100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (January 4th)

  1. Please let the baby go in peace into the kingdom of Heaven. Jesus will be waiting. Loving this Child is stopping the pain immediately. It is selfishness to continue to cause paint to this child. I spent much time in hospitals as a child and it was frightening. In my opinion they are terrible places that use terrible drugs on children opposed to more healing modalities. Chemo is a poisonous agent silly people. Not meant for little children. Selfishness is keeping children suffering through Harmful Pharma and Poison in my perspective. Some are simply better off in the Kingdom of Heaven with God. Let these children go please.

  2. Iran should take out leaders in Trump administration. They can start with Kushner Miller Pompeo etc and spare true American citizens and not traitors.

  3. So now trump goes on twitter to antagonize Iran to cause further tensions.This war was his fault alone in order to distract from his impeachment and it will save no lives it will do the opposite.

  4. Iran isn't the enemy it's the 1% here wake up. If we spend trillions in tax dollars and the financial collapse hits then it will break America's back. But leave the Oligarchy untouched.

  5. I think Allah is happy that Soleimani has been eliminated and thanks the USA for handling the matter … I think Allah doesn't like the Iranian regime or the Ayatollah …

  6. So Trump figures starting a war will keep him from being impeached? This is just another campaign stunt for Trump to advance his fanatical followers … everyday the similarities between Trump and Hilter get closer and closer. I doubt there will ever be another US election, dictator Trump will enforce his will with "his" military … remember, everyone works for Trump, we're his slaves … our taxes is "protection" money … sounds familiar … oh yeah the Mafia. And the pee brain Trump supporters responses will be … drum roll … something about Obama or Hillary and nothing about what's actually happening in the real world.

  7. I don’t trust our president’s judgement or his motive. This is what happens when you make lying a habit. He is an erratic, emotional man who has the potential to put us at tremendous risk all to protect himself.

  8. First question where is the proof of him planning to attack america we need to know was this worth a war with a million men  second why does he go against attacking iran years before in an interview in regards to Obama attacking in order to win election didn't notify congress abuse of power furthermore risk the lives of American citizens in iraq by not warning them before strike with a strike of such as profile why not seek more counsel wasn't accurate furthermore  u wont get elected by this if u don't show proof out u do then we have to reconsider it seems political fo re election why because we know if we're at war at the time your chances are much higher of re election but we will see if your lying based on facts ………


  10. And you can bet that Stockton is giving the money to blacks and Latinos only but keep in mind that the political leaders aren't trying to buy votes with the money

  11. So where are the proofs that this general has plotted against US? Or terrorist attacks? I only see US murdering this general and US still didn’t present any proofs this was justified.

  12. There politican know their is save in bunker, but civil? Its nuclear
    Can you really sure can handle smuggle some nuclear? Its simple to say like a drug cartel smuggle some drugs in borders
    Dont make a joke anytime

  13. For those who want to help Australia https://www.cbsnews.com/news/australia-fires-how-to-help-victims-evacuees-firefighters-animals-wildfires/

  14. Face it, the only imminent threat the Iranian General posed was that Biden is leading in the polls!!! Trump out of control!!!

  15. I am Australian the fires were started / planned by this so called government as part of agenda 21 get the people off the farms / land so it can be sold to China .
    As for US invasion – like every other war – u fake it create propaganda to falsify a fake justice – SAME AS SADDAM HUSSEIN / HAVING NUCLEAR WAS ALL B/S / 911 YOUR GOVERNMENT WAKE THE F/K UP STOP FOLLOWING YOUR CORRUPT GOVERNMENT OPEN YOUR F/KING EYES .

  16. 10:15 – Funny how Australians are trying to save animals while the US is ready to send troops to die for oil and so billionaires can make a few more billions by sending youngsters to die…!!!

  17. Trump gave them a excuse to attack the America. Trump doesn’t know how to do business so does politics. War is just started.

  18. Help the animals . Leave water and food for them. Plastic children's swimming pool. Put couple rocks inside so small animals can craw out.

  19. Thank God the American people are waking up to this scam of war our government is starting with Iran!!! I prayed for our president after his sham impeachment but now I regret asking God to help him stay strong through it! 😟😔 He really is a walking time bomb 💣!!! Pelosi is right. The man needs to go! He’s a monster!!!

  20. We need our troops home 🏡 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. With their children and families. We need to fix our own country & stop meddling in other countries affairs!!!


  22. When did it become the United States 🇺🇸 of the World 🌎!!! This kind of madness has got to end! Trump and his supporters should duke it out in a boxing 🥊 ring with them. We must force him to leave our sons and daughters out of his selfish ambitions.

  23. Trump is starting a war because he can't have a jerry Springer trial in the Senate. He knows the fine print. Can't remove a president at war. Don't worry trump Mega Grill is stoked by founding fathers. These fools leading this admin liars by birth.

