Queen •• Rock The World [BBC 2017]

In the summer of 2017, Queen embarked
on a sell-out tour of North America. It followed in the footsteps of their
breakthrough tour from 40 years before revisiting many of the
same cities and once again performing songs that are now
amongst the biggest in rock history. # We will, we
will rock you… # You know, it’s
incredible. About 40 years ago, four
precocious boys came from England to see what we could do in this
beautiful country of yours. We were here in 1977, maybe
some of you were too, right? You
remember? Back in 1977, as a young
BBC music presenter I was asked to make a film about the
band as they recorded and toured their sixth album
News Of The World. Bob and Freddie
take seven. That film was
never put together but now to mark the album’s 40th
anniversary we’ve uncovered and restored
this long-lost footage. I’ll have to sing
it, go on, and again. The News Of The World tour was
to be Queen’s most ambitious yet playing 26 concerts across North
America in just six weeks. I was wondering, what targets
do you have left to achieve? Number one album
in America. We were given unprecedented
behind-the-scenes access. Oh, you’ve caught
me in a good mood! I’d watched the band grow
over the previous few years topping the UK charts and
playing every conceivable venue. They rocked Britain, but
could they rock the world? # We will, we
will rock you… # _Uploaded by_
• ARk1T3CH • By 1977, Queen were a successful
headliner act with a loyal fan base. MUSIC: Somebody
To Love Their two most recent albums were a tour
de force of multi-part harmonies and technical
complexity which required unprecedented
recording time in the studio. # But I just can’t
get no relief # Lord
somebody # Somebody # Can anybody
find me…? # Despite achieving
a number of hits they were battling an
increasingly hostile press. And dealing with the music scene that
was being altered by the arrival of punk. The whole punk movement was
said to be a reaction against people like us, you know, who had
raised their art to a high point. I thought when we went into
News Of The World, you know we couldn’t reinvent
ourselves as a punk band. But we wanted it
a little bit more simple because we thought maybe
these really grandiose things weren’t really quite
what was happening then and to be more of
the time, I guess. We made a more
straightforward record. It was just that we had gone as far
as we possibly could into this sort of baroque, complex, incredibly
elaborate arrangements stuff, and we
thought, well, it would be fun to go back to
the way we used to play when we first started. Which would be
quite simple, guitar, bass and drums and
vocals as well. I really like
News Of The World. It’s one of my
favourites, I think. And of course, it had
two monster singles on it We Will Rock You and
We Are The Champions. We always thought
of them as a pair. We Will Rock You and
We Are The Champions had a very sort of
definite genesis. We played this great hall in
the Midlands, and it was packed it was heaving. You know
those gigs that you love. It’s all
sweaty and hot. The atmosphere is great.
Everybody’s in it. Everybody’s jumping up
and down, making a noise. And what they were
doing was singing along. They didn’t stop. They sang
every note of every song. And when we went offstage, they
sang You’ll Never Walk Alone to us. Now, in those days, it was
really new, I have to tell you. You just didn’t go to concerts
where people sang to rock bands. So we went home that night
thinking, “What do we do here? “What does this mean? What
does this mean for our future?” Obviously the audience is as big
a part of the show as we are now. So let’s
embrace it. What can an audience do?
