Republican Politicians Launch Their Own Fake News Website To Spread Propaganda

A lot of talk has centered this year around
fake news, the problems of fake news, the stories that they spread, how they go viral
on social media and mislead huge portions of the population. Well, the Republican Governors Association
has decided to get in on some of that action and they have launched a new news website
called The Free Telegraph. Now, to be clear, this is what they call a
news outlet, but is 100% paid for, sponsored by, and produced by the Republican Governors
Association, which is an association whose sole purpose is to elect Republican governors
and other Republican politicians should they find themselves in trouble. The problem, however, is that this little
news outlet they’ve created is not disclosing the fact that they’re funded by the RGA, or
that they’re basically just a political arm of the RGA, or I shouldn’t say political arm. They’re really a propaganda arm, because all
of their headlines are lionizing Republicans, telling us how great they are, while demonizing
everyone within the Democratic Party, talking about how horrible that party is, how bad
their ideas are, and why they will never work for the American public. Now, on their Twitter and Facebook as I mentioned,
they do not make any mention of the fact that they are funded by the Republican Governors
Association, or that they spew propaganda on behalf of Republicans. They are masking themselves as a legitimate
news outlet. On some of the stories, however, they do at
the very bottom of the page mention that they’re an arm of the RGA. Unfortunately, most people aren’t going to
see that, and they’re going to see these stories and think that they’re a legitimate news outlet
worthy of sharing to all their friends on Facebook or Twitter. We already have a big enough problem of fake
news in this country. We don’t need the Republicans out there using
their political money, their political operatives, to spread propaganda to the American public. Furthermore, if your party controls the majority
of the House, the majority of the Senate, controls the White House, majority of the
Supreme Court, a majority of state legislatures, and a majority of state governorships and
you still feel the need to go out there and spread propaganda about how well you’re doing,
then maybe focus your attention on writing good policies rather than trying to brainwash
the public into believing that you’re actually doing a good job at this point, because let’s
be clear folks. Republicans literally control the majority
of everything in this country right now, yet they’re still so dysfunctional and so bad
at it that they’ve had to create a new propaganda news outlet just to convince you that they
might possibly be doing a decent enough job to win reelection. That’s the saddest part of all about this

56 thoughts on “Republican Politicians Launch Their Own Fake News Website To Spread Propaganda


  2. The sad part about this is that the average conservative media consumer will not question where the "news" is coming from.

    Why are conservatives so into propaganda and voter suppression.

  3. Don't underestimate the value of fake news. Trump successfully used it to falsely smear Hillary and ironically coined the term "fake news" to counter the true news of his numerous crimes and lies.

    Keeping Republicans confused and misinformed has proven quite successful for Trump. To this day most Trump supporters still believe all the "crimes" he accused Hillary of actually happened.

  4. This skit / demonstration showcases the use of the 'Hegelian Dialectic'. Karl Marx used it in his philosophy. The goal is to enslave less intelligent and uneducated individuals minds through psychological abuse and programming. The key is to understand the nature of the human-being the political 'sides' are using to induce conflict. Notice the angry look on the actors face as opposed to an earlier skit where the Skin-Head / Copperhead appeared smiling. Very educational demonstration with aesthetics. Cheers.

  5. What's it going to be this time? Trumps inauguration was actually 40 billion people? The wall will be payed for by Brazil? The toads are turning gay now too?

  6. I love fake news. I have a fake personality, fake image, fake finances, fake intelligence and fake morality. Fake news – endorsed by Donald J Trump ( I approved this message ).

  7. Their would be a point, if it weren't for the willful ignorance of the people that will be the regular visitors to this site. They don't care that its propaganda, in fact that's why the relish in sites like this. Tell them what they want to hear, they could care less if it's true or not.

  8. I remember a time long long ago when fake news would be considered an oxymoron. This is a dark evil time in our history and if we survive I hope we won't forget.

  9. Trump Supporters were going to do that anyway, because they're idiots. Like you said, the Republicans control everything, yet they still need to do this? (Talk about desperate.) This is basically saying….Republicans cannot win elections any other way, but to lie and cheat.

  10. So, it’s basically the Fox News of the Republican Party. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The only thing Republicans are good at is messaging. They convinced entire generations that handing your hard earn money to rich stiffs will somehow make your life better. They don’t know how to govern, just how to loot. When messaging is all you know, your going to use it, again and again. The problem is that democrats don’t know how to message, or fight for what they believe, other than Bernie.

    If you like my comment, please check out my video about who “negative secularism” helped bring about the rise of radical Islam in the Middle East.

  11. so the republicans are doing with fake news what I did with marijuana… their dealers got too hot so they decided to grow their own.

  12. The problem with propoganda is that it eventually runs into a wall called reality.

    The truth is the party is coming apart on almost ever level and they are finding it harder and harder to pass the buck to evil democrats who currently have no power.

  13. Not really a shocker is it? Also don't refer to it as a "fake News Website", refer to it as it is: A propaganda website set up to incriminate anyone and everyone. Kind of reminds me of how ISIS sets up recruitment websites, not saying they're ISIS, just that it seems slightly familiar

  14. Can anyone point me to the Left Wing equivalent of PragerU, Ben Stills, National Enquirer, Steve Crowder, National Review, Next News Network, Breitbart or Alex Jones? They really don't exist. Sure, there are plenty of left wing bias news outlets. Pieces will always be opinionated. But the left doesn't really have their version of these Right Wing Trash Factories. Not even close.

  15. because the right wing old propaganda network is dying. So like anything else in the world that fails need to reinvent themselves. just like the GOP conveniently re-branded those white supremacy hate groups like the Tea Party or the Alt-Right. republiKLANS are so bad at what they do they have to keep re-branding themselves and the things they do or the legislation they try to pass. that's sign one of a decaying Empire…

  16. When republicans say news are fake, they mean the news might be truthful, its just they lack real American values, thus being fake. I'm trying to be too apologetic on conservamorons here!

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