100 thoughts on “Purdue writing guide says avoid use of words with ‘man’

  1. I want my language to offend thank you very much. 🙂 If people are offended by my speech, its not my fault or problem. It is their problem, grow thicker skin.

  2. They brought her on again? This is obviously just easy entertainment for them and to make them look good with this easy debate

  3. She is totally unmoved by what she is saying — which means she either has great self-control in disagreements . . . or, more likely, she doesn't at all believe what she is saying. There is a sort of mocking edge to her voice which I interperet as disdain for those that she is required to represent. My point is . . . she doesn't care about what she is saying. She's not emotionally attached. Therefore, she doesn't believe it. Maybe. And hopefully.

  4. There are options for Mail man. How bout Mail woman or Mail carrier. Jesus people use your brains. Im sick of people tellimg me what to say. I won't ever submit!! This woman is nuts. Can you imagine being her husband or BF?? Absolute crazy !

  5. I am a white woman who is thoroughly embarrassed to share a race an gender with this fruitcake, bless her heart. Does she have nothing better to do than sit around and try to figure out why the rest of us poor slobs are not as privileged as she is.

  6. Ok she thinks Goldman Sachs is a place to go shopping. Please please Cathy give me your pushers contact info. Honestly this woman needs a man in her life.

  7. Was this meant to be an attempt at comedy? or is it for real? I honestly could not tell … that was 5 minutes i will never have back.. bummer.

  8. She legitimately has a troll face, it's like she stepped out of an internet meme. She's obviously popular to even be allowed on this platform, clearly indicating her following is literally the crazy middle aged feminists of America.

  9. These women need to listen to It's a Mans World by James Brown.If they need to hear it sung by a woman try Courtney Hadwin or Angeina Jordan.

  10. Not sure I find it offensive or have noticed anyone else finding it offensive but I have occasionally opted for a different word because it instinctively felt inappropriate in the context.

  11. I am so sick of people's rights being taken away by other people. You can;t say that it offends me, you can;t wear that cause it offends me, you can't look that way cause it offends me, you can;t eat that because it offends me, you can't read that because it offends me and on and on and on. Who the hell do they think they are that they can take away rights from anyone….. this is AMERICA !!! If you don't like something you see, turn your head, if you don't like something you hear, walk away, if you against eating meat then don't eat meat. Stop trying to make only certain peoples feelings on things the new norm and stop telling me how I as an American can live. You flippin whack-a-doodles !!!!!

  12. You guys are really that dim? You think shes literally that stupid and crazy? Shes playing a role, shes an actress. Dont be so guillible

  13. At this point I think this woman is just trolling, working for Tucker pretending to be the crazy feminist in every issue that arises.

  14. Can editing which words are deemed appropriate and which are not actually affect the quality of writing? Can natural and spontaneous writing exclude traditional usages and be effective? I don't think so. I believe political correctness can produce a staid and lifeless language full of cliches, platitudes and mentored truths. Is that what we want from our writers and thinkers? Conformity to a model or set of linguistic protocols? Important ideas need to be free of the straitjacket if they are to convey fully what they are intended to mean. Who knows better what these meanings are than the writers themselves. The Purdue protocol seems to possess a singular bias against most things man or male. Why? Toxic masculinity is an unproven assumption, not proof of the reality itself.

  15. I just want to meet the people who are offended by the word "MAN" and hug them, comfort them that everything will be alright. I will even pay for their psychotherapy.

  16. LOL this must be the comedy portion of the show, she doesn't even look like SHE believes the fairy tale coming out of her pie hole.

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