What could you ask them to do? They’re all crammed in there
they can’t do much, you know but they can stamp their feet and they
can clap their hands and they can sing. And they would be leading
the song rather than the singer. So I woke up with We
Will Rock You in my head. MUSIC: We
Will Rock You I sang the song to
Freddie and he went, “Yeah. “It’s going to work.” He twigged
that it was a kind of rallying song. # Buddy
you’re a boy # Make a big noise
playing in the street # Gonna be a
big man someday # You got mud
on your face # You big
disgrace # Kickin’ your can all over the
place # Singin’ we
will, we will… # In my head, it was a song
of the three Ages of Man. The first age is the boy who
thinks he can change the world. The second stage is the man who
thinks he is changing the world. # Buddy, you’re a young man
hard man shouting in the street # Gonna take on
the world someday # You got blood
on your face # A big
disgrace # Waving your banner
all over the place… # And the third stage is the old man
coming to terms with the fact that there’s only a certain
amount he can do. It’s like the serenity prayer, you
know, change what you can change but get used to it that you
can’t achieve everything. # Buddy, you’re
an old man # Poor man pleadin’
with your eyes # Gonna make you
some peace someday # You got mud
on your face # Big
disgrace # Somebody better put
you back into your place # We will, we
will rock you… # Sing
it! So I came up with
We Will Rock You and Freddie came up with
We Are The Champions. Do you enjoy record
production, Fred? Do you enjoy working
in the studio? Erm, yes. You can get
sick of it, though. Especially
now. We’ve decided
that on our albums we wouldn’t spend as much
time as we’ve done in the past. Because I just
think that especially with
News Of The World I think we actually did decide before we went
in that it was going to be a short album. As far as Queen
standards are concerned. So that was like two
months instead of four. We had something like a week and a half to
two weeks to actually write all the material. And it was nice. We didn’t fall into
this thing of it being over-ripe before we actually
recorded it. A Day At The Races
we spent five or six months in the studio
and very long hours. So, just physically, you couldn’t
be in the studio all the time. News Of The World leads
back to a more spontaneous kind of creation
of an album. Because of the nature of
the way that we did it we were all in the studio at the
same time for an amount of the time. And it was more of a group thing
than perhaps A Day At The Races was. It was easy, because
it was so simple. After what we’d been doing, learning
the stuff on News Of The World it was almost de rigueur to do it
quick because you didn’t want to mess around with it too much. You
didn’t want to polish it too much you wanted to keep
the rawness there. MUSIC: We Are
The Champions # We are
the champions # No time for
losers… # Especially a group in
our stage of career can fall into the trap where we can
have as much time as we want in the studio. And you can
just go and say, “Look “I’d like to try
another area of this.” But now I think it’s up to us
to decide, from the very onset that this is the decision, this
is what we’re going to arrive at before we got there. And we were
going to say, “OK, this is it.” And I feel
I did that. I mean, OK, I could forever go around saying
that I could have done, say, We Are The Champions a bit better. But I think I quite
actually liked saying, “Look “I’ve made my sort
of decision now. “And we’re going to stick to it.”
And it’s worked out pretty well. That was a lovely feel.
That’s exactly how it should be. Can I have another cup of coffee?
Sorry. Sounding quite nice. OK, cup of coffee coming
anybody else want anything? Yes, please
I’ll have a cup. I’ll have a cup with
one sugar, please. Right, that’s three coffees
with one sugar, one of them. One and three-sevenths
sugars, please. Three
sugars? No, one and three-
sevenths. Seven sugars? One and three
sevenths! Is this
on? Test, test. Knock
knock. Hello? Think we got a hundred…
That’s better. How does the studio
situation work, Freddie? You mean, amongst
us? Yes. Between us? Yeah.
If I write a song and I sort of take it upon myself
from the actual writing stages to the rehearsing, to the
routining, and to the recording as being my project, so
I sort of handle that. With my kind of songs, I seem
I sort of, more or less have everything
rehearsed. I mean, everything
sort of written out. # I’ve taken
my bows # And my curtain
calls… # It’s still
repeating. # You brought me
fame and fortune # And everything that
goes with it… # I want it on a pan.
What, the echo, yeah? So that I can…
Yeah, yeah. It will be. He had a vision
and he was very driven and he was very
good on the desk, you know? And very good moving the faders, balancing
the harmonies and getting the things to do what he wanted. But then we would
pitch in with each other’s songs and then sometimes we’d all
get together to mix it. When did you begin to get to a
stage where you felt, between you that you could take over the
desk yourselves completely? It comes to a stage where all you
really need is an engineer, really because the idea of balancing
sounds you want, you know, it’s… An artist or musician should really
know what they want, you know? And the only person needed to
implement that is an engineer really, in a way. And when
you’re doing a mix, you know and you’re mixing down
the track from the tapes. I mean, it’s
setting it up. And then we actually sit down and
work the controls as well, you know… Yeah. Can you remember which
vocals, which solos we used? Well, if I hear
then I’ll know. Because here, we’ve got three
tracks, four tracks of vocals. One with a solo guitar and
then that’s got “end bit solo”. Well, listen to them, darling
that’s the only way we can do it. That’s your writing, isn’t it
that one? No, it’s all, it’s all… ..Mike’s. What are you doing now? I’m just
going to get a rough balance, OK? OK. There must be
more than this. Must be more what? Oh
that’s the one, I think. There are
two guitars. Yeah. But there’s
two guitars. One crosses
over. Right… Do you remember?
