President Donald Trump Warns Crowd ‘No Choice But To Vote For Me’ At Rally | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “President Donald Trump Warns Crowd ‘No Choice But To Vote For Me’ At Rally | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Maybe if trump worked on issues important to people health care infrastructire gun violence education and more but no he is more concerned about keeping himself out of jail right great president people open your eyes save your country before he continues to destroy it

  2. Putin the real boss of the USA

    runs trump out of syria
    from fighting with iran
    bully US out of china sea ramming US ships fireing and takeing down US planes

    has trump fighting with EU and UK now US can't even get backup with iran
    has USA fighting with everyone in the world

    nato USA hateing one and other

    trump has been putins wet dream
    i would love to know what he holds over him
    or is it just all about the money

  3. There is no choice except to vote for Trump…The next democrat that gets in the White House, is going to destroy the country completely. We've seen what the democrat plan is…its open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens, and the abolition of ICE. No, Thanks!!!!!

  4. My president. Wait until they find out what we call shooting stars truly are. What a treat they're in store for!

  5. Next he'll say, "vote for me, or die!" Or is that what he just said? There's the line in tje sand. Someone wants to be a dictator. And why isn't he not being dealt with?

  6. Trump is correct about New Hampshire being drug infested and voter fraud is rampant and James ought to know this because we’ve got dozens of people. But I still think Trump is lying every day to your face that he’s the worst president ever had. Cory I worked with. BOOOOOOOO!

  7. There was a Crooked Man…
    tRump is a crooked President who has an abusive style
    His crooked thought detaining immigrants who walked so many miles
    He brought his crooked family from Mar-a-lago & his spouse
    and his crooked administration all worked from the White House

  8. Democrats make it too easy to vote for Trump look what the Democrats are trying to do to the country, the exact same thing that they have done to all our cities destroyed them

  9. When Trump called out his supporter to go home and loose some weight, the guy should have responded "join me fat man!"

  10. It's just another diversion so Americans don't see the true facts:
    1) The deficit has gone up 6.2 trillion dollars under trump.
    2) The tariffs are bankrupting Americans – the Chinese don't pay for the tariffs.
    3) There is no healthcare plan for Americans & Healthcare cost are up over 30%.
    4) The immigration problem is worse then it ever has been.
    5) Iran was compliant and we had a deal in place, Iran is building nukes now100% because trumps bad decision.
    6) North Korea has nukes and are refining their ballistic missiles.
    7) THE ECONOMY IS GROWING at 3% (2.1% last month) Exactly where Obama left off, NOT BETTER.
    8) Our Allies laugh at trump and don't trust him.
    9) Committing thousands of counts of child abuse by separating children from their parents FOREVER.

  11. He doesn't have to plan for anything bc he can get up on stage and literally drop a Duce and they will eat it up. Just nasty people..

  12. there was not any reason for President Trump to state the obvious that he is the only person qualified either morally or experinceally to be the POTUS .all the others are wicked inept bungling fools. Utter embarassments to the dem Party. Looks real bad for us,Tulsie maybe Remind me again, why do we hate Pres. Trump?

  13. “NO CHOICE???”


    (KARMA is right behind her standing in the line!!!!)

