutor Is Not Bluffing

  1. I have no sympathy these rich ppl… they think they can buy everything…u can't buy intelligence class or inner/ outer beauty…or happiness

  2. You can literally murder someone and only be sentenced to 25 years to life but prosecutors are threatening Lori Loughlin with 50 years in Federal Prison?? I highly doubt that she will see that amount of time if she’s sentenced to incarceration.

  3. Absolutely should do time…maybe not tens of years, but significant time. Teach a lesson to the entitled nobility of our society that laws apply to them too, regardless of their social/celebrity status or bank account.

  4. She took away places for 2 deserving students who's parents weren't well off enough to pay people off. People need to learn money doesn't get you everything

  5. This idiot used her donations for a taxable amount … if so they have committed major crimes…I’m sure notable will come of it though except public humiliation…unfortunately she’s rich and famous so 2 years from now it will all be swept under the carpet…

  6. Two less privileged students who put in hard work for their entire life doing what they needed to get into that collage were scammed out of their life dreams and she just doesn’t get it! She has no shame.

  7. Lori Laugh-in and her loathsome repulsiveness squad of intellectual constipation are foul vermin and proof that test tube experiments can go horribly wrong

  8. Lori better do time and her spoiled daughters should be charged as well. How pitiful that the parents had to bribe the kids way into USC. I'm amazed at how those girls could have been anything with all the money they have. What does the homelier kid, Oliva do? An influencer. Not a doctor, lawyer or anything useful requiring effort. An "influencer" WTF is that? She's not an influencer, she's a symptom of everything that's wrong in this world. Two spoiled rich white girls, neither very attractive and yet they're sure full of themselves. They'll be punchlines for the rest of their lives. If found guilty, no one will touch those losers with a ten foot pole. I hope they are all treated as pariahs.

  9. That's what good old aunt Becky gets for being cocky and arrogant and not just admitting her guilt like Felicity Huffman did..her misdeed is coming back to bite her in her little rich ass..KARMA BABY KARMA..she can be a real notch if you do horrid carp like this..dark to light

  10. I feel that even if they got off with a not-guilty most people would still frown upon their lack of ethics around the entire ordeal.

    Having said that, they knew what was going on – they were not tossing 500k to the wind – taking pics to be sent … to who knows where. They knew where the images were going, and what the money was to be used for.
    They also know the college admission process. Did they think their daughters would not have to study? Not have to prep during high school? Did they not know it was a competitive school? If they knew none of that they are out of touch to the real world to the extreme, which makes them guilty of being snobby and not relatable in the slightest.

    It’s sad to think of prison but if I were them I’d just plead guilty. They should take responsibility for thinking their children could buy their way to a degree. What message are they trying to send exactly by not taking responsibility?

  11. just the idea any polygician would imagine such a sentence much less make such a thing law proves the orwellian nightmare is reality. orwellian laws lead to destruction of due process which was far far from ideal but better than orwellian plea

  12. She pretty much blew her options for a good deal by claiming not guilty. What part of her criminal activity did she not understand was criminal? They should be required to pay tuition for those less affluent students. You know, the ones who don't party, shop and post online all day because they have to study and work their asses off to get into a good school. Sadly some well deserving students didn't get in because of this trash's criminal and self-serving actions.

  13. Honestly… why the fuck are they doing this? I don’t understand why they are doing this. I think that they should say that they were guilty, and then they will get a lot less prison time than 50 years. I’m sorry aunt Becky, but they deserve it!!!

  14. The daughters were part of this, they knew they shouldn’t be admitted, and faked photos. They may not have instigated the actions,but they went along with it. Stealing other people’s future comes with a price.
    Definitely for the girls, a large fine, some jail time, with community service minimum.
    Often the only penalty these people pay are their lawyers fees.

  15. Hope she gets some prison time and is yanked back to Earth. In pre internet/social media days these Califonia millionaires had their way all the way. Good to get them grounded as much as possible. Besides, I hate her Rich bitch attitude that has spread onto her spoiled little brats.

  16. Judging from the snippets of clips of the younger daughter, she doesn't strike me as a highly academic person, just a bright young girl who was happy with her social media influencer status and had a very successful career ahead of her in the cosmetics industry.
    Something must me really missing in Lori's life, to have done this to her family. She didn't become the Hollywood A list actress she dreamt off.

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