Yes, I remember. That one is… Go back to the
other place and we’ll find out. Just the last chorus of the
note? See if you could use… Do you want to do a guitar or
something? I suppose we could. It would sound
different. Do you want to do a guitar
bit in there, squeeze it in? Work out your guitar
so you can mix… Roger, do you want to
come in here and just do… The kit?
Yeah. More bass
please. Erm… Back
to cylinders. What do you think for sounds? I
mean, I think we should just… Yeah, it sounds
all right to me. He’s only done drum
sounds at the moment. That’s right. Oh, that’s
why it sounds all right to me. Let’s open a
bottle of wine. Yes, where is
the screwdriver? Congratulations, you’re number one
on the Hit Line at the moment. How’s that
for loyalty? I think it’s great. It’s a
very good instant reaction to what we
put out. And only Queen could come up with
the title, We Are The Champions. I mean, where’s
the modesty gone? Well, there isn’t any.
There’s no modesty whatsoever. After the slaggings off that we get from
the English music press, well, who cares? So we’ve got
nothing to lose now. Because pulling We Are The
Champions, off the new album that seems to me to have thoughts
and sentiments in it that you must’ve been wanting to
express for some time. Is that true? Oh, I’m
a cold, heartless bugger. No, it has
absolutely nothing. It’s just pure commercial
call it what you like. Can you go easy on the stage lights
because they’re so fucking hot? Oh, that’s a bit
better for now. It’s the most egotistical and
arrogant song I’ve ever written. Was
it? I was kind of quite shocked
because I thought, “Are we really “going to stand up and say we are the
champions as opposed to every other group “and every other person
on the face of this Earth?” You know, and he says, “Actually
that’s not what it is.” And he said rock and roll
is the only place where everybody has a feeling
of, like, being in a team but you’re not
fighting anybody. It’d work if you could dodge down
a bit lower even still. Oh, but… Then you can’t see, there’s
no way you’ll see the notes. There’s no way you will see them.
I can’t… It doesn’t work, huh? The only way is to put
a sheet over my head. Have you got a
black card, or…? Or just a bit of black drape
that we can put in front. Black drape?
Yeah. Basically, it is a
participation thing. I’ve been… I’m just
thinking in terms of how maybe we’re going to sort
of adapt it on stage and how people
are going to… It’s a
public… ..public/group
thing, really. Yeah. We’re going to be finishing off
filming for We Are The Champions which, of course, you know is the
new single from the band, yeah? I don’t know whether you’ve
heard it, first of all. Have you heard
it on the radio? I understand it’s number two on the
Hit Line on Capital Radio tonight… We’d like your involvement
if you would, towards the end because if you’ve got any banners
that you can wave towards the end… Hundreds, hundreds.
I knew it. Get those out, shout and
scream and sing with the band. # It’s been no
bed of roses # No pleasure
cruise # I consider it a challenge
before the whole human race # And I ain’t
gonna lose # And I mean to go on
and on and on and on # We are the
champions, my friends # And we’ll keep on
fighting till the end # We are
the champions # No time
for losers # Cos we are the
champions of the world # We are the
champions, my friends # And we’ll keep on
fighting till the end # Oh, we are
the champions # We are
the champions # No time
for losers # Cos we are
the champions… # I think Queen fans
will be surprised because it’s far more kind
of raw than any other album and also
shorter tracks. I’m glad you said raw, cos that was
exactly, really, what we wanted. OK, are you ready
to rock ‘n’ roll? Most of that album is
quite stripped down. There isn’t a Bohemian
Rhapsody on that album. It’s very powerful
it’s very raw. So, in a sense, we went a little bit
sort of punky ourselves, I suppose. You get involved in quite a lot
of music outside of the band and outside of the
band’s style, don’t you? I mean, I remember you talking
really in the very early days for example, about
The Sex Pistols. If you hear
something that’s… ..or hear of something that’s
exciting… There’s simply so few. # Well, you’re just 17 and
all you wanna do is disappear # You know what I mean – there’s
a lot of space between your ears # The way that
you touch… # Roger was much more aware
than the rest of us. He kept in touch with what
was going on around him. I remember him talking about
The Sex Pistols very early on and getting
excited about it. I thought, you know
“This is so fresh” and I thought we needed a little
bit of that kind of sensibility. Sheer Heart Attack
which is a song of Roger’s which he’d been trying to
get on an album at that time we thought, “Oh, it makes
sense in this context.” Something simple
and energetic. # Sheer heart
attack… # It was sort of written
a few years before and I thought, “This
fits perfectly “this really fits in with
what we’re trying to do now” so we put it on that album – and it became
a live staple. Murder to play on
