Rep. Biggs: Lisa Page once engaged in FBI cabal, now playing the victim

100 thoughts on “Rep. Biggs: Lisa Page once engaged in FBI cabal, now playing the victim

  1. Hmm… Something's still not right. This must be another set-up, con job. I'm not anybody special, but I know for a fact that someone illegally wiretapped my landline in Modesto way back in 98/99(?)when the feds were all over my town, detaining everybody and their dog using parole holds while they were investigating the nationally covered "Yosemite sightseers" murders. I only found out because my guest, who was visiting me from SD, told me that agents were waiting for him at home when he got back just to question him about what he was really talking about to his brother while he was using my phone. What??? The real point is, don't tell me these two seasoned agents didn't know that there was a real possibility that lots of other people had access to their public and private conversations.

  2. On a side note….. Steve always sounds like he has no idea what his next words will be. Can we please get someone else in his place, it’s painful listening to him.

  3. She's not worth the sweat off President Trump's balls. Apparently, there an opening at Starbucks since she' going to need a new "career".

  4. Paige, tries to thwart the democratic process, called out for it by trump, now has hurt feelings and that is, apparently, news.

  5. Throw her sorry butt in the slammer, along with obama, Biden , clintons, Schiff, and all the other treasonous people that have sold the US out to highest bidders..

  6. Page and her boyfriend are both traitors and deserve to be arrested , tried and then jailed for an extensive period of time.

  7. Did she really think getting caught planning and attempting to get rid of an elected president was just going to go away. I can't wait to see her in prison clothes.

  8. Arrest Lisa page ..she does not deserve an umunity…she knew exactly what she was doing and should not get any breaks…arrest her

  9. Page is no victim. She participated in a seditious coup. She's lucky she isn't in jail. She broke up a marriage. That is no lady.

  10. CNN is calling her a victim … reporters pretending to cry real tears while describing how Trump has attacked her because she is a woman and powerless …. pathetic

  11. Yeah she done nothing wrong…… that’s why she resigned from the FBI 🤣
    And Peter Strozk he did nothing wrong either ….that’s why the FBI fired him.
    If you think the FBI never do anything wrong just type …FBI CORRUPTION .

  12. Isn’t that what Democratic rats do when their caught in a scandal? Either they play the race card or the Victim!
    Lock them up and drain the swamp ASAP!

  13. There you go Lisa Page Let’s play the sensitive victim card 😂 before the IG report 🤔

    Hey Lisa, it looks like you should have written herself an insurance policy !

  14. Lisa did nothing wrong, just one of the many folks the Trumpistas had to get rid of, for the good of Russia. But, she's back…..

  15. Some on here are say they found no evidence of bias. Well I read their text messages and I'm not FOOKING ignorant. I understand English and those text messages were and will always be 100 % BIAS AND THEY READ LIKE THEY THE FBI WERE GOING TO TAKE OUT THE PRESIDENT NO MATTER WHAT ! AND THEY HAD AN INSURANCE PLAN…. FOR ANY ONE TO SAY AND TRY TO SPIN THE WORDS as they were just chatting and it meant nothing, this was bias of the highest order and they are deluded to think we the public don't understand. We the public are a lot bloody smarter than they give us credit for. I for one am fed up with their spin and their total disregard of my intelligence, their constant ignorance to my understanding that I know they are crooked and I want the corruption that they are all involved in to stop….I know what a coup is, you think any of us want people like her and all the other Trump haters to protect us. Get real I'd have Trump as he is the only president ever to stand up to the Mafia in the white house he's the only one not afraid because he can't be bought by them simply read they are TRYING TO GET AWAY WITH THEIR TREASONOUS ACTION because boy did they get caught red handed…. We aren't buying the BULLSH&T any longer and get Her Off the airways. Because i don't want to listen to the lies and corruption propaganda any more from anyone. We the people deserve way better than letting the media outlets get away with lying to us for years and years with their own bias spin on Trump …
    Even in the UK the corrupt MPs tried to blame Trump for wanting to buy the NHS well it can't be bloody bought if it's not up for sale can it and if Trump isn't in charge of the NHS because how could he be, SOME ONE IN THE UK PUT IT UP FOR SALE and trump got pushed into the crossfire…But hey let's BLAME HIM FOR WANTING TO BUT IT …. ITS UTTERLY DISGUSTING propaganda and it can only be stopped by us the public…our BBC is as corrupt as hell I should know I worked for them in the 80s and it was nothing for them to make people say things they didn't actually say re the apatite in South Africa, re there own personal bias and corrupt narrative. In fact I refused to do what they wanted me to do and was fired…..I lost all faith in media and it's only now 35 years later the world is only just starting to wake up to FAKE NEWS AND DISGUSTING PROPAGANDA SPRED BY THE MEDIA …. It must stop…..

  16. She is on defence. She prayed for 2.7 years, and came up empty.
    Another card in a stacked deck.
    The, "victim card!"

