Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 9, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Ahhhh , , ,
    Haile Jackson with today's daily dose of Presidential insults & slander.
    Thanks NBC, for maintaining your low-ball, partisan propaganda.
    ~ NBC News : You are still an insult to the traditions of American Journalism .

  2. That's the NOOGA HEART AT WORK!! They call it the Volunteer State and they mean it. No one steps up like Tennessee's citizens, I'm so proud of my fellow Vols!!🌺🌺

  3. And the 'one, simple thing you can do' to boost views by thousands? Don't use patronizing click-bait headlines to ensnare intelligent viewers.

  4. Dr Oz should go visit her instead of making show material out of the ordeal. Mom's become unreasonable sometimes when they miss their kids… especially Eastern ones.

  5. Ok Tired of hearing about the dumb sharpie thing we know he’s dumb so let’s get on with it find something else to make fun of 😁please

  6. Here's part what I copied what Web MD sent about vaping THC with vitamin E and the link to it;
    "In particular, many of the samples tested by the states or by the FDA as part of this ongoing investigation have been identified as vaping products containing tetrahydrocannabinol (or THC, a psychoactive component of the marijuana plant) and further, most of those samples with THC tested also contained significant amounts of Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is a substance present in topical consumer products or dietary supplements, but data are limited about its effects after inhalation."

  7. The U.S. is a WOLF IN SHEEP CLOTHING. So called "humanitarian help" and they will take all of your land!!! Do not leave your land!!!!!

  8. People drop dead all over world, daily, from years of cigarette smoking. Why doesn't Lester and the NBC gang cover that?.. Because Lester and the NBC gang are paid by tobacco lobbyist to attack the competition!

    So obvious.

  9. of course liz cheney is against it. Her whole family is apart of the military industrial complex benefiting from continued war.

  10. One by one, almost all the high-profile Goldman Sachs alums have left the White House. Gary Cohn, the former Goldman Sachs COO who left the bank to become President Trump's National Economic Council director, resigned Tuesday night following a dispute over the president's planned tariffs on aluminum and steel imports.

    Cohn's farewell follows the departures of chief White House strategist
    Steve Bannon, communications director (for a whopping ten days) Anthony
    Scaramucci and deputy national security adviser Dina Powell. They all
    exited in just the past few months.

    All of them worked for Goldman Sachs at one point during their careers — and Powell actually

    returned to Goldman Sachs last month.

    That means that the only high-profile Goldman Sachs veteran left in Trump's inner circle is Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

  11. As a part of the Trump base, us Hoosiers need to know what our emergency hurricane plans are. We dare not defy our president. Will it be safe to travel down I-65,? We have family in North Florida, can I use a sharpie and move I-65?

  12. Americans need to stop adding drugs and chemicals to their vape, vaping is worldwide but only in america people are getting sick

  13. Were those drivers really asleep? Or, were they nodding off from drugs? Or, perhaps suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning? When I fall asleep in a car (not while driving) my head falls back or to the side, not forward like a sick person or a drug addict. How about you? Have you ever ridden in an airplane or a train and seen people sleeping, or slept yourself? I've seen that many times, and no one was sleeping with his head forward like a nodding junkie.

  14. How many days in a row are we going to LIE to the public about vaping? It has already been shown that the majority if not all (once people admit to doing something illegal) of these cases of people getting sick are from…

    NBC News, Quit being part of the coverup and backing your shareholders who have investments in Big tobacco and pharmaceuticals!

    NBC has already discredited themselves as being "media" when it is nothing more than a propaganda machine for it shareholders and their interests.

    The connection between The media and who funds them will be shown in future years and hopefully the scam artists and criminals that own these agencies rot in prison for their crimes against humanity.

  15. Sensors built into steering wheel. Great. but what they do is stupid. If the hands are off the wheel for more then a few seconds the car should preform an emergency stop. Slowing quickly(but not slamming on the brakes ful power), switching on hazard lights and activating the horn to warn other drivers and hopefully wake the driver up. If the driver does not regain control the system should contact 911 through there internet system.

  16. I'm not a fan of Trump… But c'mon leave him alone about the Alabama thing. He made a simple mistake, there are worse things in the world. LIKE TRUMP BEING PRESIDENT.

  17. Bahamas relief: wouldn't it make more sense for the U.S. to simply clean up and restore Bahamas, rather than shipping everyone out of the Country to goodness knows where. I do not understand the logic behind this. Also, the wonderful Pilot who has helped bring supplies & food to the Bahamas, would it be possible to remove it now and bring it over to Puerto Rico or another hurricane island in need, before it all gets stale? After all, according to this report, the Bahamas is now a ghost island!

  18. Yes Coast Guard your amazing & Miraculous! Never give up if there is even the slightest hope & have saved so many lives. God Bless! Dr. Oz being a doc why wouldn't you & your family have already done genetic testing? Just curious. U of T your so Awesome! Thank you for being so open & sweet you've really touched my heart very special what you did😉!

  19. I like how you target juuls because it's owned by Marlboro. I'm pretty sure juuls is the least of the FDA problems. I'm more worried about how my food is poisond and how it passed inspection. Everyone is aware of the harms of smoking.

  20. What did those kids put in their e-cigarette’s i’ve been vaping for seven years I haven’t been sick for a long time when I was smoking real cigarettes I would get sick every couple months it wouldn’t surprise me if those kids are put in something they shouldn’t be vaping on or it could be for attention

  21. Dump lies and literally gets caught in it and made to look very stupid now threaten to fire someone for telling the truth. Well after Dorian was way North now he says nothing, expecting people to be quiet..
    This thing in the oval office is pure trash.

  22. read the instructions on Vape products! It says all that right on it . Plus you're supposed to take no more then one hit at a time, max about 4times a day…ppl been getting warned about the liquid in the cartridges can be absorbed thru skin and cause overdose (that's why I stopped bc many also leak that liquid right into your mouth and you have no idea how much u ingested) so good luck with lawsuits.

  23. HEY!! Isn't It about time for AL SHARPTON AND JESSIE JACKSON to crawl out from under a rock somewhere and take part in the black protests to a legally handed down prison sentence ? (10 yrs. ) ??

  24. 26 people smoking dope thru caping and we have 50,000 dying every year on opioids. This government is a joke and Turdbin is a frigging Russia troll.

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