stage, it’s so fast. # I feel so inar, inar
inar, inar inar, inar… # ..inar, inar, inar
inar inarticulate. # We were making this
album in north London and in another studio just
nearby was this young group called The
Sex Pistols. We were literally
next door for months. Sid Vicious
came in. Sid was a
moron, you know? He was
an idiot. Fred played him
a few things. He played him Sheer
Heart Attack, actually. I think he said, “It
sounds like The Cortinas.” And there was the
moment when Sid said “Are you bringing ballet
to the masses, then?” Fred just said, “Oh, Mr Ferocious
we’re trying our best, dear.” # Do you know, do you know
do you know just how I feel? # Do you know, do you know
do you know just how I feel? # Sheer
heart attack # Sheer
cardiac… # How are the rehearsals
going, Brian? Very well up to now, up to
the usual standard, I think. Which is usually slow up to
the last minute, and then panic. But it’s
going OK. How much time have you
put aside this time? We have a full week here in
Shepperton, where we are now. Um… Which is without the PA
but we have the monitors so our stage environment is
more or less as it will be and we have a mock-up of
how the lights will be… ..and then the stuff is
dismantled and goes to the States and we follow it
out a week later and then we have three or
four days with everything and with John working the
PA and everything. Mm. How much of News Of The World
are you going to do this time? News Of The World
will feature heavily. Partly because
it’s easy to do. Most of the stuff is fairly simple
in terms of instrumentation… ..and it was built around stuff
which is easy to do on stage which really is the first time we’ve
done that since the first album. So there’ll be
a lot of it. We’ve already been through five
or six numbers off the new album. It must be interesting
finding that exact balance between new material and
old material, too, Brian. Definitely
yes. Cos a lot of people come to see
a show for the familiar things… ..and always at the end of
any artist’s show, generally when he starts doing
the old stuff people respond in a
completely different way. Um… So you
have, as you say you have to
strike the balance between doing the things
which people want to hear and doing the things which you think
you ought to be introducing them to. Strangely enough, the things
that people notice most are the beginning
and the end. I think it starts getting too much.
It’s the start they’ve come to see. They want to see what
we’re going to do. This is a
new show. This is something…
What are we going to perform? I think it worked great as an
encore. I think we should do it but the whole thing with We
Will Rock You is stating that… Do you see what
I mean? Yeah. There’s no point saying
“We will rock you” after we’ve rocked them all night
long at the end of the show. We love designing these
sort of dramatic openings and particularly, the beginning
and the end of a show there’s a great opportunity
to do something special and We Will Rock You
I think, in my head was partly conceived
as an opener, anyway. I thought, “Wouldn’t
that be great “just to start off with this very
stark stamping and clapping? “It’ll be like the audience
is starting the show.” # We will, we
will rock you # We will, we
will rock you… # So Freddie would go out and do his
thing, all on his own, you know. Hero. # Buddy, you’re a
boy, make a big noise # Playin’ in the street
gonna be a big man someday # Mud on
your face # Big
disgrace # Kickin’ your can
all over the place # We will, we will
rock you Yes, sir # We will, we
will rock you # All
right # We will, we will
rock you Yes, sir # We will, we
will rock you… # And I would go out on the other
side, do the guitar solo, hero. But then it’s like
“What do we play now?” You know, when we get to the end
of the guitar solo, what happens? There’s this huge
kind of anticipation at the beginning
of a show. You’ve got to
be high energy you’ve got to fulfil
that kind of expectation and on the record, you go
into We Are The Champions but that wouldn’t
be right because We Are The Champions really
cries out to be the end of a show. So we thought, “What
do we do here?” And for some reason, I
thought, “Well, a fast version “of We Will Rock You would
be really interesting.” # Ooh
yeah… # And it was
very effective. It was just all very
simple, very high energy and the audience could kind of
bang their heads and get into it and feel that their energy
was being harnessed. # Buddy, you’re a
boy, make a big noise # Playin’ in the street
gonna be a big man someday # Got mud
on your face # Big
disgrace # Kickin’ your can
all over the place # We will, we
will rock you # Tonight # We will, we
will rock you # Buddy, you’re a
young man, hard man # Shoutin’ in the street
gonna take on the world someday # Got mud on
your face # Big
disgrace # Wavin’ your banner
all over the place # We will, we
will rock you # We will, we
will rock # Oh
yeah # We will, we
will rock you # We will, we
will rock # Buddy, you’re an
old man, poor man # Pleadin’ with your eyes
gonna get you some peace someday # Got mud on
