100 thoughts on “Lucy Boynton on The Politician, American Accent & Disneyland

  1. I am not surprised by this madness Lucy Boynton politics in Disneyland stop this stupidity disney ok please maybe just maybe you can make a decent movie alright

  2. I remember seeing her on ‘sing street’ and ever since then, i followed her. i got excited when i found out she’s part of the cast of bohemian rhapsody. And now this show with a great cast. Looking forward for more! ❤️

  3. Head boy and head girl are like American student body President. Usually it’s the smartest kid who is a great debater and has good relationship with the teachers. It’s a great honour and it really helps in college applications. In South Asia we have the same school model as in the UK

  4. hm, Jimmy
    here's a thing
    there's no "third" world anymore since like….

    when USSR colapsed
    in the 90s

    so yeah, shut up? thanks

  5. Jimmy wouldn't have had to ask her what tv shows she watched growing up if he hadn't interrupted her saying what tv shows she watched growing up. it's ridiculous how much he interrupts his guests over and over again. frustratingly disrespectful

  6. She is absolutely beautiful… and very talented as well (I am watching the show on Netflix). She is perfect for the part. Face of an angel but deep inside…….. anyway her character is surely more genuine than the other ones of her schoolmates

  7. I can pretty much speak American, English (various dialects) and Australian accents fluently solely by watching TV over the past 25 years. I can say I have perfected each one of them. Fun fact: I live in Turkey (some might consider a third world country) and I have never been to any English-spoken countries yet. So yeah Jimmy, TV does wonders sometimes.

  8. She was Freddie Mercuy's girlfriend in the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" and now she’s Rami Malek's girlfriend in real life. Hmmm🤔

  9. "Somewhere, in some third-world country, someone is watching us and learning"…. WTF! what kind of tv host would say such a pretentious thing like this… Ughhh

  10. Lucy Boynton should have explained how a head girl or a head boy is chosen in a British school. They are usually chosen according to merit, usually they are the high achievers academically and socially in school. And they are usually chosen by the headmaster and other faculty members. They do have jobs and being the head girl and the head boy of your senior school or prep school is a big thing to put on your CV when you apply for university in the UK.

  11. I’m Argentinian and my mom bought my Disney tapes that were meant for children in the US (I refuse to say American children as the whole continent is America) and that’s how I learned English (obviously as I grew older I went to language centres to take FCE, CAE and CPE) but it all started like that as a baby.

  12. I love her SO much, I had a crush on her since Sing Street, when she was like at her first role, with an Irish accent and dark hair

  13. When I was in high school which was last year we had a head boy and girl and they have different ties to the whole of the school.

  14. "Somewhere , in some third country world watching us and try to speak like me " ??? Really ? That's a pretty disgusting and demeaning thing to say

  15. I still remember watching her as Poppy in Ballet Shoes when I was little, and then she popped up in Sing Street, and now she’s EVERYWHERE!

  16. I can totally see her playing January jones daughter. January Jones is a Goddess remember the mad men days. Lucy looks like a future star

  17. The term "Third World country" does not exist anymore it is outdated and rude, now we called them development countries, using the aforesaid term is more ignorant than racist.

  18. I saw her in The Ballet Shoes when I was little and she had that magic energy.
    I like this girl very very much so glad she's still acting

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