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I used to think that being strong
was just a physical attribute. Strength is really something
that happens internally as well. Here’s a little bit about me. I didn’t have a choice but to be successful. I wanted to have purpose, and meaning,
and depth in my life I am a mother, a humanitarian, and an entrepreneur. Have purpose. I have a training facility in Virginia Beach, Virginia. And it’s a training facility
that I started about three years ago and we have grown extremely fast. For me, I wanted a facility that people could come in regardless of the experience that they have, because we all start somewhere. So in the beginning of my fitness modeling career, I… I was so afraid. And I always had this assumption that I had to just be skinny. Or, you know, I couldn’t have any tattoos. I wasn’t fitting inside this box of what society made me think that I had to be. And there was a time that I finally said, like, “I just don’t care anymore.” And I started training to be strong. When you feel like just the sh*t of the world is on the bar you just f*cking move it. I loved my body for who I was. And I really, for the first time in my life, I was able to become the person
I was always meant to become. Without having any outside or worldly influence on that. I have a coffee, whiskey bar, restaurant in Virginia Beach called American Brew. And it was a challenge. It’s really hard as a female entrepreneur. I truly believe that as a female, a badass literally lives within every single one of us. And I think that we are so afraid to almost unleash that. The moment I was able to start giving back to humanity, that was what was truly fulfilling to me. I thought being a fitness model,
a bonafide fitness model, would be success. And it didn’t fulfill me the way
that I thought that it would fulfill me. And after that, I started thinking,
“well I will just chase financial success.” And if I could hit financial success and what the world defines
as being financially successful, that must be the best place to be. And I got there and it wasn’t… it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Like, everything was the same. Nothing really changed who I was. Right now, I’m actually training for a really large feat. It’s 50 full distance Iron triathlons in 50 days. I am starting in Haiti, and I am ending in Haiti. And it is all in efforts to raise $100,000
for Mason Fortune orphanage located in Hinche, Haiti. These children are so incredibly talented. And they have so many gifts. I want to enhance the gifts that they already have We are truly building, through education, future leaders of Haiti. I do truly feel, like, that I’m living out my purpose. Be a badass. What is this Otto? Is this a lizard?
It’s a lizard. I want to show my boys what a strong female is. And I hope that one day that they can look back and know that their mommy was able to overcome so many things. They can see they impact. That it’s not just me, but my boys are allowing their mom to go away to do these things to help other people. That is the biggest lesson and something that education can never teach them. About giving back to humanity. They can do, and they can become,
anything that they want to become. As long as they’re passionate about it, everything else will fall into place.

21 thoughts on “Meet Ashley Horner — The Woman Tackling 50 Ironman-distance Triathlons in 50 Days | InStyle

  1. Every Pro Athlete who compets at a Full triathlon says hes completly fucked afterwards and needs to recover for almost a month, so her attempt is just out of this world lol

  2. Here is the article

  3. So funny. Like she could keep all that unnatural muscle mass if she was a real endurance athlete -even with whatever steroid stack she's running. She didn't make 4 days.
    Get real.

  4. I watch videos of these bad ass mofos and just think about the overweight 35+ dudes out there who are like “ I could take her she’s 125#”….. dude she has the grip strength to choke your ass with 1 hand from her back

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