100 thoughts on “New Zealand lawmaker shuts down heckler: ‘OK, boomer’

  1. I love how, us you know quote "lazy, arrogant, brainwashed, pothead hippies" are the ones being offensive to white supremacists. I pray to god every night that cancer will rot away and eat away at white peoples innards.

  2. The reason we’re trying to teach you climate change is a hoax is because we heard the same crap when we were your age. It’s BS. Al Gore made millions off this crap

  3. Proud to be a Boomer, but you diaper wearing Gen X, Y and Z's have no clue to what the "Boomers" and The Greatest Generation sacrificed so you can live in your safe space,coloring book, bubble blowing , happy place.

  4. My grandfather is silent generation, my mother is gen x, and I'm a millennial. But according to Gen Z we're all boomers. Ok gen z. 2 can play at that game.

  5. I’m technically one of the last boomers and I think it’s great! My parents are really more baby boomers. Gee talk about blaming millennials for everything. I can see myself using it. I agree with her 100%! If you don’t like it….too bad.
    She would be offended by a T-shirt? Way to live in a bubble.

  6. Boomers relentlessly attack millennials and Zoomers at the very core and fabric of their being. Whether it be lifestyle choices, work ethic, knowledge or understanding of "old world" values, political views, views on economies, and even their wisdom on life in general. The boomers coined the phrase "snowflakes" in order to describe newer generations in order to mock how newer generations think they're oh so unique and fragile, in a sense.

    Yet they'll bitch and moan over "OK Boomer," calling it an ageist attack equivalent to that of the N word? If that's not just pure 100% Boomerism bullshit I don't know what is.

  7. this is sad your ratings are dropping and no one's watching your bull s*** so now you're trying to appeal to all the "hip kids" these people are a special kind of breed.

  8. God damn it now it's mainstream get ready for cringe guys it's going to turn into "damn Daniel" real quick after all the politicians use it against each other

  9. I am a Boomer and watched glaciers melting near where I lived. No one said this had anything to do with human activity. But now young people think opposite. Both positions were supported by science but now you cannot say that the Ice Age was causes and ended naturally without being slurred and insulted.

  10. Honestly the bitch that said that is helping Jacinda Arden tear newzeland a new asshole for China to fuck. But I respect the meme

  11. That reporter did not just say “ millennials are the privileged ones”? She just doesn’t know the struggles that millennials go through.

  12. Lady: "Gen Z, the teenagers of today"
    Chart: Gen Z.. 1997.

    ANYONE BORN IN 1997 WOULD BE 22! I think that chart is a little off.

  13. It absolutely is ageism and disrespectful. It's disrespectful . End of story!!!! Your argument is feeble. It's not cute and it's not polite.

  14. Who cares… I am 70 and what I say is "Just because you are old doesn't make you right … you may just have been wrong longer." It's not agism when the old dismiss the young constantly. It's THEIR world now get out of the way!
    The young have ALL the problems we had with the added weight of a life destroying Climate Crisis. I am personally glad to see them claim their right to speak and be heard (after all thr grim reaper will solve all my gens problems soon ) The young are LITERALLY fighting for their lives so lead, follow, or get off the dance floor!

  15. The lady reporter sounds offended.
    Boomers usually are stuck in their way of thinking back in their "good old days" that isn't translating well into this evolving modern age.
    There were other tiktoks that showed how baby boomers would comment how women should wear or perceive themselves, or how people dress up is so weird to them. That is pretty offensive to the modern generation, so that phrase "ok boomer" is just a response to that condescending statement; that the baby boomers are got accepting the evolving modern age.

  16. The young people proclaiming the end of the world if climate change is not addressed, are the same misguided children who told me that the world would end if Kony wasn't found in 2012. Case closed.

  17. Thinking like a Millenial, being from Gen-X times, could make you feel like the world is crazy, the kids proved me right though.
    Thanks Millennials.

  18. We can't even help homeless or starving people. The human race is doomed to many idiots in charge that only want money to fix nothing.

  19. Damnmmmm….. my son calls me a boomer… I’m only 43! I’m gen X dammit! But hey that woman got dismissed first when they put her down for being young… these older people are running the world without concerning it’s affecting those younger people more than anyone else. They will have to clean up after them

  20. It was meant to be lighthearted so why is the female reporter being so serious? There is a specific age group out there who didn't have war to go to, had free education, cheap housing loans etc who now begrudge a younger person for having avocado toast, and it's more aimed at a mindset, not the age.

  21. While this is 1000x wittier than anything Donald Trump has ever said, I wouldn’t characterize any use of a trending phrase as “witty.”

  22. My favorite generation is not listed here. It's the missionary generation from 1862 – 1880. They were like the modern day millennials of their time.

  23. My generation: Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Britney Spears, 50 Cent, mass shootings, more mass shootings, Nickleback, no new fashion trends, Emo, Screamo, fentanyl, full acceptance of Political Correct dogma…
    Millenials deserve the insults we receive. Our generation SUCKS. It is such a shitty, forgettable generation. we're snarky. wow, what a special quality to characterize a generation.

  24. The truth is, as was alluded to, "OK, Boomer" will be dead, dead, dead when millenials will be dealing with an uninhabitable planet.

  25. Complete waste of tv time! Ridiculous to talk about something so minimal. I guess they have to justify their salaries

  26. Zimbabwe Gen X here and i have no problem with the term. Boomers and Silent Generation ruined our futures over BS rhetoric

  27. Why is it an insult? And an insult in answer to any heckle or question simply means you are all out of answers. So you have to (attempt) to insult the messenger. Donald does it all the time

  28. I've paid taxes longer than this stupid twat has been alive. It's an unwarranted arrogance among this age group who have barely arrived, the Born Yesterday generation crying since they fell out the cradle. Boo fucking hoo. You're lucky you had Parliament to hide behind that day because I don't think it will be long before she loses a few teeth one day in the street. A good hard smack in the mouth ought to do it. Should've been done when she was about 12. Yeah I said it.

  29. As a person who would be a boomer if I was born a year earlier, I am so grateful to younger generations who will have to fix the planet that we are breaking. They have a big job ahead of them and we should let them get started.

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