100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (November 9th)

  1. These "gender reveal parties" are just stupid. Why can't these people just have a little party with pink or blue cakes or punch or whatnot instead of squandering all kinds of money and endangering people's lives?

  2. The definition of a witch hunt is a situation where accusations are made freely, especially against someone or something that is not popular with the majority. An example of a witch hunt is when many women were burned at the stake in Cambridge Massachusetts. Trump is not a witch so what is he talking about Witch Hunt LOL.

  3. Get all the f*ckin way out of here Investigate Biden nah cockroach trump you take this 1st then Biden Investigated after trump.Bloomberg just bought his way DISGUSTING. Fire in CA SAD BIGLEY .Kidnappers lethal injection.

  4. Hillary will run a third time joining Bloomberg, the present candidates don't have a chance. There is a reason Obama did not endorse Biden.

  5. Jesus Christ these gender reveal parties are for complete fuktards. Ok you are having a baby…so are millions of other people. Who cares. Why not have a party while you are making a baby..at least some perverts will be estatic about it and you can post it online. The gender will either be a boy or girl. If your child comes out as imbecilic as the parents that kid will be lucky if he only has to do the first grade twice.

  6. The Whistleblower Protection Act is a federal law that protects federal employees who report violations of the law. If Trump attempts to unmask the whistleblower's identity, it is a violation of federal law, and a felony.

  7. The Ala. fans were warned that they would lose their season tickets if they BOOOOOED Drumph! Typical Drumph sh*tshow. Fake fans will cheer to save tickets… quid pro quo!

  8. At the football game if Trump said on the loudspeaker, that Alabamians are a bunch of inbred hicks…they would still cheer.🤦🏼‍♂️

  9. There is no real frontrunner in the democratic field..time to bring Hillary back..she was cheated the first time around, I am sure the country would get behind her….although not my first choice, everyone needs to concentrate on a win! This presidency is a danger to the world, and compromised by putin's russia!

  10. trump at a football game is like trump at a church service, on his knees, worshiping some one other than himself. It means nothing. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  11. My heart is breaking for this mother 💔 if someone EVER tries to force you in a car FIGHT WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! Regardless if they have a gun or not, do NOT get into that car because your chances of survival have dropped by 90%..and I say this because it happened to me..you fight hard enough, kick and scream bloody murder, they tend to let you go..they let me go and I crawled to the road for help..I really hope they find her alive 💜💜💜

  12. Trump needs to do us all a favor and have a debilitating accident. It’s the only decent thing he could do. It’s true. I’d rather have my 9 year old nephew run the country. Or my dog.

  13. Asking and allowing any Kardashian or Jenner for an educated opinion on anything but pop culture stupidity is like calling a bag of bricks being carried on someone's shoulder a brain.

  14. Trump should move to Alabama lots of …. and even more …. then he can tweet in ,,,, as usual, it seems they understand his crazy language, I personally think he is brain-damaged, to much trump made him like he is. violent ignorant lying cheap stealing from the poor, man the list is too long, Lock him up. give the wold a break.

  15. We've become a 3rd world country. Everyone should be trained in situational awareness and self defense. Sanctuary policies have let criminals into our house and protect them. This is unprecedented.

  16. The Republicans request of people they want to testify, serves three purposes. 1. A cleverly but obvious distraction. 2 keep focused on Biddens which had nothing to do with the Trump's current illegal acts and not just the phone call. 3 The Republicans wants to use the request as a you see gotcha moment. See you're being unfair. After Trump is impeaced. The Republicans are going to try to sell that tàlking point to their voters. What a lousy defense. Shows the last dying gasp of a political party who sold their soul to an obvious Con Man

  17. Why should Hunter appear. He's not in question in this matter. If this president had something on Hunter he would have made it public by now since he is so dogged about the Biden family


  19. The West hates Trump. He sticks to his surroundings where he’s liked. The east and south.. The West part of the U.S. will cripple his chances at becoming renominates. Donald Trump.

  20. We love you Tom Brokaw I hope you are well I hope you're feeling well and I hope you have many more days with us my friend you're my favorite news broadcaster ever God bless you my friend and thank you for the many many years of service and very good reporting you should be in the Hall of Fame and there's no doubt about that I'm not being stupid like if there's a hall of fame for news reporters you're definitely in it

  21. I can guarantee you the majority of America is so bored and disinterested with his impeachment… it's blaring so obvious it's all partisan driven… No One Believes you NBC! Find some news stories

  22. Why does Trump like trashing his own life? He enjoys ridiculousness. He's not well. If he wasn't born rich, he would have been a zero.

  23. Alabama are leftover Jethro Clampetts. Of course they love the Rump. To much moonshine. Biden Jr. is not under investigation. The Criminal in chief is!

  24. Poor trump finally found a venue where it everyone was booing. It amazes me after all the Jokes he makes about Dumb Southerners. The way they talk Mocking them. He had Disparaged University Of Alabama School Of Law, where Jeff Sessions went to school saying that was the reason he was so Dumb because he went to a substandard University

  25. I’ll never watch any Alabama sports event again. The gender reveal death likely was for a family of Trumpers. Karma got’m back!

  26. How can you say (9 min) that the mother that was killed tried to show she wasn't a threat to the killers when there weren't any witnesses?

  27. 15:49 what if they just hide the likes/ dislikes period …. from the person uploading and the viewer? I would think people would lose interest at some point and stop posting for the comments and likes

  28. We need to carry on with the Epstein trial as if he was alive.

    It would be a first.
    Cant be double jeopardy but if a crime can be proven, the pyramid of criminals would be tried.

    Think of ALL THE CHILDREN.

    Start it now, half the country goes into protective custody..

    Epstein trial. #EPSTEINTTRIAL

  29. 😊👋👋👋👋👋👍👍🌎🌎🌎🙋🙋🙌🙌👨👨👴👴👴👦👦👱👱👧👧🌹🌹🌹👫👫👫👭👭👬👬👬😮😮☺👮👮🚓🚓🚔🚔👍😊😊👏👏👏👋👋👋🌎

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