Steven Avery’s Attorney Slams Alleged New Confession To ‘Making A Murderer’ Killing

>>>The disappearance remains a mystery.>>See, everybody is listening. What do you want to say today?>>Netflix is making a murderer. The story was in the headlines in 2017. It’s been a true crime craze ever since. They have been in prison since 2007.>>Now the director is working on a new series, “Convicting a murderer.” And, folks, we might have a bombshell confession.>>There is an awful lot of evidence we will present in how the story was told and how people were possibly misled. This is not a stale retelling of a story we’ve already seen.>>Which included doing an interview with an inmate who wrote a letter to the director regarding the case.>>The goal was to further implicate Steven and with hearsay information. And our attempt was to fact check, debunk, confront this person with someinconsistencies and some things that we think told us that the letter may not be legitimate.>>But when they went to confront the inmate, they got much more than that.>>We set up a jail call to talk to this person about that letter. Rather than talk about the letter and defend the letter, the person immediately said that the letter was not true and said that they, in fact, had killed Teresa. He went on to explain how he also tried to frame the homeowner who happened to have been Steven Avery.>>He can’t reveal who the inmate is until authorities check on it.>>This person is in Wisconsin jail for killing another human being. I was stunned it matches the publically known time line. When it is all said and done, it is not something that should be ignored especially when two men are rotting in prison.>>This just in, the director has released the name of the inmate who allegedly confessed, Joseph W. Evans Jr. We reached out to his attorney but have not heard back. In a statement, Steven Avery’s attorney said in part the confession is not credible because there are a number of witnesses on the property. It is in Mr. Avery’s self-interest for someone else to confess, but not if it is patently false. I have seen it all. You know I think Avery is guilty. And poor thing because I know he struggles. I think there is some guilt there, too. But let me ask you this. Joseph Evans Jr., this guy that confessed to the murder, first he said that Avery confessed to now he’s saying, he didn’t do I did it. And he’s locked up for murder.>>Jailhouse snitches for the most part are not creditable, period. In 2016 he sends out a nine-page letter describing how Steven Avery sat next to him and confessed to this murder. And at that time nobody believed him. Now there was a $100,000 reward offered for any information about the killer. So what does he do? He writes a letter.>>I did it.>>He says, I did it. Could you give me the money.>>First of all, that’s not how it works. And he sends a deposit slip. He wants $13,000 deposited on his books immediately. However, he is a convicted murderer. He does provide a lot of facts about the case. He could have read about them. And it has to be looked into. It has to be vetted by law enforcement to see if it’s possible that it’s true. Why does it matter to me, Mario? Big deal.>>Yeah.>>You and I talked about this for years. I don’t think he did it. I don’t think he did it, Brendan. And he’s out of appeals. The supreme court, the U.S. Supreme court, denied his petition. It is his only hope of ever getting released ever.>>God bless him. We’re going to agree to disagree. I think he did it intentionally.>>We’re going to see what great stuff. I’m riveted.

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