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  1. Those face romance people tricked me once into signing up to hangout and giving them my email I think twice I’m a sucker! It was a girl with a army uniform. S/he told me he was in in Korea in an army base for a peacekeeping mission. We broke up after s/he would video chat me or talk to me in the phone in real time.

  2. Yeah he should go to jail and he should stop crying and being an actor in court the man he killed was an old man and it was no treat to him yes is true the man was provoking him but he should have use prudence I have been in similar situations and if didn’t control myself I would be in jail right now facing years

  3. Beware of people who drive slow ,they are doing this on purpose, especially when they are in the left lane .they are looking for a fight ,you will be called a racist just so they can sue you .there are people who get on the right side of your vehicle just to speed up to get in front you and hit the brakes real hard and turn in front of you for you to hit them or cause you to road rage them .they are low life scum who cannot get a job or don't want to work .the same person does it to me every time I'm on the road same pos car same license plate .I got my go pro camera so when he takes me to court and tries to lie in court crys the blues ,he will try to call me racist and will try to sue me . Out comes Mr go pro camera which will show I didn't have enough time to stop and my racist comment would be f**king a**hole but my truck will hit his car because of his stupidity…lmao

  4. how am I f*** is this happening children are dying cuz they can't get their medicine cuz it's so expensive what the f*** is going on

  5. The FBI is not done. The massive international fraud ring is widespread. They are not done trust me.

  6. ROBOCALLS is still going on. And the phone companies are selling our phone numbers to scammers.
    I know what the news media failed to know.

  7. The lady in the baby issue is lying, walking around the store with a family member missing.? Maybe the baby was sleeping and they feel not like bothering. Thank God the baby is safe. Kids are precious.

  8. Yes the road rage incident the Actor in court lied when he said he feared for his family. If that's the case than why would you risk an accident and cut someone off with your car?? The Judge is correct and the charge of manslaughter will continue. The video shows it's not stand your ground.

  9. Thank God the child is ok! Good on her for pleading not guilty! These states have become little more than legalized kidnappers!
    Today's bureaucracy is not capable of understanding, or responding as, human beings.
    And while we all believe it could never happen to us… it does, every day. We're all human.

  10. The bison piece is absolutely groundbreaking. Top notch journalism, without a doubt, life changing story. Thank you NBC! Keep up the great work!

  11. May these brave and patriotic servicemen who selflessly gave their lives for this great country always be remembered as the heroes they were born to be along with each and every other member of any of the branches of our military,firefighters,policemen,or civil services that paid the ultimate price and left behind a nation of loved ones mourning .Yet all full of pride for their heroism,Furthermore and alike all inspired to follow in their footsteps to accomplish those same dreams that they lived for,and will remain with each and everyone of these extraordinary men in their eternal sleep.”MY COUNTRY TIS’ OF THEE SWEET LAND OF LIBERTY OF THEE I SING” I could not ever control the deep sense of emotions that run through me as I admire or mourn tragic events or acts of heroism that take place everyday in this world of ours mainly because I have many shortcomings and wish to do things that will make the world all the better and those will be the things I can be proud of like many of the everyday people that sacrifice their well being or their lives in order to do exactly that.And those are the things that I admire,the things that everyone should look up to and aspire or support,instead of the negative.Never battle hate with hate love in return even in the midst of a battle in which you may have to defeat that hate,for your Love will never betray the passion you possess to destroy any evil intent or aggression that may threaten your well being or which may harm you or your loved ones.Love will always be much more powerful than hate.

  12. That man who hit an elderly man should go to jail. That is reckless. Women children, and elderly you just do not hit. Pick on someone your own size man. Elderly have earned their right to be grumpy, that doesn't mean you hit them.

  13. Families including my own are struggling to stay alive, because they cant afford insulin at $2400/mo. Meanwhile an AR-15 cost $350 for a lifetime

  14. I can't imagine how these Dumb people can forget their Children I bet she dint forget to take her stupid Cellphone ????

  15. No way this is stand on your ground law..He wasn't driving the vehicle.He took it upon himself to run towards the victim.I hope he rots in jail.

  16. You need to pay attention when animals are in mass leaving any area with a rumbling volcano all around them , not only bison , thousands of lizard's, all leaving the Yellowstone park volcano area…when the air is bad , its the animals that will die on mass first, for example insects will be the first sign that there's something very wrong with our air , this is why coal miner's years ago used a budgie because its better than any devise that was around year's ago…little bird so sensitive to changes in our air….

