48 thoughts on “SNL’s latest star to mock Trump: A real, live dog

  1. If they really wanted to be funny, they should have gotten a rabid dog, and it bit all of the actors on SNL… now that would have been hilarious!!!!

  2. 1:12 "Do we have to protect someone who given a false account:" I do believe most of us feel the same about you, you traitorous SOB!

  3. that dog has more brains and nads than liberals period who have the nerve to preach love not hate who refuse to get recruited into the military themselves or police force to patrol minority neighborhoods and show them love by helping them or letting them live in their neighborhoods.

  4. Too bad Conan wasn’t elected President. At least he could be trained not to hump unsuspecting women. And as a loyal dog he wouldn’t leave our allies to be slaughtered.

  5. SNL is a F/N joke, and not a funny one. It's time to retire this joke of a show. Yes, it was once a funny show but it no longer is and hasn't been for a VERY long time. I stopped watching years ago. It been on for over 40 years (can you believe it) so it's had quite a run. Time to call it quits.

  6. Not sure if they're dissing President Trump again or not but in all fairness what Trump did by posting that fake picture and by honoring the dog, was still cute that makes Trump a human AND SNL also have the right to joke about it. All is well as long as no one is spreading fakenews

  7. SNL has no stars…it is a propaganda toilet.. when Chris Farley left, that show went to the bottom like the Titanic.

  8. That Beautiful Dog has more Respect and Admiration than that disgusting Orange Puddle in the White House. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🏅🏅🐕🐕

  9. Trump and his administration are attempting a Coup on America's Constitution, free and fair elections, democratic norms and rule of law. He is conducting rogue hit jobs and operations against our allies endangering our national security and foreign policy interests.

  10. Not to be outdone by SNL Donnie John was lamenting the fact that the dog was getting all the credit and he got none! Go figure!

  11. So the president wants the dems to stop protecting the whistle blower because he claims he gave a false account?
    Well i think the republicans should stop protecting trump for lying since the moment he entered stormy daniels the white house.

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