Rudy Giuliani Melts Down on Fox News Over Ukraine Involvement

>>He says he didn’t know his son was under
That’s absurd that he never told, he never
talked to his son about his son foreign business.
Can you believe that?
Don’t you think I can prove that he did?
You think I’m stupid?
>>The fact that Laura Ingram didn’t answer
that question tells you everything you need
to know about Rudy Giuliani and how stupid
people think he really is.
He made a mess of yet another Fox News appearance.
He was all over the place.
He made all sorts of claims that are untrue.
We’re going to go through the videos and we’re
going to debunk his claims and also probably
make fun of him.
Let’s take a look.
>>Insiders saying you muck this up, your
>>Man, I really did.
And you know who I did it at the request of,
the State Department.
I’d never talked to an Ukrainian official
until the State Department called me and asked
me to do it.
And then I reported every conversation back
to them and Laura, I’m a pretty good lawyer,
just a country lawyer.
But it’s all here, right here, the first call
from the State Department.
>>Rudy, Rudy, I couldn’t agree with you more.
But why are you the one to do this?
Why isn’t this the role of the Justice Department
or the FBI?
Why task you, the personal attorney of the
I think that’s a question that just layman
was like, okay, I get it, that should be investigated.
But why is Rudy running the show on that?
Why isn’t it FBI and just the main justice?
>>That’s a very good question because the
FBI’s performance since this entire investigation,
including up to this moment is flawed.
Why am I doing it, Laura, can’t you figure
it out?
I’m his defense lawyer, I’m defending him.
He’s my client.
I don’t know only Donald Trump is not entitled
to a defense in America.
>>So Rudy Giuliani who is not a government
official, he’s Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.
Is arguing the State Department called on
him to work with Ukraine to investigate Joe
Now according to reports, when reached for
comment, a State Department spokesman said,
Mr. Giuliani is a private citizen and acts
in a personal capacity as a lawyer for President
He does not speak on behalf of the US government.
Now there is one other element to this though,
Mike Pompeo might have asked for Giuliani’s
Pompeo was asked about that, and he refused
to get into details.
>>Here’s my first comment on that, tick,
tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.
Let me explain why.
First of all, train wreck, we got more videos
coming up for you.
But you could even tell, from Laura Ingraham,
she keeps looking at him.
You think I’m stupid?
You know what she did at the end of that interview?
She said, I’m sorry to cut you off, you have
to get your voice back.
She’s like no mas.
She threw in the towel, like I’ve got to get
this guy off the air before he does more damage.
Now the reason I say tick, tick, tick, though,
is when he holds up the phone and he says
I’ve got it recorded what the State Department
That means there is massive internal fighting.
The State Department’s trying to throw Giuliani
under the bus and Giuliani does a threat on
national television.
Yeah, I’ll throw you under the bus, I recorded
our conversations.
This is happening in public, that’s unbelievable.
When you have that kind of infighting, only
a matter of time before somebody goes, I’ve
had enough.
This is what actually happened, I’m saying
it publicly.
>>At one point on the show, Giuliani’s asked
to leave, go take care of your voice.
And then at one point, there is a panel and
there’s a Democrat by the name of Chris Han
Chris Hahn gets under Giuliani’s skin so much
that Giuliani comes back and they begin to
Take a look.
>>I just heard the president’s personal political
attorney, say that he was directed by the
State Department.
To go meet with the Ukraine to get evidence
on the president’s political opponent.
Rudy Giuliani, who hasn’t practiced political
criminal law since the early 80s, is now saying
he has evidence.
He has all this information.
He’s making things up.
And if the Biden’s weren’t public figures,
it would be libelous.
>>I’d like to say to Mr. Hahn, I should sue
you for libel because you’re irresponsibly
>>You actually usually say incredibly stupid
>>You’re a public figure.
>>Yeah and by the way, do you have any idea
that the State Department-
>>You know the libel laws.
>>Shut up, moron.
>>Shut up, you don’t know what you’re talking
You don’t know what you’re talking about,
>>I do.
>>No, you don’t, you just lied.
>>Mr. Mayor, I wish you’d stop.
>>You lied, my friend.
>>I wish you would stop, Mr. Mayor.
I want to remember you in your glory and I
wish you would stop.
>>Why don’t you tell him to keep his mouth
shut so we can tell the truth.