your face # Big
disgrace # Somebody better put you
back into your place # We will, we
will rock you # We will, we
will rock you # Rock you, rock
you, rock you # We will, we
will rock… # America’s
great. You feel like America is the
centre of rock music, somehow. There’s a real family which
surrounds music in America. You go there and you feel
that you’re part of it. # You say you
love me… # America was regarded as sort
of the grail of the rock scene in those days
and, obviously when you sort of smell success
in America, you go for it. America was so geared
up for rock and roll much more so than any
place else at that time. It had an amazing, thriving
community which we plugged into and, in a sense, we
created our audience but in a sense
they created us. They’re a very formative
influence on us. And it was a riot
it was amazing. The energy that would be in those
American halls was outstanding. I think we grew up on those
American tours as a band and you start to think of
yourself as artists, in a sense. # It’s
late # But I’m bleeding
deep inside # It’s
late # Is it just
my sickly pride? # Too
late # Even now the feeling
seems to steal away # So
late # Though I’m crying
I can’t help but hear you say # It’s late, it’s late, it’s late # But not
too late # Mm
yeah # The way
you love me # Is the sweetest
love around # But after
all this time # The more
I’m trying # The more I seem
to let you down… # Are you going to make
sure that the whole… ..all the lights…
all these gaps are filled? You must aim for maximum effect
both aurally and visually. We’re just trying to put out the
music and the visual aspect as effectively as we can to
as many people as we can. We think it should be a real
event every time we play. People are paying money
to come and see you… As far as we’re concerned
we’re putting on a show. It’s not just another
rendition of an album. If that was the case, we
might as well just have sort of cardboard cut-outs
and just play the album. # It’s
late # But it’s driving
me so mad # It’s
late # Yes, I know but don’t
try to tell me that… # It’s
too late # Save our love, you
can’t turn out the lights # So
late # I’ve been wrong but
I’ll learn to be right # It’s late, it’s late
it’s late, it’s late, it’s late # It’s late
it’s late # It’s all
too late # Oh, let’s
do it # Right
on! # Mm, late
oh, late # Oh
yeah # Whoo! # I had to tell everyone to go home
cos he stayed standing there. I know! I didn’t
realise he was playing! Oh, blood, blood
sue the management! We are! I bled
as well. Shit! I haven’t got
that blood. Peter, sue the
management! Get off my
trousers. Fucking
get out! We did stay
pretty connected. Generally, we sort
of found a big place where we could
get ready together and we would kind of joke
around and talk about stuff. So we had a good kind of
camaraderie, which kept us alive. Arnold! Sorry…
Oh, my God… Oh, shit, I threw my
whistle away, actually. I bet you can’t
blow ’em like that. I hesitated, actually, I did
and I thought – I threw it. I thought, “I’ve thrown it
should I ask for it back?” I want
it back. You threw my best fucking pair
of maracas away the first day. Great-sounding
maracas! I mean, it took me
hours to steal them. Now they know I’m going
to throw those things… He just
goes… Actually, they were wonderful
I must say, I’m sorry. Now they know I’m going
to throw them in the audience they give me these
horrible things with about two peas
inside, you know? They just rattle
rattle, rattle. I feel such a
berk, going… Nothing happening.
So I just throw it away. Lovely colours
as well. Lovely colours, lovely
kitsch colours. Real height
of bad taste. Really? You could throw me
in the audience! Don’t give
him ideas. You don’t
rattle as good. Are you happy with the
response on the tour so far? Very much so
I think. Yes. See, I think it’s worth
pointing out, really that it’s the most successful
tour on the road right now. Isn’t it? If you
say so, it is. It
is. We wouldn’t want to keep abreast
of it, but, yes. Yes, it is. There’s a lot of competition
around. I mean, there is… How many groups on the
road? Well, I don’t know. Of the sort of halls we’re playing
no more than half a dozen. But people here are just
geared to going to… ..to actually seeing
so many rock concerts that, I mean, it’s kind of a
way of life, really, isn’t it? Particularly what
strikes me on this tour is how well put together the stage
is, how well designed it is and how well the
stage show works. Can you describe the opening and how
you got the idea for it, Freddie? How did I get the idea
for it? What do you mean how HE got the
idea for it?! I don’t know, usually
I just kind of… How did it start? Somebody
comes up with an idea and it’s immediately
rejected but it kind of sort of
seeps in after a while once it’s kind of thrown about. They
want to get a row on film, you see. Oh, they want to get a row
you should’ve been there yest… Well, you were there yesterday
but the cameras weren’t rolling. I’m playing what
I always play. I’m playing exactly what
is on the record, Fred. Did you slow down?