  14. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican; I am a privileged, white, Christian male Marine Veteran (66-69), who was stationed at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, while having a TOP SECRET CLEARANCE as an ELECTRONICS SURVEILLANCE OPERATOR. We are the front line of America's NATIONAL DEFENSE. Our predecessors broke the Japanese Code prior to Pearl Harbor. Two of our fellow Marines were killed aboard the U.S.S. LIBERTY when it was attacked by Israel; they were from our Battalion. Just outside of Raleigh, we observed a 50' billboard which read, "HELP STOP COMMUNISM AND INTEGRATION THIS IS KKK COUNTRY." The locals obviously were not offended by that sign so it is apparent they shared their sentiments. President Bone Spurs, recently was spewing his racist hate fifty-years later, igniting the local North Carolina racists to reveal that nothing has changed in 50-years. Trump called them "INCREDIBLE PATRIOTS," when in reality and CONSTITUTIONALLY, RACISTS are "DOMESTIC ENEMIES" that all Veterans took an oath to lay down our lives to protect against. Furthermore, the only "INCREDIBLE PATRIOTS" are VETERANS; everybody else freeloads on our shirttails the FREEDOM that we secured. The only change that appears to have occurred in North Carolina is they dropped their concern regarding COMMUNISM, because they are sure silent when it comes to TRUMP cozying up to PUTIN. The racial hatred still appears to be their main focus. I wonder if the sign is bigger today? A fellow Marine and I could not hitchhike across the "BIBLEBELT SOUTH" in our uniforms, because we would have been murdered; him for being my black brother, and me a CHRISTIAN, would have accused of being a "nig…-lover." Their racial hatred revealing their hypocrisy in regards to being Bible Believers, along with being DOMESTIC ENEMIES of the CONSTITUTION demonstrates their lack of character and Patriotism. Even the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE exposes them on both topics (their lack of Christianity and their undermining of the pillars this Country was founded upon: "WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF-EVIDENT, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN INALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE: LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS."

    President Racist also spewed his hatred at black athletes for kneeling during the playing of "THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER," all under the guise of PATRIOTISM, which included the non-veteran billionaire owners of the Professional Football Teams; and even NASCAR took offense of blacks objecting to racial injustice and inequality granted by the CONSTITUTION and their CREATOR. By Trump objecting to their right to peacefully protest, he is one "click" away from also violating "RELIGIOUS LIBERTY." Jehovah Witnesses do not stand during "The Star Spangled Banner," nor do they "Pledge Allegiance to The Flag." My fellow Veterans of Color do not enjoy or experience the same freedoms privileged whites take for granted. So, until they do, I will take a knee with them.

    Comey stated, "Trump eats your soul, one lie at a time, by your silence." Dr. King basically echoed those same sentiments in his "LETTER FROM A BIRMINGHAM JAIL." Criticizing the white moderate preachers' silence; and stating he considered them more dangerous than the KKK. Once again, 50-years later where are the EVANGELICALS? They silently allow Trump to eat their morality one SIN at a time. They say nothing about his LOCKERROOM TALK" it is SIN. SILENT, when he admits he is a sexual predator on the BUSH TAPES, still a SIN. SILENT in regards to ADULTERY (Daniels &The Bunny), still a SIN! His associating with CONVICTED PEDOPHILES (JEFFREY EPSTEIN & GEORGE NADER), and not to save their souls, SIN. His racist hate is also, SIN! His pathological lying, a SIN!

    A noose in a tree, and a burning Cross,
    Sheets of white and hate raids at night,
    Then sittin' in Church come Sunday mornin' light.
    In Denial that it's all right,
    Singing "This is God's Country."
    But, Can't fool Jesus, Judgment Day is Coming!
    The Five Foolish Virgins have no oil.
    Told to leave, "You workers of Iniquity. Jesus never knew you." With your shouts of "Send them Back!" [echo, Crucify Him!]

    One final comparison: The Narcissistic Anarchistic Trump vs. Corporal Desmond Doss [Army Medic]
    One corruptly rich and the other Spiritually Rich
    One faked bone Spurs while the other went to war armed only with his Bible and Love in his heart.
    One a racist, the other a Christian Agapeist
    One without Fruit, the other a bumper crop of Spiritual Fruit
    One claims he would have made a great general; the other wearing The Congressional Medal of Honor.
    One claims to be the greatest President, the other died a humble farmer.
    "Easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

    I have 35-years of prison ministry experience (non grata); instilling a moral compass, where there wasn't one. Trump needs me, a lot!

    K A J U.S.M.C.

    "The greatest want of the world is the want of men—men who will not be bought or sold, men who in their inmost souls are true and honest, men who do not fear to call sin by its right name, men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall." – {Education, p. 57.3}

  15. Artificially low interest rates are not the solution; they are the problem. They gave Europe a debt crisis, and America a sub-prime mortgage crisis. And the response was to move interest rates lower. What will the next crisis look like?

