Reese Witherspoon Explains How She Picks Her Projects | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-Reese Witherspoon is with us.
How are you? -How are you, Ryan? Good to see you.
-Oh, my gosh. I´m so excited to see you. Congratulations.
It´s like everything. I was looking at the list of things that are on your plate,
and it´s just remarkable and incredible. -Thank you.
-You´re thriving, your company is thriving. -Thanks.
-And so, I´m curious. -So is yours.
-Thank you so much, Reese. I´m curious, though, you really do have the right lens
to look through to pick what you do, and you pick so well. How do you think about what you´re gonna decide to sign onto
and get behind? -I don´t know. You know, I worked really, obviously, a very long time
in this business and really seen women´s parts not getting really better
or evolving. So I started reading a lot of books
and buying the options to books, and it just created this incredible, um, you know,
ability to tell a more dynamic version of what women´s lives are,
you know? And I think, coming from that perspective
has been really amazing. I´ve gotten to work with people like Nicole Kidman
and Laura Dern and Meryl Streep and Jennifer Aniston now. -Who will you sit with tonight?
I´m just thinking you have casts from sev– two projects. Who will you sit with? -Well, I´m just gonna have to jump around.
-You´ll have to move around. -Hot seat. Hot potato.
-That´ll be fun. -This is all the people I love. “Big Little Lies” is here and “Morning Show.” And Kerry Washington´s here and I´ve got “Little Fires”
coming out with her, so… -We were just talking about that.
Con– Honestly, it´s remarkable to see all of it. And it seems like it´s all happen–
I don´t know how your schedule is, but it must be… -It´s probably a lot like yours.
-…packed. Busy. It´s very efficient. -But I´m having the time of my life.
-Good. -And I feel so lucky and so grateful
that audiences have so many choices and that they´re choosing to watch “The Morning Show,”
which is amazing, and that they wrapped their arms around “Big Little Lies.” You know, it feels so good. -Please keep it up.
Keep doing it. It´s great. -Thank you, everybody, for watching.
-Well, good luck tonight, okay? Let me help you down as well.
Great to see you, Reese.

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