NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren Shares Her Battle With Breast Cancer | NBC Nightly News

6 thoughts on “NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren Shares Her Battle With Breast Cancer | NBC Nightly News

  1. Breast cancer only happens because all of you eat meat and dairy. Switch to a cruelty free plant based diet and you will not get breast cancer. Do not give your kids meat and dairy. This is where all your meat and dairy comes from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQRAfJyEsko You need to see it to believe it. Wake up.

  2. How much we appreciate the life, I’m glad she is fighting for it
    (Act 17:28) said in part “ For by him we have life and move and exist”
    Is important to thanks God for the life

  3. In 1973, I was 7 and my Mother, 40, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
    My Mother died earlier this year, at 86, from complications of dementia…a 46 year survivor of breast cancer….more than half of her life!! Fight on Mrs. Dahlgren, and may God bless you, and your family, with many, many more years of Mom!!

  4. I wonder when mainstream news will do a story on someone who got rid of their cancer naturally without chemo and without radiation as there are many many people who have done so

  5. i'm all for medical advancements and improving the quality of people's lives, but to say "it saves lives" is a hoax. you 'save' your life – but only so you can die later… that is misleading.. life without death is a lie..
    to say correctly, you "averted imminent and immediate life-threatening circumstances".. you didn't save anybody from the inevitable and unavoidable .

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