100 thoughts on “Republican defends President Trump: There is no crime

  1. Here is something Trump was bragging about, "I love Saudi Arabia, they spend millions of dollars in my Business" that is bragging during the campaign. They use their comments just as a tool to befit themselves and to attack their opponents …with the same tool!

  2. Soon…
    "Liberated" oppressed huyite stronk front hole will accuse Fredo of pulling a Lauer…and Epstein will conveniently be blamed.
    Biden will take a dive for the fake Indian.
    And Blumpf, sadly, will win.

  3. CNN the political network for the Democrats fox the political network of the Republicans, need some real journalists to report the facts

  4. Some people are blind. They can see, but their brains are awash with white poison and they can’t understand that they are being lied to by a large wealthy, ignorant “Sus domesticus”.

  5. The problem is, the POTUS withhold the funds that supposed to go to Ukraine before the call! If this corrupt POTUS didn’t do that prior, then it won’t smell as bad! Wrong nevertheless!

  6. It's so sad to see fellow AMERICANS take off the head of another fellow american over a president. Ya'll must be boomers. I'm talking about this comment section

  7. CNN the CURRUPTABLES News Faulse Network, even the BBC in England where I,m from , cannot Believe the lies you report

  8. This Congressman's ignorance is proof that Moscow Mitch & Senate Republicans backed by conservatives on the Supreme Court will ….End & Kill this impeachment process in the Senate… Which will give Comrade Trump a landslide victory in the 2020 election….


  10. Trump is impeaching himself repeatedly!!!! The server is irrelevant to Trump requesting an investigation of the Bidens. Let the blind stay blind!

  11. Biden's not an opponent. Trump saw a video of Biden acting criminally and responded. You can't make stuff up and then pretend Biden's a viable "opponent" to "go after." You do not divine motive.

  12. There is no interest in any "truth" or parity of discussion. There is only propaganda and pushing a specific "reality" through to the masses.

  13. This guy is drunk , this guy can't see the pres. Doing anything wrong even though, it's written in the Constitution, he needs to learn to read and address the issue and make a relavent argue but there isn't one, even trump knows that, just think what would happen if the eukraine made a statement that they were going to investigate Biden, trumpsters would go crazy over it, drink more Kool aid please

  14. CNN seriously why do you even have this guy on all he's going to do is lie and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if he was a racist

  15. Chris is a moron just because you don't get caught doesn't mean you're not a criminal.. just ask hacking Hillary, Obama, James Comey clapper pelosi Schumer and the other half of the Democratic party..

  16. How did this guy get elected? Does he really not see how this is an abuse of power? If we let this happen then no elected official would ever lose power because they get unlimited free foreign influence paid courtesy of the US tax payer via conditional handouts.

  17. It's now 2 weeks since this ass spoke on Cuomo's show. Tonight 10-22-19
    He was back and I urge all the good people from Oklahoma to shit can his ass ASAP.

    Re: Bill Taylor Testimony 10-22-19
    The testimony ( 15 page opening statement ) from Bill Taylor , the US Ambassador to Ukraine has really driven the first deep spike or caused a "sea change" in the impeachment of President Trump & indictments of many of the Presidents Men. It's interesting how Guiliani, Barr , VP Pence , Mitch McConnell and others are sitting on their hands and staying tight lipped since Mick Mulvaney spilled the Quip Quo Pro admission then tried to deny what the whole world witnessed him say in front of camera's.

    Trump & Co are going down.

    The smart "rats" will jump ship very soon.

    We shall see it soon.

    What a repugnant individual Markwayne truly is.

  18. The voice was different ,the face was different but the same blind allegiance to the blond godfather as Kellyanne Conway.Bring more of them on Chris and just let them talk. Are these people the best the republicans have to offer. God help America

  19. Do you realise if you impeach trump there will be a civil war that no one will live through! There will be a lot of death ! Destruction! Go ahead and impeach him and see what will happen ! You dumb shits have no idea!

  20. Republican? WTF !! this is the trumplican party not any republican party I was once a part of.

  21. Congressman Trucknuts looks like he has fetal alcohol syndrome. I’m tired of the whatsboutism. Trump has zero acts of corruption? Incredible.

