Shane Dawson EXCLUSIVE Interview! His New Series, Makeup Line & More! (Rumor Patrol: Celeb Takeover)

Okay, so we’re here for the second ever Rumor Patrol Celebrity Takeover at somebody’s house, so let’s see who it is Maybe they’re not home. Oh, I can’t I can’t- Oh look at the visor. Oh hi! Oh come on in. How are you sir? Who’s that? Why are you already here? How did you get inside? Haha Um – Hello! Yay! We’re here! Uh, this is the second episode, and we’re gonna cover some rumors, are you excited? No. I, uh, No, I dont do well with this. I’m doing this because I love you and because you’ve been in every single one of my videos. Which I appreciate, thank you. Um, but I am afraid of this cuz I don’t do well with interviews. I will say, I will be very relaxed and I’ll make you comfortable. This feels like a Grindr date. Great Let’s go! Come on in! Don’t worry, I’ll block my face for you. Come come. This is for later, but you don’t see this. You brought me a present? Maybe I didn’t bring you anything. This is for later, too, but You’ll see Wow, this it really does feel like a- a wierd hookup What’s in the bag? Wouldn’t you like to know? Ready? No Yay! [upbeat music] Alright guys, like I said, this is a Rumor Patrol Celeb Takeover. I’m Emile Ennis Jr. here with Shane Dawson. Well first of all Shane, I’m so happy that you’re doing this. I-Love you I’m scared. You really don’t need to be nervous. I swear, you don’t need to be nervous. This show, you know Ryland, was the original host of Rumor Patrol with Jocelyn and so- I know- So you know what Rumor Patrol is That show, obviously, we cover some of the biggest rumors. Some are real, some are fake. Uh, So we do the same on this show except it’s about you this episode. You’re taking over I know and I know how many people he pissed off when he was on that show. Okay, but here’s the thing I will say that a lot of the rumors aren’t fake on here Like these are rumors that I actually found about you on the internet and as you can see, I have multiple cards, so it wasn’t that hard but You really don’t need to be concerned. I swear. Okay. so hmm Let’s just go ahead and start with the very first one which is very important to clear the air Is it true that you don’t like Clevver? That I don’t like clever? Oh? I love it. I don’t know am I allowed to like it? Yes So here’s the thing when the Defy situation happened and then you and Ryland released the video talking about things with Defy. Some people don’t understand that we’re not owned by Defy anymore So they think that when we work at Clevver, they see Clevver. It’s still Defy and now it’s different So since you guys talked about Defy and it’s like, “oh they actually don’t like Clevver” Oh, no. Clevver’s always been really nice to me. I mean, I think there- I had issues in the past with Clevver Like I remember I did a video once where they like didn’t want to post it Because I was being too raunchy and crazy, and I admit it like back then I definitely was yeah So I’m gonna try today not to do that. Well, I don’t think you should ever limit yourself Exactly who you are Okay, maybe not go crazy, because we don’t want to get demonitized. However, um, so that is false Mm-hmm. Okay, right. Wait, do you like Clevver? Well, yeah I love Clevver. Okay, we like Clevver. I’m contracted to say that- No I’m just kidding, I love my job. So I saw this in one of Rylands recent videos, and it concerned me I just need to know if it’s true. is it true that you really believe you’re going to die in a car crash? 100% “And I’ve been really afraid of getting into a car crash. I feel like it’s coming I feel like this clip is gonna be used when I die in a car crash and people gonna be like, oh my god They predicted it…” where does that come from? um I’ve had a lot of dreams about it And a lot of my dreams come true, not like good dreams not like *dreams* like nightmares They all come true But especially the car crash when I’ve had that a lot reoccurring and I don’t know every time I get in a car and freak out and I pray, I like you the sign of the Cross on my forehead. It’s like a weird tic. Is it like the same scenario each time or is it completely different car crash? t-bone. Oh my god Hard Crazy, and it’s not immediate. It’s like slow It’s like it hit me and then I’m laying there and I hear the jaws of life and it’s like sloooow, and then I drift. So… Do you wake up when this happens ,or do you just like live through the whole nightmare? I live through the whole nightmare. Oh my god, you should see somebody about that. Yeah, I’m terrified I’m gonna die in an earthquake You might. I know. I should probably move. Are you gonna car often? I Uber. I don’t leave myt house. You’re putting yourself in danger Ubering everywhere because you can’t trust Uber drivers. Yeah, I don’t know I feel like if I die