PreamCards News 3 – Die Langenfeld Sport Cards Convention 2019 – LSCC 16 German Trading Cards Show

Hello and Welcome to our 3rd Part of Pream Cards News! Today we are Talking About the LSCC our official recap Once a Year the Steakhouse Passage Stube in Langenfeld (Germany) His Door for Collectors all over the World We visited for the 1st time this Event to give you a Closer look We arrived on Friday the 1st. of November and gathered in Front of the Hotel Berliner Platz Thats one Hotel of the legendary Kiki the Hoster of the Event the first Collectors were already there We already saw stunning Cards from SwissKobe Collector f.e. Greetings to Him and waited on Kiki to arrive More and more Cards came out bout 20 Minutes the Elevator Door opend and I turned around and looked up high and saw Kiki – i was scared at first we only knew him from Pics and Videos and thought he´s a normal Guy But he is so Tall I was really scared first but he gave me one of his famous Free Hugs & that was the perfect beginning for a great Weekend to come After we met with the Legend we were shown our Room. Had a few Seconds their packed our Cards and went back this was the time to see who is behind the Nicknames on Instagram, YouTube and i got to admit they are all really nice We met SliZZero1 for the 1st time and his wonderfull Girlfriend (he started Collecting cause of the Channel) And acted like a Pro But this wasnt relevant as some People claiming they where already Breaking Boxes somewhere after that the masses left like in case of emergency I guess we are not allowed to Show you Videos of this but we do it anyway their´s the Clip “Hi there!” David NBA32 and Budapest_Sports_cards some nice Boxes over here what that smells like? 😀 On that Night Trades and Card Talks went on till 4 o´Clock in the morning we left half past one because the Show supposed to start on 10.00 on Saturday The Location (Steak House Passage Stube – i can repeat that one more time) was expanded this Year I would love to tell you but but see for yourself You´ll get Beer over here And Cards! Panini Germany was there too! The “Don” one of the best Collectors here in Germany check him out gotta see this – no joke Good Guy Break? No break ;D that how it goes Oh Giannis Giannis, Giannis i Need some Scoring Kings, Noir Kyrie, Shaq Auto nice “Lulu´s” what you About to see is a highly demanded Auto an 8,5 BGS Jordan Fleer RC the real… and thats .. thats all MJ Auto´s Talking in da backround some might know him ;D Shutout to Nick! Crazy very dark Messi hope you can see so now lets start kobe and kareem logo and autograph limited to 25 – best of the best Jordan Chronology Silver Autio last ten were signed in silver so this should be 1 of 10 their is also a Gradet one ist so Hot you cant imagine She was getting interviewed (SEAN TV) In the End was legendary Kiki with his legendary Cards next to Him ChrisSchwarz with his ALL Pro Dennis Schroeder Cards and Dave (the Maniac from NSCC) with his beautifull Card Collection. I really hope some Cards will be mine some Day The 2 Towers Are Kiki and Ivan, Ivan is a World famous Artist the woorks with Marker ( ArtisBullShit ) Art goes from NBA, to Musicans and DIsney very wonderfull Pictures and every Picture is a 1 of 1 About Kiki, what can you say About Kiki and what type of Collector is he? Kiki isnt just the two times Beckett Supercollector and Role Model for many he also has a big heart and takes a Minute for everybody but their isnt just him and Ivan their is the whole family Our Secret Tipp of the LSCC Maki we used to know him as a funny Guy and just a sweetheart but also the Father used to rip some boxes and we have the Video thats Madness over here big moment 9,5 Marvin Bagley Encased Rookie nice – he is good Bagley? Good! Nice Tradition isnt it? Now a few Highlights Panini Germany was the first time attending and had new Boxes with them and Kiki had 9 SMP Self Made Packs and i was asked to choose numbers that was very funny and a Special Tipp when your there you Need to try the kitchen super polite People and the Balkan Food is just fantastic. The Main Event was over around 6 o´click but after that it wsnt finished we went to the Trading Room like the Day before at the Hotel The Trades gave me some nice New Kyrie Cards like that NT Dual Patch Auto to /15 would have been a 3 Colour Patch if the Cavs had 3 Colours Golden Standart On Card So Nice A Kaboom also Thanks a lot for this beatifull and many more nice Kyre Cards but lets continue the 3rd Day – the depature for us it was Pretty quick over (indeed) we went Home but These Guys still trading i guess and what Kind of Cards you cant imagine but for us it was over and it was a blast and great Event My Review of the LSCC Event I gotta admit i was scared first i wasnt too deep into collecting at that Point and feared how People would react to a Girl collector and really couldnt understand how People can invest so much Money in Trading Cards But now… i look totally diffrent at it – even as a women and beeing blonde and many People assume “Not beeing the smartest” People very absolute polite and respectfull i was able to make nice trades the People their were all super friendly and open minded and i would go back their any Year again because of Kiki but their are so many more that makes you feel comfortable and after all, if i had the money i would spend 5,6 Mio Dollar on a Babe Ruth Jersey 😀 I gotta admit but that it from me some of you wanna know whats Mo has to say About the LSCC cause he´s got a diffrent view so have Fun Honey Wassup Fellows here is your Bro the Mo your still watching PreamCards My Review is quit the same it was unforgettable to meet all the Collectors was crazy cool makes it impossible to Name them all David, Budapestcards, sportscardseurope, Kai Hotbox, Pierre Kleiber Colectibles Basti Bohne very important FanartikelwetCom My Mna Helge 41 Cards, Chrisschwarz Daviddepes the Maniac very cool people u gotta see thm on instagram The only thing that I critisize is the average age i would like to lower that but I´m optimistic we will reach that next year Don Daniele for example shares the same opinion about Don i got something for you Here is Don Daniele King Collector from Instagram I welcome you to our Hobby i heard some of you started to collect I like that the passion to break, hang with the Boys talk, trade thats what is all about PreamCards thanks for having me and thanks for the 1st Deal on the LSCC see this nice one with Mo from PreamCards Thanks a lot But i got some Special for you no matter if 1 Dollar or 2 Dollar i collect eveything from Lebron dosent matter but here is something special for you … Lebron Logoman on of the sweetest designs ever Championship Year as Lebron won the Titel with the Cavs If you love “The Hobby” as I do share this passion than dont miss PreamCards i just can recommand 1st time i saw it i became a Fan instant they help the Hobby Watch it! It helps if young old, new and Maybe we see each other at the next LSCC or in Atlantic City 2020 in the USA the World biggest Cardshow Thanks a lot Don! Super Nice i hope that was enough to get u interested in our Hobby that we share Take a look, Follow this Channel (and Cardboard Chronicle btw. if you havent yet) Remember one Thing You can Buy the Biggest Cards, but not the respect of the Collectors take it slow, it will grow with the time you will profitate a lot If you follow the Sport and undestand the Hobby Did we already start? Yes We got 50 Follower i just wanted to say Collector No 50 Follower and that why we offer some gifts the Question is already answeared in our Clip what the Secret Tipp for the LSCC?? If you can answear that in the Commentarys your eligible Hope to see you there next time at LSCC 17 i i bring some cookies – got that from Kiki and for all that wanna know next German Card Show is in March 2020 Thats it for you international viewers please understand this takes a lot of time. For the Love of THE HOBBY Take Care Your Mo and Pream from PreamCards THX!