  16. They will vote him out of office,and then he can face charges as a liar that lies every day,and is as stupid as his crazy supporters,that love a liar and Donny was a close friend of Epstein for years,c

  17. Sorry trump you didnt get rid of entitlements so you dont get my vote tired of seeing fat women in yoga pants buying ben and Jerry's ice cream with their food stamp card then walking out to their brand new suv vehicle voting yang the rest of the dems are garbage accept gabbard

  18. It would be a nice variety of subterfuge for Trump’s economic advisers to deliberately feed him extravagantly upbeat misinformation about the economy specifically to let him blunder and tank the economy, so that he would lose the re-election.

  19. He uses fear mongering. And his minions eat it up. They need to just impeach him. He's not a president. He's a golfer who does shows to boost his ego.

  20. Choice is the foundation of democracy, I'll vote how I please… and Democrat or Republican, it will not be for Donald Trump

  21. What a sad little man, can't even be told bad news and needs to be lied to support this lies. Can't believe their are people that still look at this thing as a strong leader when all he does is prove he has no idea what he is doing. If you can't take any type of criticism or admit when things are going bad, how will you ever fix them? Pathetic.

  22. Much as I dislike the orange Cheeto don't count him out don't sleep is too many ignorant stupid people out there that like what he's doing and that's nothing 😡😈💔

  23. He's into senile dementia mode, he reiterates when he speaks, he doesn't seem to realize he's doing it. This MADMAN is a mental case. I find his rallies absolutely laughable. Maybe he should be comedian😲then again, this guy doesn't have a humorous bone apart from his bonespurs in his teletubby body. He's living in his teletubby la la land it's ridiculous.😁

  24. Supporters? Trump Paid Actors $50 to Cheer for Him…PATHETIC.


    The agency, Extra Mile Casting, was hired to send emails to background actors saying, “We are looking to cast people for the event to wear T-shirts, wearing red MAGA hats and carry signs to help cheer him ih his rallies on 16 June 2015, to fill the crowd.

    June 20 2019 -Trump Campaign Offered Actors $50 and Extras To Cheer for Him at his 2020 Campaign Launches !

    Donald Trump hired background actors and extras for $50 to fill Orlando’s Amway Center, Florida to capacity while launching his 2020 Presidential campaign !!

  25. Notice no mention of accomplishments, successes, nor achievements. Inly fear mongering. Every other incumbent cites his.her record. No mention of that here bc there was none! Let this nightmare end and we can start reparations. To our various systems, economy, reputation, dignity! And let US never forget!

  26. Oh, come on. What about the anecdote about the Mexican guy who voted wearing no hat, went to the back of the line wearing a sombrero, then around again with a baseball cap and finally wearing a cowboy hat. He voted four times! Not fair!


  28. Trump is President, today and the markets are falling with him as President. The market can and will only get better with Trump out of the White House. He started the bad market and probably did so because he can make money off of it.

  29. So, what else is new. It's a textbook play by the Republican party. Every time a Republican president has to step down from office. The economy tanks, and guess who they blame. Democrats how typical. They've done it before and it will happen again.

  30. No trump. Your stupidity, corruption, hateful rhetoric and disrespect of our democracy… just to name a few. Has given us " no choice" but to vote AGAINST YOU! No American with morals would choose otherwise. Our democracy is everything. Unity not devision.

  31. What President Trump meant was that there are really no candidates who can do a better job at fixing the economy and they know it..!

  32. Though trumpass was president of the u s. Seems like he is only president of the right wing, religious nut bags

  33. He is using fear tactics to convince voters because he is unable to run a campaign based on policy and merit. Further evidence of his his incompetence for the job he currently holds.


  35. what lunatic .. the orange lying cheating sexually assaulting conman aka comrade spanky bonespurs is becoming more and more ridiculous .. oh by the way I think that Kudlow was drunk on that one tv interview .. omg .. what a bunch of losers

  36. So, before Lyin’ Trump my 401k had steady CONSISTENT gains. Now, with this lying moron’s volatility the market acts in kind and my 401k stagnates or LOSES money months at a time. He claims that it will be worse without him? I’ll take the risk .

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