in an Uber, it’s just me and an Uber driver but like, you know, he’ll survive If I’m like with my family or my friends I don’t want them to die too. Okay fair enough. So I’d rather have an Uber driver drive. So the rumor’s true then. That sounds awful. You heard it here first! This one intrigues me. Is it true you have a deal with a major network or platform outside of YouTube in the works? Um, WELL… No. No. No I don’t. Who said that? Um, that was a made-up one Thank you. Well, where that comes from is, you know, people always say, oh my gosh Shane’s releasing like Netflix quality content but like would you ever want to? Like is there a desire to? Maybe? I mean I pitched to Netflix like a few years ago and I just remembered them looking at me like *uh-huh* and then Didn’t hear back so I don’t know maybe like legally Yeah, because right now if I get sued for a video, I do like a conspiracy or something That’s me getting sued, right? If I do it on Netflix, that’s Netflix getting sued. It’s a little easier So maybe I do like vlogs on YouTube and then like sue me on Netflix. Okay. Coming this fall. Let’s make it happen. I’ll be the producer but I have so many show ideas for you. I thought you liked Clevver. Are we leaving now or what’s going on? We’ll talk Since you do produce and do all your videos, is it true you’re starting your own production company with Andrew No, yes, I guess it is Brad Let me know see you guys have like a crew like you guys can’t see it but behind the scenes music there’s like a lot of people here and Earlier that you were like the cameraman with what? I don’t know if you want to be anonymous, but he was just like we have a small crew today I’m like are you kidding me? My crew is me and one other person who might looper drivers on my diet. Oh, that’s it Yeah, yeah, so, I don’t know I don’t think I’d ever have a production company cuz I don’t really have a production like let’s say Ten years from now would you ever want to have like a company where you’re no longer doing content for yourself? We were like helping other youtubers or that type of thing like a multi-channel network type thing. I kind of already do that That’s here’s my problem. Emile like before you got here I like sent somebody an a video idea advice Thumbnail idea title idea and I get nothing from that and I do that all the time I guess I should be making money from that. But I’m just like so nice. Yeah, so I guess I should do that I know I won’t though cuz I’ll be dead Yeah fair enough, so this is the first question about the wedding and then I’ll ask some more later Yeah, we’re doing is it true? You’re quitting YouTube after your wedding to fucking on married life Did I tell you no, I feel like that’s something I’ve joked about like with my friend No, I mean, I don’t think I’ll ever quit YouTube I think I mean I already only post once a year so but I think my YouTube channel changes and I think it’ll change after that Too because I do want I mean we want to start a family and stuff So I don’t want to be like I’ve already slowly phased out of doing things. I’d be embarrassed for my kids to see Yeah You know Like I’m not eating on camera wearing wigs well getting away from the rumors for a second just to I remember obviously most people remember like all of your older videos when you’ve seen how you’ve evolved and I just think it’s so cool because When you and Rylan started dating I think I was only a clever for a few months and we started to see it like in your videos how you change when? He was introduced into your life and then Andrew came into your life. So while Riley’s I hear Like what was that like for you like what the change like the impact that he had on you? I think it made me just want to just be myself and be more comfortable to myself I think being with him was very much like I could just be myself and not feel judged not feel You know weird at all I think before that I was like well if I post a crazy video what if I am on a date and the person looks Me up and they’re like, what is this once I met him and I’m like, oh, he’s it. I mind whatever I want. Yeah No judgement. Yeah, and I could just be myself and I don’t have to like hide or something It’s kind of confusing but I just feel like a Nima. Let me know. I love that. No, I completely understand You know I’ve been with AJ for a while and like it’s very rare that you find somebody where you can just be Completely comfortable with them. So I’m really happy for you guys Spend seven years, and I’m still there figure. So AJ Is it true that local Paul spread rumors about you in the past to take negative press off with him stone You don’t think I mean, I know that was a thing. Oh, yeah, all the like T spell channels We’re like showing like hey pal things like Oh Logan PayPal somebody to start a rumor that I like