Oh, fuck slowing down. Did he slow down?
That’s hardly the point. Give us a bit more tea, and we
might try and join in with you. Well, you’re expecting
all of us to be perfect before you even attempt
to do anything. Oh, don’t be so
fucking ridiculous. Don’t take
it down. That’s
all right. It’s not coming
out on mine. I want to
hear it. I hear we split
up last week according to the
NME or something. Actually, we must
develop that. Just to
a point. How did that develop
those rumours? Oh
it’s… It’s
so… A lot of trivia, it’s
not even worth talking about. Was there any basis in fact
for that speculation at all? Not as far as
I know, really. Breaking up, when
we’re doing so well? Yeah. You must
be kidding. I think the most important thing is, for
a band – basically, it has to be good and it also has to
stick together, I think and know each
other backwards. You know, you’ve almost got to know
what the other person is thinking. A band has to
stick together until there’s no longer any
point in them sticking together if you see
what I mean. But mind you, when
it is all over and there’s not really much
coming out of it any more you’ve got to
quit then, I think. I’m sure we will
when that happens. Should we do
something out front? See if the fucking
monitor’s working. We did, in a sense, become a
little less cohesive, I suppose. But I think the great thing for us
was that we always did soundchecks. We did long
soundchecks every day and so much happened
in the soundchecks. We would talk to each other
look at each other, discuss things. We’d figure out what
was good about last night what wasn’t good
about last night and you know
“Let’s try this. “Let’s see if we can
get this song together” and try out things
and have a bit of fun. It’s a kind of
dedication, really but, boy
it pays off! So I think that saved us from
getting fragmented and disconnected. # Get your
party gown # Get your
pigtail down # Get your heart
beatin’, baby # Get your
timin’ right # Get your
act all tight # It’s gotta be tonight
my little schoolbabe # Momma says
you don’t # Daddy says
you won’t # And I’m boilin’
up inside # No way I’m gonna
lose out this time # Tie your
mother down # Lock your daddy
out of doors # I don’t need
him nosing around # Tie your
mother down # Tie your
mother down… # Just try and give me
a touch more vocal. One, two. One
two, one, two. # Sammy
was low # Just watching
the show # Over and
over again… # One, two
one, two. # Sammy
was low # Just watching
the show # Over and over again # Knew it
was time # He’d made
up his mind # To leave his
dead life behind # His boss
said to him # Boy, you’d
better begin # To get those crazy notions
right out of your head # Sammy, who do you
think that you are? # You should’ve been
sweeping up the Emerald Bar # Spread your
wings and fly away # Fly away
far away # Spread your little
wings and fly away… # If, individually
you went off I’m not talking about the
band break-up at all. Mm. Oh, no! If you made
individual solo albums… Yeah. Oh, I’d make
a lot of money! ..and I’ll ask you
individually this what sort of album
would you make? Rog?
No idea. I don’t know yet.
