Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

100 thoughts on “Nigel Farage slams Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal

  1. Ridiculous anti-agreement comments by Farage… accept the imperfect deal and get on with it… no agreement hammered out by politicians lasts in perpetuity

  2. EU already said that there will be no extension. The 31th this month will be it guys. Prepare urself guys. RIP England lol

  3. If hypocrite Johnson was on the back benches he'd be calling this Withdrawal Deal a 'Surrender Pact'. No wonder all the EU leaders are smiling and slapping him on the back. He's stabbed the British people in the back for them. His road to withdrawal is paved with all the people he has thrown under his Boris Bus.

  4. Voted Brexit, but don't want a race to the bottom exit. An all encompassing trade deal with the US should ring alarm bells. Think healthcare care. Think workers' rights. Millions of Americans are suffering terribly.

  5. The Great Sacrifice and Surrender Deal. We need to know the U.K.'s expected role within the E.U. Military, as a matter of urgency!

  6. you British people are SCREWED!!!!! The EU is so plotting against you!!!!!!!!! it's the beginning of the dark ages for you, ask us nicely to take you back and we will let you know…. in a MILLION years!!!!

  7. Nigel is misstating the deal; it provides for a very different future from Theresa May’s agreement which kept the UK in the EU customs union. Boris’ deal gets the UK out of that. That’s not lipstick, it’s a different animal.

  8. Does Nigel know what he's talking about? Has he read the deal because it was said that under it the UK is free to make deals worldwide. I don't think Nigel's right. Why would Nigel want an extension anyway if he's for a no deal Brexit? I think Nigel doesn't like it because it kills his own political ambitions.

  9. Nigel doesnt actually want to leave the EU. "The Brexit party" is a ridiculous name for this party. Nigel is a populist that loves working on peoples fears. He uses fake fears to energize people. But people like him dont have have solutions- nor do they want to. If they did try to explain complications or details he would lose his support. No, he wants to work on your inner fear. The guy should just tell the people he wants a hard border between NI and I. Thats what he's campaigned – complete control of who goes in and out of the UK.

  10. Boris Johnson has screwed the UK democracy, they are still not free from environmental labor and taxation EU laws. This is a Theresa May deal but now without the lipstick.

  11. Isn't it quite obvious that nigel wants the deal to fail and the UK to stay in the EU? If the deal succeeds, he loses his massive salary and expenses which he has been hoovering up for the last 20 years. Not to mention his bungs from Aaron Banks, LCB and of course, Fox news.

  12. Hahaha
    yes you can sign your new deal with America. Sure. But with president Sanders, not Drumpf

    Carrie was right, hes an idiot

  13. europeans as in the european union.. NO… there are no european union people.. there is europe.. with many countries and different people..

  14. So when you people get sick of your leaders it’s perfectly legal to physically remove them. What are you waiting for?

  15. I knew it!….Well, we all knew it!….Didn't we?…..We expected betrayal, and betrayal is what we got.
    Par for the course with the Tory's, to be honest.
    Nigel's forecasts have been spot on every time. I believe he is right when he says Parliament will reject this deal. It will then be extended 'again.
    Maybe then we will finally get that election the left have been running scared from.
    We the people, will then get the chance to show these gutless guttersnipe politicians what we think of them.

  16. Oh god! In my opinion UK is in a maze with no way out. I'm wondering why the EU is laughing. Cancel the brexit associate with an EU member and then try to change the EU in the European parliament!

  17. The EU saying it’s going along nicely is a concern I’m in Australia and I smell something foul from here I wonder what this deal entails I thought the people voted to leave not stay tied at the ankle what negotiation is required unless your still involved it’s like breaking up with your wife but visiting every few days via the back door ? so people you’ve told your not together anymore don’t feel embarrassed because your a FOOL

  18. Is the WTO set of rules that the UK would abide by with the EU if they left without a "deal" that onerous? Is the WTO terrible for the UK? I could give a flying flip if it was good or bad to the EU but my point is, if you are leaving, Pack your bag and go!!!!!

    I don't know why the Brits can't grow a set of balls to do what the people told them to do. Extension, extension and before you know it 25 years will go by. GET THE HELL OUT ON OCTOBER 31. EITHER DO IT OR GET OFF THE POT.