had sex with a toy I don’t know what it was. Yeah, but no, I don’t think I think he’s busy What do you think about the like all the drama channels now? There’s so many who just spilled the tea Well, okay, here’s the thing Oh, that’s controversial because I know people some people really hate it and then some people love it too much Yeah And I think I’m right in between I feel like I’m in them sometimes Because of things I’ve done in the past whatever but like I have to live with that I made those jokes I did those things so it’s like forever I’m gonna come live with that and like yeah suck have to but like I Try to be good to people on a day-to-day basis. So I don’t I’m not concerning that more stuff He’s gonna come up with raised everything to nice. Definitely Yeah, so I enjoy it cuz I think it’s kind of like fun entertainment youtubers are like the new whatever like Hollywood thing But yeah There’s a line like if you’re like releasing people’s personal information or you’re you know saying Really bad things about me and that’s happened to me. That’s too far But like when it’s just fun and T and whatever it’s like people get way too like spit Yeah, people get way too. Like oh the drama channels are talking about me It’s like well, yeah You want them to write while you’re doing all these dumbass things on Twitter and it’s how you stay with them And yeah, and like and I feel like a lot of those people that say that like behind the scenes they love it They’re all checking the drama channels, but then they’ll go on Twitter and be like, oh my god Like it’s like so much t it’s like too much. I need my own whatever. I’m like you love it Yeah I will say Just in case some of you wondering we’re not going to address some rumors in this interview Because he’s addressed to multiple times before and they don’t need to be discussed Welcome let’s continue. Is it true? Come on in my head. I’m thinking of like 10 different things What do you refer to you? Came from the internet. Is it true that your conspiracy videos are supposed to distract us from the Illuminati taking over I Can’t There is a full thread on some of your older videos My look is joining the Illuminati and their recent comments that are convinced that the reason why you stopped posting about that and why you don’t post as freaking as before is because the Illuminati got to you and they told you to stop and Then there are also people who are convinced that you actually joined the Illuminati, which is why So you could reveal if you’re actually part of the Illuminati, that would be great Okay, but no. I’m not I stopped doing stuff like that because I just I did it all I mean, I don’t know. I mean, I’m sure there is but I was just kind of like alright How many times can I do this? I did for a while stop doing conspiracy videos because It was getting into a lot of like legal problems. Like it was less Illuminati and more like People that were mad in Hollywood that was a part of the Illuminati Honestly, you know what? Yes Honestly, probably, okay, so I went to a therapist because I had this huge awful thing happened I posted a conspiracy whatever and then it turned into rumours about me what I went to a therapist and I told her about it so How do I feel like I keep getting like people keep? for me doing all these things that I don’t know to do whatever and then I told her about the conspiracy video I did and She was just like you can’t do that. You shouldn’t be talking about that They will come for you and I was like my god, you’re my therapist. It was really scary So then I stopped talking about this specific I think But maybe my therapist was in the Illuminati. I mean possibly Do you believe him is real like honestly? Yeah, what do you think it is? Because I know people have different ideas of what the Illuminati is Oh, I don’t even know if it’s like I don’t know if it’s like be a little bit naughty or if it’s I don’t think it’s just like cool as we think it Is with like red robes and stuff I think it’s just a lot of people who control a lot of things with money and power and Manipulation and I think everybody is a puppet including us Also, there’s a rumor that I’m a drama channel is that on your list no, it’s just found out about this like it’s crazy there’s a rumor that me and Morgan Rielly sister, who are Running a drama channel, and we’re and it’s like her beliefs but like modified and cut it does not like it Oh, it’s like and all these it is. Oh and then Shane did it and he’s infiltrating the beauty world with a series So he started a drama channel. It’s like a social experiment and it was like But that’s doesn’t know Or are you just saying that to how people think it’s not when it actually is which is why he brought it up. I Don’t know but uh as long as they don’t talk about me, I’m Your your friend Jeffrey