News In-depth Part1: Political legacy left by late President Kim Young-sam Par

And for more on late president Kim Young-sam
and the political legacy he leaves behind, we′re joined live by our senior political
correspondent Park Ji-won. Good evening, Jiwon.
President Kim is hailed as one of the most influential and visionary pro-democracy
activists in Korean history,… and he′s known for having left behind a NUMBER of quotes…
some of them quite famous… like the one ″Dawn will come even if the rooster is strangled,″
which very well expresses Kim′s and then-Korea′s yearning for democracy.
That′s right. Conn-young. The late president was a very much a beloved
politician,… for his pro-democracy activism throughout the 1960s to 1980s.
He, himself, went through many ordeals, such as house arrest and a hunger strike.
Which eventually translated to Kim becoming the first civilian president in 1993 - putting
an end to some 30 years of authoritarian and or military government.
Once in office, he showed his decisiveness by swiftly carrying out a series striking
measures. Yes, in just three months after coming into
office, he disbanded a group of elite generals,… and this purge was later evaluated as a critical
that prevented further emergence of military governments
in Korea ever again. He also prohibited Koreans from owning bank
accounts under pseudonyms… and made public officials disclose the amount of their wealth.
Because of these striking reform measures, he once received an unprecedented 90 percent
approval rating in his first year in office. But
his presidency was also marked by two major
events - the 1994 North Korean nuclear crisis and the IMF′s bailout package for Korea
in 1997. That′s right, Conn-young.
The 1994 nuclear deal between the U.S. and North Korea is now considered a failure,…
and scheduled inter-Korean talks were canceled that same year,… when then North Korean
leader Kim Il-sung died suddenly,… just two weeks before the summit.
Kim later said that fate had played a trick on him.
In the end, his lifetime rival and successor… President Kim Dae-jung became the South
Korean leader to hold summit talks with North Korea′s leader.
And the failure to reform the country′s ailing structure of family-run conglomerates
was later analyzed as one of the factors that brought about the financial crisis.
Summing up his five year presidency, Kim said the period of glory was short, while
the span of anguish was long.

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