  17. Please drop the Breaking from the scripted propaganda title. Its not happening right that second. Also lose the nuro linguistics. Its embarrassing. Real journalism is dead.

  18. scamming people out of their hard work and hard earned money is a no no. Now if u wanna know more about scammers check out H&R BLOCK theirs alot of this type of people scamming and stealing people hard earned TAX MONEY

  19. stand your ground.. translates to run at someone and sucker punch them, to death. he needs to be convicted and sent to jail.

  20. We need to start a revolution on the health care industry. In America, either you pay or you die, this is a savage country. I'm ready to defect.

  21. Honestly it's not that hard to forget things when your distracted. Like the number of times I thought I brought something with me or did something only to find hours later I did not. Or find myself driving to work when I am distracted when I am supposed to go home

  22. Oh my, some one had to tell, lol this what happens when you are super greedy if you made 6 million dollars and it's 80 of y'all split the money and go your separate way and do your own thing most times this happens when someone get jealous or they didn't get their cut of their share this happens all the time across the globe.

  23. The young man on the stand saying while crying that he fear for the life of his loved ones, is an actor cried on cue good job mijo but that's not going to cut it you got off the car while the old guy was retreating and swung on him good thing you gots lots of money cuz your lawyer needs it

  24. I can't understand how people leave their kids in the car. You spent nearly an hour getting them dressed, feeding them, packing up the car with diaper bags, strollers and car seats, but left them in the car. But I bet they didnt forget their cell phones.

  25. spends all day whizzing within inches of twenty ton semis…..screams in terror at being bumped by a 1200lb. Bison. only in America.

  26. Please you are stupid dumb masshole you leave your kid in a car who forget the kid in the car only dumb moms like you I hope you got life in prison filthy coward

  27. The heath of a nation is only as strong as its people INSULIN has been around for years and the cost has went to 1200 dollas a mouth and one has to ask why the US Govment and the CDC has not taken on the task of producing life saving drugs or can they only spend money on drugs that be used as weapons.

    We sent lots of aid to other nations and take the earthquake in HATA one thanks the aid sent to them would be used to build things like access to clean drinking water and waste systems and what did they get Sockers fields at a time when clean drinking water and bath room waste needs to be treated

    We don't all ways get it right and at times its not clear but when big gov- steps or lets busness step on the little person we all loose and that's sad

  28. I hope this dude goes to jail he had nothing to do with the incident and yet he punched this old dude as a Spanish speaker I have no sympathy's for him!!!

  29. I have a cure for insulin resistance that works for me if you want the story. I'm Gary Shields. I live in Toccoa GA. I have my paper to the Director of the VAc Regional Hospital in Atlanta GA about two weeks ago.
    It works by putting the body into Ketosis artifically using BHB's (the body normal makes these to consume[burn] fat) & MCT oil powder(the most easy to burn fats). It worked in 12 hours. My fasting blood sugar went from 245 to 158-145 in the morning for the last 6 weeks. If I'm right, the problem isn't the pancreas..This could get America off of Insulin. Ann Brown at the Administrator/Directors office at the VA Hospital in Atlanta has my paper & address.
    Try Keto Burn BHB's diet pill for sale. Pass this around, it works!

  30. Stand your ground??? Oh heck no!!! He walked towards the man and then punched him. He should be arrested and placed behind bars!

  31. I'll bet my entire monthly salary. That stupid mom was busy tweeting/facebook posting her little shopping trip instead of being a mother. Pathetic.

  32. Baby left in hot car to bake,
    while carefree single mother
    goes shopping.


    Prison is perfect for this woman.

  33. She forgot that her baby was sitting in the back of the car lmao more bs lock her up and forget you locked her up

  34. I wonder how she remembered her Target rewards card and cocaine in the car, but not the baby.

    All seriousness ?thank god the baby survived and is well.

  35. investigate the Oreally stores which are extorting innocent poor in North Richmond California is a group altering bills helping corrupt mechanics the same as family law is doing when he says goodbye to deceive the most humble and innocent poor parents to steal their money, those abuse are being controlled with great abuse by family law judge Mark A. Talamantes these corruption groups are very strong and are in chains with social and public workers of Marin County Civic center Courtyard.

  36. Thanks for the actual history of race vs nationality I have lived in Nm 64 years we are an inter married family all I couldn’t understand as to why that stuck out at the time (Mexican)

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