star There’s a rumor online that he is an alien. So is it true that Jeffrey star is only a hundred percent? Okay, so I there’s a few people that I think are an alien. Hmm he’s one of them and then a lot of the beauty people I think really I don’t know if they’re aliens or if they just Have no like self-awareness. Yeah, I Get back. Yeah, it’s like this weird thing where I’m like, do you know? That you’re on earth with the rest of us. I don’t think they do So, I don’t know if it’s aliens or like just next-level narcissists. I don’t really know but whatever it is I’m fascinated and I probe me. How was that friendship blossomed over time with Jeffrey? We met a while ago I was really afraid of him back in like my space days. I was scared Pink arrow all the crazy stuff and then we did a video with him and I don’t know we kind of connected on a lot Of like we’ve been through a lot Depression and crazy childhoods and stuff but like the last year specifically because we’ve been working together this whole year. He’s Really helped me come out of my shell more be more confident. Leave my house a little bit more Yeah, not today but a little bit more and I don’t know that this whole makeup world stuff has made me like It’s given me a new like outlet for my stress and anxiety and stuff It’s he’s changed my life in like a lot of ways and I think God or the universe or whatever definitely made that happen If I look like super snappy looking at you I think it’s because when you talk about certain things or certain people I can see the genuine Appreciation you have for different people in your life in your face, which is it’s a breath of fresh air But I meet a lot of big people. How do you do? It’s my job do you ever do celebrity interviews and then you know that they’re being fake with you and you’re just like oh This is so weird like stop. It’s not weird for me only because I know that in their mind they’re just doing their job they’re promoting a movie or the promote a TV show and it’s like they put it on for the camera as Opposed to I can put it on too. But like this is what I love. We’re on patrol in particular It’s like the one show where I can just relax me myself like there’s no I don’t know It’s just it’s nice to just sit here and just have a conversation as opposed to All right, so tell me about your latest but speaking of wait, okay? Okay the next question Can you do it in your host voice? And then I’ll answer in my like I’ll try to do like a like a PC like I love you I’m a youtuber right I’m Hollywood. Okay. Do I want to do with this question? I Will do it this question. So Shane since we’re talking about Geoffrey star, okay In your previous series with Geoffrey star you talked about Or he revealed at least that he had threesomes with his boyfriend um Is it true that you and Rylan were inspired to have a threesome because of? Jeffrey and Nate I would never let anybody else see my ass Next question That’s my nightmare If you can do that, I need more power to you I literally the amount of times I have to steer Rylan’s face away from certain parts of my body You got to grab him by the neck and be like nope, and he thinks it’s like oh, wow, you’re so I’m like no I’m just steering you Like no nothing King, honey. Don’t move this literally when he turns his head back toward me. I’m just like no we’re forward And you guys wouldn’t go down that path in your relationship only if it was over driver and we were about to die So obviously everybody knows about your new series coming out with Jeffery ugly side of the beauty world Oh, is that still the name? No, I think that’s gonna be one of the episodes got it So I was kind of just seeing what people thought of that title and the reaction was Pretty bad and Jeffery text me was like people were like mad now my oops because I didn’t actually look at Twitter that day Mm-hmm. Here’s what happened. So we’ve been filming for you know Seven months or something yeah, I don’t even know and I also filmed we filmed an entire conspiracy video at some point this year and Started editing it and it just wasn’t working. I just we weren’t in love with it I was like, yeah, let’s just let’s can that for a minute? Yeah, but it there’s a lot of beauty elements in it and I was like, wait a minute We should mix that into the series because it is about beauty and it makes more sense in Jeffrey’s in it Too and whatever but so I think the episode that that will be will be like the ugly side of you Well, I think so. I was just testing it out, but maybe I won’t call it Do you know how many parts is gonna be it? No, I mean are you stating? Oh my god. Yeah Yeah, we’ve been yeah well because we’ve been editing for the whole time but then we did the eugenia thing that we did this whole conspiracy thing that didn’t end up happening and then We’ve been actually