11 thoughts on “PreamCards News 3 – Die Langenfeld Sport Cards Convention 2019 – LSCC 16 German Trading Cards Show

  1. Sehr schönes und interessantes Video. Die Lösung ist Maki und der Vater von Kiki, der jedes Jahr eine Box breakt. Und noch eine Frage, gab es auch etwas an Fußball oder eher weniger?

  2. Schöner Rückblick, es war mir ein Fest euch alle kennenzulernen. Danke euch für die ganzen Tipps und Tricks, liebe Grüße. Danke an Kiki und seine Crew für das unvergessliche Event. Mir brennt es schon unter den Fingernägel, auf zur nächsten Show 🏀👍🎉😅
    Antwort: Makiii

  3. Mega Video und Danke für die Grüsse und natürlich auf diesem Weg auch welche zurück.
    Geheimtipp ist der gute MAKI und die Tradition bei welchem der Vater von der Beslic Familie immer eine Box breakt and der LSCC.
    Liebe grüsse aus der Schweiz

  4. Dank Roberto hier gelandet. Dank Euch dann auf der LSCC gewesen. Und einige Euro vor Ort gelassen. Sprewell und Eddie Jones. Old School.
    PS: Maki ist der Geheimtipp.

  5. Interestes video… Mach doch mal ein video wie man mit sowas anfangen einsteigen kann… Ich kauf mit einfach Boxen oder wie geht das damit anzufangen

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