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  1. She did not commit suicide!
    She said yeah right let's take this to court! She seems like a amart person and was looking forward to the court process.
    They MURDERED her and tried to cover it up as a suicide!
    We want justice served!!

  2. So if I serve a fat man pizza and he has a heart attack, I’m suppose to go to jail. That story is ridiculous. And yeah let’s keep it up America with all these horrible acts.

  3. These confederates need another spanking. I'm sick of hearing backward news from confederate traitor states. The same states that fired on the American flag and caused the civil war. Racist, ignorant traitor morons. We call them trump supporters today.

  4. its LONG PAST time that the company I apy monthly fees for phone service responds to the telephone abuse by some of their other customers. Robocalls have made it impossible for me to answer my phone – with Google being the worst offender. If the FCC would shut down any repeat offenders of the do not call list, – it would stop immediately. But the phone companies are long overdue in taking action,

  5. YD schools. I am not implying to have respect, I clearly wrote ( you don’t know who you’re dealing with) it’s easier to say yes sir, no sir for your own convenience and safety

  6. Something I've wondered about since photos of the inside of Sandra Bland's holding cell were released…The trash bag was still hanging with its perfect noose…the COs within the jail said no photos were taken of Ms. Bland with the noose around her neck. So how was she moved to the floor? The noose was not cut….if the COs walked into her cell and removed the noose from her neck, how was it removed? I have always thought something fishy was going on in that little Texas town.

  7. Another typical day in America when a white man shoots up another school smh🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️Make American schools safe again.

  8. Encouraging Police to lie to citizens on what is or is not a legal order while citizens are responsible for telling what is and is not a lie is absolute insanity.

  9. I just thought of this crazy idea! Since this shooting happened yesterday May 7th, the time from Columbine was 20 years and 17 days. And, if Columbine happened on 4/20/1997 and this shooting happened in 2017, and you put the 20 years and 17 days together, you get 2017!

  10. "Sandra Bland would still be alive today…" had she just used her turn signal and followed commands.

  11. That woman was murdered cops not just by 1 but by the whole department were she was jailed at, They murdered her to try and cover up what that officer did and then they made it look like a suicide,NBC will not tell you the whole truth as there not allowed, If anyone else in another profession did that? not only would that person get fired, but they would go to prison, Not cops though, they can be involved with killing others and the most that happen's is the officer is fired or lay'd off or in most cases put on administrated leave for a few months until all that drama is forgotten,

  12. It's funny how they always take the white kids in unharmed. But unarmed blacks get the bullet. So you mean the police didn't fear for there life and shoot these young white kids.🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  13. Can wait for the true God to come for true Divide justice for all humans.😉 so sad humans lost and injured .😣

  14. Black folks don't hang ourselves thats not our thang . Suicide is a white thang. We know what really happened

  15. One more time in the richest most drug addict country on 🌎. Feel so bad for the victims. Don't think the sickos in the NRA are blaming the guns. Mother fuckes it is the gunssss.

  16. Keep trying to tell women what to do with their bodies, it's a womans right to do what ever she wants with her body.


  18. I wish people that go in and shoot up schools, including students who make that choice, would just be shot and killed by police on the scene. It's not like there is a question as to their guilt. Just execute them and then don't ever release their names to the public. Let them be forgotten.

  19. Why not let kids learn from home! Figure it out! Then come together for a bit …sports, student teams to problem solve under the guidance of parents & non political non antifa type teachers….with security on site always! …this is for the protection of our children. Figure it out!

  20. STOP the killing of our babies!! STOP throwing Our children away!! Children to be chairished protected gifts of GOD. THANK YOU GEORGIA!

  21. Paul Lyin Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John Bolton are the ones calling the shots in Washington DC Trump knew nothing about politics before becoming POTUS and still doesnt know much. Trump is just along for the freebies, free travel, food, health care, golfing whenever he wants. His white house is at #Maralago Trump calls it the #WinterWhiteHouse interesting how he's there all year round.

  22. IF YOU GET PULLED OVER YOU DO WHAT THE OFFICER SAYS. YOU DON’T TALK ON YOUR PHONE. Not: “weh I black and I do what I want and if he gives me a problem I just call racism”

  23. typical white pig killing a black woman…where you at lester everything still all good with ya?!

  24. I'll tell you what I want first, and it's not a football CAP filled w/cottage cheese. I want 14 prawns harvested from the floor of the Marianas trench. And eat them in the oval office

  25. I'm too old for this, T. Don't make me fat. Don't remove my jaw. Don't put me in prison or court w/o telling me. Want to go? We can go. U r huge. But I have 2.5 years shing-i

  26. It's a shame these poor cops have to lose their jobs just cuz they encounter some crazy people. Did they ever test her blood for drugs? The fact that she committed suicide was evidence that she was not in her right mind. I feel for that poor officer that lost his job.

  27. I am not buying these school shootings. Pretty sure gun rights extremists wanting to take guns are behind this one.

  28. Dems are isolating states like ca and alienating voters and dominating those states. They are actually taking over those states without violence via forced migration due to unjust laws, high taxes, fees, and rights violations. Dems are steeling this country through this domestic domination and alienation.

  29. That Ole Wicked 👺 One Is Quite Busy.?! This is Not A wrestle with Flesh And blood folks🙏✝️.Christ Is The Only Answer ?!In This Dark And Evil Age

  30. Any shootings going on in Chicago these days? The mainstream media wants you to focus on school shootings. Don't you know the narrative all too well by now?

    Pharmaceuticals and TV will be the death of America..

  31. This kid broke over a dozen Gun Laws, both state and federal.. The coward school shooter, Devon Erickson, a registered "triggered" snowflake demoKKKrat, expressed hatred for some Christians, and shared posts criticizing Donald Trump and praising Socialist demoKKKrat Leaders.   *We need stricter gun laws only to get Guns out of the hands of these liberal demoKKKrats.. they are dangerous to our children. #MakeAmericaSafer

  32. Charging the bartender is absolutely ridiculous ! She is in no way responsible for that man’s actions. Our Government & policing is seriously out of control. We need total reform on our justice system.

  33. These Demonic Spirits feel justified in publicly saying that they know a lot of People cannot take the pressure of having Children. Therefore, they are going to force the pressure on the innocent with rights..There are enough People having babies where no Law should even be discussed, let alone imposed on anyone…I think many White People should be enslaved as well. A Rainbow Color of People who find empowerment and enjoyment in starting wars that has nothing to do with a Law…They should all be forced somewhere…They are always creating hostility and division..They are truly dysfunctional and very annoying..I cannot stand their demonic behinds…Salvages that need to go back in dark cages until they can see the reality light…There is no vote on someone else's body but your own Kids if they go alone with your controlling ways…Everyone who they try to impose these ignorant beliefs on..Make sure somebody in your Family go to medical school to learn how to give abortions…I will not back down from ignorance and prejudices…BYE!!!!

  34. the milatery budget. that was $250 billion during regan,$280 billion for clinton, $350 billion for bush jr. who was lambasted for the spending, $480 billion for obama, and now $780 billion for trump. we need to fold all the milatery forces into the coast gaurd and the national gaurd. in order to save this dam country. with a green new deal. a new green deal that will have to be intiated for the next 30 years. thus this is the only way to stop the death millions of future americans.

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