  22. There is no level low enough for Republicans. Trump committed Treason against our country, and these politically elected officials really care less for the constitution. They seem to be following a blueprint toward Nazism. Truth is the first fatality, and changing the subject to confuse. This country is in trouble. I KNOW PEOPLE NOTICED THE PATTERN OF REPUBLICANS WHEN ASKED A QUESTION THEY EXTEND THE QUESTION OR ACUSE THE INTERVIEWER OF A MISINTERPRETATION OF THE SUBJECT.

  23. Even if Biden doesn't win the primary, "today" Biden is a political opponent. What a weak argument. "Do you really think Biden is going to win the primary?"

  24. Trump hasn't lied under oath yet because he has never testified. He knows he can't go under oath, so he'll avoid it as long as he can. Which begs the question, what is being hidden here? If Trump has nothing to hide, just go defend yourself, I'm sure congress will welcome his testimony.

  25. Fredo said trump broke behavior laws 😂 fredo you are a idiot how do you have a job on national tv
    Idiot broke behavior laws, what is behavior laws you homo?

  26. Hi my name is Fredo…. I can’t tell the truth, cause I’m bought and paid fore by the elite scum of this country. So I’m gonna just sit her and shove elite propaganda down my listeners throats cause there too stupid to think for themselves. 🤣😂

  27. Whats wrong with this fucktard?? BUT for the case that ivanka was WORKING IN THE WHITEHOUSE she would not have had access to the Chinese president. Are all these people on glue?

  28. CNN, when you tell the truth, tell the WHOLE TRUTH!!!!!
    stop with all this half and half mixology!
    If you keep doing this, then where is your support? With me(a common man), or with power(the people who are apparently just using you)???
    Where does CNN stand????????!!!
    As for now, you're still the people holding me back from any Bernie, Warren, trump news! The news that actually matter. Their views, their polling, their most current stands, what these people vote for in Congress, etc

  29. The sad part is people will believe these made up stories about Biden and the President's confession was not a confession at all.

  30. I cant believe that this Democrat is telling the true…my God..great for him..cuomo is a clown..if I had the money I would buy clown news network..sorry CNN and lay off the idiots that work there and flush the fucking company down the toilet ..good mzn that Democrat..hes telling the truth…the sooner Hillary Clinton. Obama comey brennan strozk page etc are in prison the better for the great USA

  31. Cuomo. Tell the truth to your followers. You are being unfair to your viewers. Because of you they are brainwashed zombies without 2 brain cells between all of them

  32. Tell me one thing this President has done that is corrupt?
    How about asking the president of Ukraine to investigate your political opponent.
    President Trump never asked the president of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent.
    The president doesn’t have to ask Ukraine to investigate his political opponent to be corrupt.
    Watching CNN is really, really bad for your brain….

  33. lol I like that. "Yeah Clinton lied under oath but they impeached him cause they didn't like him." Wait what? Why is it both sides forget about the truth of the past when its in their favor to do so?

  34. I guess to this guy, bribing a foreign government to interfere in an election isn’t a crime. Turns out these family values Republicans are the ones with no moral compass. Shocking.

  35. Let's not forget everyone, this republican who says Trump did nothing wrong is also a christian who says that Jesus hates lying, yet he has no problem lying to defend his "daddy"

  36. CNN by allowing themselves to be a mouthpiece for the Deep State coup it's going to destroy freedom of speech for all Americans. And for that reason I hope that they are tried for treason. They have become weaponized against the Constitution and against the people of the United States.

  37. Mr Mullin you don't represent the American people or your voters, you are fooling yourself. When a president does what trump does he is defying the United States Constitution. How can Mullin justify these crimes?

  38. Mullin trump withheld money from Ukraine so their officials could get political information how can you not call this a crime. Trump is the mafia.

  39. If Ukraine is as corrupt as Trump and his defenders say. Then why would you want then investigating American citizens… I mean as the USA we apparently have to keep an eye out for corruption, so why would u trust them to not be corrupt when being put in the middle of USA politics ?

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