  19. So what would motor mouth Farage have done differently ? This is the crook that over the pass 20 plus years has lined his own pocket on the backs of the tax payers and he has the nerve to call it democracy, I call him a crook and a tax dodger using the system to his full advantage. At no point in all these years has he ever said other then borders and law, why we should leave the EU at no stage in all his years in Europe has he said how he would make a Brexit work and yet every time after an event there he is shooting his mouth off, we have a deal now so no extension, doesn't matter about traitor Corbyn blocking it, its been excepted, on the downside we're tied to the EU for years to come and we have basically paid 3 years membership up front. But, what would Farage have done ?

  20. A genuine question here for Nigel… Why not just declare Britain's independence from the EU and go to war if necessary? No deal required.

  21. politics is not about being right, but about getting something done. If Brexit has been implemented, compromise must be made. In Denmark, some parties would have come together to make a result that respected the referendum. I UK

    everyone just wants have the right opinions. The longer you postpone Brexit, the more likely it will never happen. Vote yes to Johnson in house of commons, Now one, no party is the people. A dane

  22. So can someone please explain exactly what the problem is ? What is the detail on why it ia SO bad.?
    P.s im a brexiteer

  23. What part of leaving the EU don't they understand ! Leave means leave , It doesn't mean leave with a deal ! How many times have we heard that !!

  24. Votes election and referendum don't matter any more because you now need the losers concern as in brexiit what matters is ellites foreign investors not people. The people are only numbers parts of the dept system of 35 year mortgage

  25. I wanted to wait for Nigel's reaction before judging this deal. Sure enough, he warned that it would be a con and that's what it is. Boris has let us down. And Jacob Rees Mogg, a man I have great respect for, is sychophantically falling in line with it, because he "trusts Boris". Jacob, you've been duped, and so have the British people. Let's hope this sham deal is rejected in parliament.

  26. The problem I can see with this is a referendum with deal or remain as the question being the result.
    We voted to leave, we need deal or no deal.

  27. These treasonous parliamentarians are handing Great Britain to GERMany on a silver platter…..

    Whatever happens, these wealthy traitors will be insulated by their riches…… We will be slaves of Kaiser Merkelzzzz fourth Reich gangster globalist GERMan EU empire……

    As soon as we are trapped, the corrupt EU will go full speed ahead with the Kalergi plan and communism……..Remember these words..

  28. If this goes through, you will never escape your Insect Overlords.Fu*k the EU!!!… Fu*k the Insects!!! No Deal Brexit is your only Hope…

  29. I'm really confused now. I voted for Ukip and would vote for the Brexit Party except it seems now that nothing is right for you. What is the deal that you want? And, tell us how you would get it.
    Or, frankly, shut up!!!

  30. I am a 13 year old remainer from London and I have a question for all brexiters.
    What are the advantages of brexit if any

  31. My wife and I hoped, that this new deal, would be an answer to our prayers, but sadly it's more like an nightmare. If the DUP, have rejected it, how can it possibly, come into effect in Northern Ireland, because they would have to impose it ! And it's tearing NI from GB. Not on Barnier !

  32. I've suddenly realised that Nigel Farage may be playing a very, very clever game here.

    Perhaps he thinks like me (a Brexit party supporter), that this deal is the best way to get Britain out of the European Union, but crucially he cannot afford to be seen to be supporting it. How else can nice Labour and Liberal types vote in good conscience for Boris's deal if the devil incarnate also supports it?

  33. Is America taking any British in? Before the Eu absolutely ruins our great nation. I will pledge my allegiance to you guys before I ever do to that Eu crap! ??
    God bless America and the Queen ????????????????

  34. No Deal with the Evil Union………………..Even Mogg has sold out and laughingly pisses on the British voters and Democracy.

  35. We could be competition to the EU if we do a hard Brexit the EU cannot afford this Britain is a lot more stronger and stable than people let on

  36. Everyone except the Brexit Party are in the totalitarian EUSSRs pocket. The odious, traitorous toads that infest the Houses of Parliament are eying up their EU backhanders and fat pensions, they don’t give a stuff about democracy of the British people. Their stench can be smelled around the world!

  37. The EU has a really bad habit. It's clingy and can't let go. If a country votes in a way it doesn't like, it throws a temper tantrum, screams and yells, kicks and fights, until it forces that country to vote again in a way that it does like. Crybullying perfected.
    The UK needs to leave if it wants it's sovereignty. The EU will never, ever make that easy.

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