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-A lot of good news for Margot Robbie today. Hi. -Hi, Ryan. How are you? -Good to see you. -Good to see you, too. -Congratulations. We were just talking about both of the
movies that you´re starring in and the recognition you´re getting, starting with “Bombshell.” So, I watched it last night. -Oh, did you? What did you think? -It´s unbelievable, all of you in the movie. The character that you played — I read that you researched
how to play that role by going on social media a little bit, by going on Twitter and getting information. -Well, that was more to understand her political point of
view, because Kayla and my political point of views don´t — -Are different. -Yeah, they´re both different. So I was — I found Twitter to be a useful tool to hear what
young Conservative Millennial girls were thinking and saying. -And when you have a personal different view than the role
you´re playing, is there any frustration that you feel inside? Does that manifest in the role? -Never frustration, just — I just needed to come around to
how they see the world, you know? And it takes a minute. And you do your research, and then it clicks. And then they suddenly feel like a real person. -Now, the other thing that I wanted to ask you about was in
“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” with Quentin Tarantino, who directs that movie. There is a story circling that you wrote him a letter, and
that´s part of how you had your first encounter. Tell me about that. -Yeah, I wrote him a letter. I knew knew I always wanted to and just to say that, “I love
these films,” and can I come see him on set one day? And the timing worked out quite fortuitously. He had just finished writing “Once Upon a Time in
Hollywood,” but no one knew that. So, he said, “Yeah, let´s meet up.” And then we sat down and — -So, serendipitously, that role came — That´s amazing. -Yeah. I mean, it was a couple — -It was meant to be. But it was meant to be. -It was meant to be. It was meant to be. But it was a couple months before he was ready to go out
with the script, but we kind of had our preliminary meeting, and then it evolved in the way that it did. -Well, congratulations and well done, both movies. Good luck tonight. Great to see you again. -Thank you.

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