  24. We need to let these countries know that we are no longer fooling around. .
    Carpet bomb them back to 00

  25. Read the american protester signs, read them and look them up on Wikipedia. All communist front groups that NBC fails to mention again. ANSWER, CODE PINK ,


  27. American Government is a Pro-Assassination Country. This only continues further Endless terrorism to guarantee Hugh US Military Funding . Terrible. It only endangers we Americans, and those who are close to us. We just don’t learn. So, have we saved lives or not… time will tell, but we’ve seen this same hand played and it’s continued aftermath. – Ken in Hawaii

  28. IF our commander and chief wants to commit war crimes i wish they would say america attacked because America doesn't have anything to do with the attacks. No one in this country wants to go to war…
    Politicians are getting innocent people killed here and there. I wish we could PPV all of our current leaders into a ring where they can fight among them selves and leave the rest of us out of it.

  29. No no no no no war don’t solve nothing go save the forest if you don’t save it no more animals just save their forest

  30. Trump has not a clue about the 51 Americans hostages. The history is that in the 50s the US overturned a duly elected Iranian Government, replacing a Prime Minister by installing the Shaw of Iran. The Shaw was a brutal dictator and eventually in 1979 the Iranian Islamic Revolution occurred to throw out the Shaw and American business That is when they took over the American embassy and took the hostages. The US further always took Saudi Arabia's side against Iran and those two Islamic powers represent the major schism in Islam every bit as problematic as that in Christianity between Protestants and Catholics for hundreds of years. And do remember Mr. Trump pulled out of the international deal with Iran that began the latest problems.

  31. If we had a real leader I would not be worrying about this but we have a president with the brain abilities of a pre kendergardener and absolutely no leadership abilities and his White House staff Is just as brainless as him Iran and Iraq could win this war and take us over with this child we have as president my 5 year old has more leadership skills then trump has we will lose this war we no longer have any more allies willing to help us in any war or back us up because trump has attacked them on Twitter and on his child like White House speeches where he talks against our allies and for our enemies

  32. valley of Armageddon …. Nations are assembling in The East all the players…..The Most High Soon Too Resolve….All Praises

  33. Welcome to asymmetrical war.

    Anything that causes problems in our homeland, wastes our money, angers, irritates or frightens civilians, causes a drop in consumer spending, causes the price of gas to rise or makes heating oil or propane harder to get is part of asymmetrical war. Anything that can be a nuisance or an environmental problem is looked for. Infliction of damage using invasive species, adulterated foodstuffs, contamination of water supplies, highjackings, false news of disasters, the entire store of anything-that-works is up for sale.

    If you see a lot of spaghetti lying around it is likely because our enemies are actively looking for weaknesses to exploit, including our own fears of cyber attacks, electro-magnetic impulse attacks, explosions on bridges, arson fires, knifing attacks, trucks mowing down civilians, train derailments….

    Thanks, Trump family. We not only have to deal with your corruption and Putin's attacks but now Iraq and Iran have perfect excuses to look for more ways we can be harmed. What a gift the Trumps are to our enemies. And all for what? Just to murder some Iranian and Iraqi military generals? Ha. No one is believing that. Rocket attacks using rockets that cannot be aimed at any specific target? At least 13 in the last few weeks and 25 to 30 rockets each? That is the existing state of affairs described directly from the DOD. Is that the immanent attack? Pompeo better make up a lot more convincing story and it better not be traceable back to Russia, or Turkey or Syria or Azerbaijan or the other stani-stans.

  34. The fires in Australia aren't because of Climate Change.
    They're the result Of Green Ideology and bad forest management.
    Get Woke to the Greens.
    They're a nightmare.
    They made this catastrophe.

  35. Oh… Global warming…. Poorly managed forestry policy by the government is the problem… Just like the US…

  36. Pompeo is full of sh*t, EU will never support US in the BS it started. You no longer have European allies. Iran put bounty of 80 Mill on Trumps head, not Merkel's or Macron's nor anyone else..the EU does not support dictators

  37. This people going out on the streets is just the want of hate and evil that's all. Hatred has grown be prepared people for the hate this people spread around the world….. yet they all want to be in America, they are just hypocrites . Now the baby is time to let her go. Is just and emotional feeling of sadness to see a baby or a human being to actually die when a machine keeps her just breathing, but she is already gone. It is selfish to keep a machine breathing

  38. All this people didn't even know this man. Yet all shout death to America tell me uf this is not pure hate just 4 the sound of evil… I hope god floods them and destroys them

  39. Keep in mind: Through history, starting a war was THE answer to economic recession.
    Get Mr Pumpkinhead out of office before his stupidity starts WW3

  40. Wow listen to this hateful democratic party that will do anything and everything to just go against him to win. Why cant they stopped and tell people the truth about why they are doing it not what they really believe in. It is so sad … the Democrats would have cause a war already, they would have committed murder just like in the pass with IRAQ n many more nations

  41. Now american domestic hackers will use these false narrative cyber attacks as a smoke screen for domestic attacks.

  42. Fiat currency backed by nothing, there is no precious minerals in fort knox only fools gold display bars for the easily deceived and distracted.

  43. Here comes the first roll out of Universal Income of the One World Government Zuckerberg and Chan slowly getting you all ready for the Anti Christ………..

  44. Vice President Pence would say no such thing like the president they know who was behind 911. This is propaganda news coming from Obama or Nancy Pelosi.

  45. Just when you thought America couldn't get any crazier……well, surprise! What a way to start 2020, Trump! You can go play in traffic now😑

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