Haven’t done it yet. Er, a
good one. I’d like to make
it naked and raw. Fred? I really haven’t thought
in those terms, really. I mean, probably my solo album would
consist of me singing with Roger Brian and
John backing me! Most of the things that I want to
do, I would want to use the group, cos that’s partly – we sort
of use each other, in a way if we have ideas, and that is
the big thing about a group that you have a
group of people who understand each
other’s ways of working and you can get the maximum
out of each other. So there are things which
perhaps, at a particular time you don’t want to do for the group
but mainly the group is the vehicle. That’s what I’m
trying to say. Yeah. And it’s the best
vehicle that we have. John? Um, I’d
never do one, no. I can’t
sing! So how do each
of you, then musically pull the band
in certain directions? I mean, I’m thinking of
your songs, for example which always strike me
as being so melodic… Yes. ..John, and add
that input into the…? Yes, yeah. Well, that just obviously
comes from the type of songs that the
individuals write you know, I mean
because we are four… ..you know, four
individuals, really. I mean, we are quite different
in our musical taste, as well. Mine tend to be
slightly lighter. I don’t think I could ever
write a heavy song, you know? It’s, you know, it’s
not in me. Mm. # Come on
honey # Come fly
with me… # Oh, it’s got an
awful ridge on it. Is there
another one? Ow, ow
ow. I’ve lost
my shoe! Cinderella. I like to think that I
can do different things. I mean, I don’t like to just
think, “OK, rock and roll “so therefore I’m
going to go up there “put on my high-heeled
shoes and play the songs.” I like to think that we do so
many different types of songs that then when we try
and put them over they require a
different format. And within that
is a wide area. Why don’t you do a nice
picture of Roger’s legs? Away! Oh, but I don’t
do my own! Dave! Do, do
do. I feel a lot of people now realise
when they come to see our show that they’re going to
get a lot of contrasts. We’re not scared of trying out
different ideas, you know? I think one of the things
we really steer clear of is trying to sort of
repeat the same formula. That’s not the thing
done in rock and roll! Can you
imagine it? As the albums
have progressed I mean, our sort of
songwriting has progressed. We’ve sort of ventured
into different areas. When people hear
them on the records we like to do
them on stage. We’d like to try out something
very different right now. This is from the new album
the News Of The World. Have you got it yet?
The album, that is. OK, you might just
about recognise this one. This is called My
Melancholy Blues. # Another
party’s over # And I’m left
cold sober # My baby left me
for somebody new # I don’t wanna
talk about it # Want to
forget about it # Wanna be intoxicated
with that special brew # So come me… #
Bluh-bluh-bluh! # Let
me # Oh, don’t
expect me # To behave
perfectly # And wear that
sunny smile # My guess is I’m in for
a cloudy and overcast # Don’t try
and stop me # Cos I’m heading for
that stormy weather soon # I’m causing a
mild sensation # With this
new occupation # I’m permanently
glued # To this extraordinary
mood so now move over # And let me
take over # With my
melancholy blues # I’m causing a
mild sensation # With this
new occupation # I’m in
the news # I’m just getting used
to my new exposure # So, come into
my enclosure # And meet my
melancholy blues. # We are halfway through
the tour with Queen now and it’s
proving to be relative to everything else
that’s on the road this autumn a very, very
successful tour. We’ve just come back from a gig
at the Atlanta Stadium… ..and we’re just
going up… I’ve already got one… to
the bar to get another drink. On the table, and kick
it! I don’t want to… On the table, and kick
it! What? Oh, right. The Midwest could
get on your nerves because of the sheer
repetition of it and every town looks
so much like the other and you did feel like you were
in a culture vacuum sometimes. Sorry. All we have is bad televisions
vibrating beds, even worse and bad food – but it
was still a lot of fun. There was loads
of sex and drugs! No, there really
wasn’t much sex and… Well, there wasn’t
much drugs. # Get down
Make love # Get down
Make love # You take
my body # I give
you heat # You say
you’re hungry # I give
you meat # You suck
my mind # I blow
your head # Make
love # Inside
your bed # Everybody get
down, make love # Get down
make love # Get down
Make love # Every time
I get high # You wanna
come down # Every time
I get hot # You say you
wanna cool down # You say
it’s enough # In fact
it’s too much # Every time I wanna get
down, get down, get down. # Your
eye. Dry your eye. Get
your eyepiece. Horrible
use of space. You are going to
start taking. I got a photograph
of him tonight. Really?
Smiling? How did you
get that? He even managed to
get on the video. Me? I fucking
tripped… I came hurtling on
in Now I’m Here in the darkness
went arse over tit. Did you see that?
That’s why I came sort of… I kind of slipped and I went
hurtling on and did all this. It really puts
you off, for real. I thought it seemed
to get together tonight. I enjoyed
tonight. We’re not
together. Brian broke a string in
well, the most awkward spot in the middle of Liar, where there’s
a crescendo, and it comes to a lull and then he has to give it
a cue, so we’re all waiting and he broke
a string! So he’s changing. I’m standing
in this spotlight, I mean… Fuck! Anyway, we’ve been
in worse things. How were
the audience? They were good, yeah.
