Schengen VISA for INDIANS in HINDI | Visa for Europe | Everything you need to know!

Are you planning to travel to Europe
and you are confused in regards to the visa process?
and you are wondering what’s the correct way to apply for a Schengen visa
what’s the most effective way to apply for the visa
and if you are planning to travel to different EU countires
then which country should you enter and apply visa for
I’ll be addressing all these doubts in this video
and I’ll share tips and tricks to make sure your visa for sure gets approved.
so let’s go! but right after this short intro!

Welcome to Wander With Sky Channel
and today we are going to talk about
one of the most important visa
Schengen Visa
Pronunciation is Schengen
This gives you access to European Union
Let’s figure out how many countries are in the European Union
So here it is, Siri has answered
there are 28 countries in the European union
you get access to most of the countries with just one Visa

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