>>Two things I love about that.
Chris Hahn actually did a right wing trick
Constantly interrupt and jab, jab, jab, and
Honestly, that’s what right wingers do on
cable news 24/7, and it gets under people’s
skin to know and they can’t get their point
I don’t think it’s necessarily the right thing
to do but it was great to see it flipped on
its head and used against Giuliani.
And he’s like, shut up.
But that wasn’t my favorite part.
My favorite part was a guy in the middle.
>>His face.
>>Look at that!
Literally, wincing, and what am I doing here?
He’s in the Brady bunch, but not in the family.
So, he’s like what’s going on here?
>>We’re not done now, things devolve further.
Let’s take a look at the next clip.
>>He said about me, that I was asked by the
State Department to go dig up political dirt
on Trump’s opponent, totally false.
The State Department asked me-
>>You just said it.
>>No I didn’t, you did, you liar.
You did.
>>Just let him finish, then you can respond.
>>Turn him off so I can speak.
>>Let Andy respond to this.
>>You don’t know what you are talking about.
You don’t have any idea what you’re talking
>>I literally was stating what you just said.
>>I did not say the State- And you know who
I did it at the request of?
The State Department.
I never talked to an Ukrainian official until
the State Department called me and asked me
to do it.
And then I reported every conversation back
to them.
So he absolutely did, Chris Hahn did bust
The guy in the middle, still like, what am
I doing here?
>>I guess credit to Chris Hahn but super
low bar, Giuliani’s all over the place.
>>He contradicts himself.
He’s just like Trump, maybe this is the reason
why Trump likes him so much.
>>They’re very similar in contradicting themselves
in the same sentence.
>>Peas in a pod.
Are you kidding me?
If you think Giuliani has mentally deteriorated,
that’s pretty obvious, you just see it all
over TV.
But who would hire him as their lawyer on
a case that will determine how you’re viewed
for the rest of time?
You literally cannot have a more important
case and you hired that guy as your lawyer?
If Giuliani came into my office, he’s you’re
stupid, you think I’m stupid.
I’d be like no, that’s okay, I’m gonna get
a different attorney.
And Trump goes that’s my boy, nailed it, nailed
But Trump will throw anyone under a bus, and
if he throws Giuliani under a bus, I’m telling
you, Giuliani’s unhinged too.
>>No, Giuliani’s going to end up in prison,
I have no doubt at this point.
>>But if the State Department or Trump throws
him under a bus, he’s going to come up out
from under the bus like a horror movie.
And be like yeah, this is all my evidence.
>>True, but didn’t that happen with Michael
Cohen, and Trump is still in office.
>>It’s true.
>>It’s kind of incredible.
There is one final part of this and it’s Donald
Trump because Donald Trump also likes to incriminate
So I do want to show this quick clip.
Take a look at that.
>>Rudy Giuliani, why do you think it’s appropriate
for your personal attorney to get involved
in government business?
>>You’d have to ask Rudy.
I will tell you this, that Rudy’s looking
to also find out where the phony witch hunt
How it started.
We had a Russian witch hunt that turned out
to be two and a half years of phony nonsense.
And Rudy Giuliani is a great lawyer.
He was a great mayor, he’s highly respected.
I’ve watched the passion that he’s had on
television over the last few days.
I think it’s incredible the way he’s done.
And Rudy’s got every right to go and find
out where that started and other people are
looking at that too.
Where did it start, the enablers?
Where did it all come from?
It was out of thin air and I think he’s got
a very strong right to do it.
He’s a good lawyer.
He knows exactly what he’s doing.
>>Two important things out of there.
Number one, no, a personal attorney doing
diplomacy for the United States of America
makes no sense.
That’s not how diplomacy’s done.
He’s not part of the United States government,
that’s madness.
Second of all, for that attorney to then go
and not only do diplomacy, but do Illegal
Where he says give us dirt on our political
opponent in exchange for promises from the
American government.
Unheard of, but crazy.
Actually, the most relevant part was where
he said in the beginning, you’d have to ask
That’s the kind of thing he says when he’s
about to throw you under the bus.
It wasn’t me, I mean Rudy’s a great lawyer,
why don’t you ask him?
Tick, tick, tick, tick.
Tick, tick, tick, tick.

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