It’s been different this time. I don’t know. Last time, the places
were smaller, much smaller but they were
more…up. This time, I suppose, they
brought their mums and dads. # I was nothing
but a city boy # My trumpet was
my only toy # I’ve been
blowing my horn # Since I knew
I was born # But there isn’t
nobody wants to know # I’ve been sleeping
on the sidewalk # Rollin’
down the road # I may
get hungry # But I sure don’t
wanna go home. # What’s happening when
we get back to London going to be presumably looking
at your whole business situation and
reviewing it. Let’s face it, we’re going
to sort of try and sort out a lot of business…
so-called business problems and, I think, the Queen…
the so-called Queen Empire it’s pretty large now, we’ve all got
subsidiary companies and things and it needs a
lot of handling! # I may
get hungry # But I sure don’t
wanna go home. # We didn’t get a penny
of record royalties from the first
three albums so, basically, we got
out of that one, right by re-signing with a guy
called John Reid. We signed with him
for three years, right which finishes in about
September next year. What we are looking
at that point in time is basically to just
look after ourselves and, you know, do it
completely on our own. TAYLOR: It’s the long road to
artistic and financial freedom you know, which is so hard to find
if you’re successful to any degree cos there’s a million
sharks out there. You’ve achieved so much, now
over the last five or six years and I was wondering now what targets
you have left to achieve, really. Number one album in
America would be nice. Yeah, we’ve never had a
number one over here. We’ve had very successful sort
of two-million-selling albums but we haven’t had
a number one album. I don’t know. And also, we could be
a bigger draw than we are, you know? Yes, I mean
we haven’t… The wrong thing to do is to
actually sort of see ourselves… ..with a particular
goal to meet, you know? I mean, to say, “This
is where I want to go.” It’s got to be
so wide that… I mean, you just
keep going. I mean, it’s
endless, really. You’re going to
take some time off when you get back to London
aren’t you? That’s the plan, yeah. You have to get refreshed
every now and again and we haven’t really had a holiday
for the last four years or so. We’ve always said
“This is time off” but then it isn’t, because
you get involved in projects. Certainly, for me, I’m going
to get as far away as I can. I think we really
deserve it. I
think… Oh, we bloody
well do! I think we’ve been kind of sort of
putting it off and putting it off for the last six
years, really and I think the time has come where
we can kind of ease off a bit and
just… I mean, on this tour, I’ve
been surviving on just jabs. I mean… I don’t mean
that, in that sense! Oh, please
mother! No! But, um…the
show goes on. MUSIC: We Will
Rock You # We will, we
will rock you # All
right! # We will, we
will rock you # OK! # We will, we
will rock you # We will, we
will rock you… # As filming
came to an end News Of The World reached number
three in the US Billboard charts their most successful
album in America to date. The double A-side We Will Rock
You and We Are The Champions reached number four, just missing
out on the top spot they craved. # I’ve paid
my dues # Time
after time # I’ve done my
sentence… # It was to be another two
years before their singles Crazy Little Thing Called Love
and Another One Bites The Dust finally got them their
American number one but the huge appeal of We Will
Rock You and We Are The Champions was to be pivotal in
cementing Queen’s relationship with the
American audience a relationship that
endures to this day. # We are the
champions, my friends # And we’ll keep on
fighting till the end # We are
the champions # No time
for losers # Cos we are the champions
of the world… # I’m feeling very thankful
and grateful and blessed just to be among
you folks again cos it’s something you
can’t take for granted. This is an amazing moment
for me, to be back here. Thank
you. It seems quite incredible that
old Roger and me are back here and it’s even more incredible
that you guys are here to see us! # It’s been no
bed of roses # No pleasure
cruise… # I don’t think either Roger or I ever
thought that this would happen. We thought it was kind of done, in
the old days, when we lost Freddie and it’s wonderful
that we have Adam. You need an extraordinary
figurehead and we do have
it in Adam. # We are the
champions, my friends # We’ll keep on fighting
till the end… # I didn’t even think
we’d ever get to this age. You don’t think
of it, you know? We spent half our lives building
up this legacy of songs and sort of contact
with an audience and now we can
still be Queen. In some ways
it’s a miracle. # Cos we are
the champions # We are the
champions, my friends # And we’ll keep on
fighting till the end # We are
the champions # No time
for losers # Cos we are
the champions # Remember # We are the
champions of… # ..of
the world. #

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