One-minute PumaPay News – 22/02/2019

my name is Christina gudeg Yuval and I’m back with another pima pace 60-second updates we announced this week that the prototype for the Puma Pei business console and pima paid pride has been released with onboarding to commence in March with an intuitive user-friendly interface the business console is a one-stop shop for merchants to register set up the billing models and start accepting p.m. a puma pay pride is a directory of businesses that can accept PMA tokens merchants can promote themselves to customers and customers will be able to find all merchants accepting PMA creating the ultimate crypto shopping destination Visa and MasterCard announced this week that they are preparing to increase fees for US businesses for processing transactions this April Puma pays crypto billing solution aims to allow businesses to accept crypto payments efficiently and with very limited charges the potential that blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies hold for the payment industry is much greater than we had ever imagined to keep up to date with all things prima paint follow us on telegram Facebook and Twitter

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