doing stuff with Jeffery. That is very time consuming so now we’re full-on editing like, you know, 12-hour days before whatever our days stuff with Jeffery Oh, What we’re doing, whichever yeah So I’m not allowed to say I’m trying to think what he told me The beauty world is interesting because everything’s supposed to be very secretive even though I feel like people already know But we’re doing some stuff that has taken a long time to do and it’s out of my comfort zone and Also, we’re not even done the the series will be coming out while we’re still doing it It’s always scary for me and it’s gonna be a nightmare. I’m sorry So since is with Jeffery, I’m assuming it’s not the confirm assume. It’s makeup If that is it Would you be excited for the world to? See this or is it a scared feeling like if that were to be the thing that you were releasing? How would that make you feel or how are you currently feeling? I’ve never been worked out about Anything I think yeah career-wise ever in my life. Like I’m so proud and excited And like I was really scared in the beginning and now I’m just so ready Like I’m I’ve always wanted to you know mess around with makeup and kind of dabble in that world but I’ve always been afraid of it and like all them people are gonna make fun of me people think this that whatever I Was doing makeup years ago when I was Sheneneh or any of these other characters I was always doing makeup and I don’t know I I’ve always been interested in it So being able to fully dive in and be like, oh, no judgement. Nobody’s gonna judge me for this I can do whatever I want. I mean I’m like messing with a 3 a.m Every night and I’m like coming up with looks and doing all these things So by the time the series comes out my hope is that people actually? You know will take me seriously and actually know I’m not it’s not whatever I’m doing is not Like a not entick or a lake? It’s I’ve never put more into anything in my life That happens in what’s coming up? I mean, even when I’ve seen you do your makeup or in some of Ireland’s videos recently you did is makeup You’re actually really good like really good. So obviously I can tell you you care about it And you’re enjoying it have you in your insta story recently you said or you play Green Bay’s things coming out in September? Have you picked an actual launch date yet? That’s been weird, too Cuz usually like you know We’d put out a trailer and then we like Tizen – I’ve been very scared to do that because I feel like when I put out like a date if I Take too long or I’m Mississippi people get mad. And so I’m try not to do that I want to yeah, because I’m excited and it has to come out at a certain point. Mm-hmm it has to so now there’s a deadline so, yes, but it will be a lot of episodes I think and I hope That people are ready They’re gonna be so sick of me by the end of it and then I’ll go away for another year in Alka If I asked is it true that you’re dropping the series on September 20th Which is the same day that the area 51 rate is scheduled to happen since it’s Jeffrey star Would that be just not real the rate is happening? Oh My the raid is happy I’ve been kind of out of the loop cuz I’ve been editing and stuff So I don’t even know that much about it I saw the tweet, but I thought it was a meme people are actually going there. That’s gonna be bad. That’s a bad They’re gonna get shot. Yeah, that’s about right. Yeah, trying to trespass on government. I mean, it’s interesting. You definitely shouldn’t do that, right? Okay, so I know you’re still working on it. Ideally without giving a date. Do you see it? early September mid late Oh if something’s not up by a Really October. I’ve actually gonna die like I you have to post it. Well, don’t die that’s happenin uber right? All right Well, yeah, you’re right, right And the over on the way to the can you can say that? Oh Yes, it has to be I mean it has to literally have to do so. Yes, okay I feel like we should change the scenery move somewhere, but I brought a robe since I’m in your home Okay, let me get up on a date at Windy. Sometimes I have a windy road. Oh my god Cuz I went to like feel like shame for a second think it in the room. I can get cozy in your home I was gonna wear a robe today and then I’m like, you know, what a meal is coming All shower from the neck up. Okay. I’ll wear the robe for you. Where should we go? I would you want to Like you want to go to the glamour? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Is it true that you guys don’t love each other? Oh This is all for cloud Wow but guys wait before you go click right over here to watch another episode of a rumor Patrol and You should probably subscribe right? You should subscribe leave a comment who’s house. Should you go to next? Oh, yeah

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