  17. Shitts facial expressions alone are enough to me want to slap him. He looks like that vice principal who thinks they are right about something when they know they are wrong. Much like how he is wrong now

  18. It's beyond me that the democrats never ever believed they would be ratted out by Trump he's only one of two presidents I know that doesn't take a salary (well he has to take a dollar by american law) and he give it those in need…. NO ONE HAS EVER PROPERLY TOLD THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THATS WHAT HE DOES. WHY because he doesn't need to steal from the people and that in its self is the goodness of a great man and all Americans should be behind him for that alone to me speaks volumes of what he's up against as it all comes down to money and the theft of all Americans taxes going into the pockets of the corrupt democrats… Help Trump clean up the rats that have infested your beautiful country for decades with the likes of the CLINTONs and Obama's
    How you do this is if he or his wife does something hit the like button and if the media tries to promote any democrat and their lies hit the dislike button because it's easier that way to see the figures of support and the figures of contempt for their lies…

  19. "I'm done being quiet!"
    so all the mouthy threats were typical woman being quiet. Oh my!Another useful tool, played her part, and going for a second curtain call.
    She cheated the FBI and her family…can anyone trust this Yenta?
    Time to turn the "Page".

  20. Lisa Page did this to herself. She corrupted the FBI, she abused her authority, and she got caught. She's was part of the deep state that Trump exposed

  21. I change my mind from being a democrat fan couple of months ago and now I understand why I made the right decision. Pelosi went to the global warming conference and tell them to forget about Trump, I assure you we will remain in the treaty. I don't like Trump's decision in global warming but we are America, We have one representative and that's our government, not our political rivals.

    She had no right to represent herself as the President of the US everywhere, cadging around the world, denouncing the president , begging for support and tell that she and her party represents American people. It's disgusting and degrading!

    They are dividing the whole Nation for their stupid childish political games!

    If you want to win over your opponent you have to play straight! Pelosi and Schiff think they are the ones who rule America! This is not who American people are!
    fighting like children crying over loses and try to beat the opponent with every disgusting tactic possible.

  22. I will be so glad when Shift and the rest of his gang steps down , I am so tired of looking at all their faces. Trump 2020

  23. Victim of underestimating Trump while trying to shiv the President in the back from mid-2016 until she got fired for it. Some victim. If your spouse can't trust you, why should I??? Meshuggah!

  24. Trump is trash!!! Needs to be thrown out with the rest of the trash. Thank you Republicans for destroying your own party.

  25. Page and other traitors like her will be forced to fall on the sword to insulate Clinton and Obama from further investigation. If one or both of them don't end up in prison the swamp hasn't even had the plug pulled on this cesspool of corrupt theives.

  26. Mr tRUMP, in your criminal ‘Bribery actions’ to find dirt on your Presidential opponent!! You have crippled a not yet sovereign country; Managed to strengthen a foreign adversarial power in sovereignty; AND, Weakened our Nation, by dismantling the safety and Security, of the American people. While, too forgotten about the people who put you there.

  27. Lisa, Lisa.. aren't there some documents somewhere you could be falsifying? Maybe some job you could take where you could burn your employer's time having an affair with a colleague?

  28. Page is only a victim of her own illusions and co-operation with the constitution traitor Peter Strock. But she was too stupid to ever think of how her behavior might be judged by others. Until she asks for forgiveness she can not hope to get it.

  29. Lisa Page continued piling on lie after lie. It's said as you sow, so shall you reap. The American public firmly believed that Strzok and Page were in a "secret society" against Trump. In fact, they both had been trying their best to meddle with the 2016 US election in order to stop then US presidential candidate Trump as Hillary's political rivalry from being elected president. According to reports, in August 15, 2016, Strzok text messaged Page, "I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy's (Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director of the FBI) office that there's no way Trump gets elected—but I'm afraid we can't take that risk. It's like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you're 40." Early in August 2016, after Page asked Strzok, "[Trump's] not ever going to become president, right? Right?!", Strzok responded: "No. No he won't. We'll stop it. " This clearly solidified their determination to stop Trump from being elected president. Now, Page claimed she didn't commit any crime. Go figure!

  30. 💩✏️ This Schiff show and Kangaroo 🦘 Court is Deflection, Schiff really instigated this after his Racist big buddy Ed Buck was arrested, it was worrying to 💄👠 Schiff that people were raising the issue of 🏨 The Standard Hotel 🏨 again 😜. What is Nadler the Penguins 🐧 motive Z.


  32. Traitor Trump is pure "Human Scum" just like he calls the brainwashed repubs who blindly follow him! Page is a good FBI agent who defends America, unlike Trump who only wants to divide and weaken America under orders from his boss Putin!

  33. I am not concerned with the I.G Report, I do not see much coming of it, HOWEVER, The Durum Report and subsequent fact that it is now a criminal investigation is a whole other matter. Horowitz can only recommend charges where Durum can FILE CHARGES. That is where the S.W.H.T.F.

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