[STOCK MARKET NEWS UPDATE] – DOW jumps 163 points as traders hope for an end to the trade war

And we’re alive. And this time with sound. All right. So welcome. This is your stock market update for January 17th *2019. I just did one live and here’s what happened. I forgot to switch on the mic so nobody heard anything so let’s do this again. Let’s take a look of what
happened in the markets today. The Dow jumps again. So is there anything that can stop the stock market from going up right now. It doesn’t seem this way so let’s see what moved the markets today and what the markets did today. So we’re going to switch over to the charts. There we go. All right fantastic. So here we see the mini S&P and this morning we open slightly
negative and then we were diddling around for most of the day as you can see. And yes diddling around is a
technical term for what the markets did today. Pretty much just shopping around a whole bunch of nothing but then suddenly right here where
you see the big spike at 2:30 the S&P rallied almost a percent. Exactly 0.8% in 20 minutes. So what happened? Why did the markets rally here like crazy? Well, news broke that the US is considering lifting tariffs on China to help make a deal. And traders seem to like it. However a few minutes later CNBC reported that a Treasury spokesperson said that there were no
tariff recommendations made and therefore the markets pulled
back. As you can see here. So… But still finish the day positive. So as you can see the S&P up almost 20 points, 0.76%. That Dow Jones here up 163 points almost 0.7% And the Nasdaq here up 50 points,0.75%. So I can see very similar in all three markets here at the same time. So in other news what else happened today? Well we had more earnings
reports so we had Morgan Stanley reporting and Morgan Stanley actually didn’t report any good earnings and therefore it got hammered. Let’s take a look at the stock here and see what Morgan Stanley did. Let’s go back to daily charts. Ms Morgan Stanley so they are actually down 4.41%. This is a daily chart. So today they got hammered down 4.4%. Talking about getting hammered and being down today Netflix reported earnings and a few days ago as you know
Netflix was everybody’s darling because they
announced that they will raise subscription
price and everybody said well this is
awesome. But today they reported earnings and they were not good. So let’s take a look at Netflix here real quick. And if I look, so overall today it first look good. But then after the bell as you can
see they are down almost 4% right now. Earlier they have been down a
little bit more than 4%, so we will see what happens tomorrow when the markets open if their raises are not a big deal. Netflix will be just fine because
they’re everybody’s darling. Right? OK. So let’s take a look at the markets overall let’s see where we
stand. Since the beginning of the year and also where do we stand overall, right over the past few months. Let’s go back to the charts here. Let’s take a look at the Dow Jones and the Dow Jones after getting
hammered in October November and especially during the Christmas
week here nicely recovering here. All three indicators are showing us that we are in a bullish market. I believe it’s one of the best starts
in the year and I don’t know 20-30 years. The S&P, very similar also bouncing back but still well below the highs that we made earlier in
September last year at almost 2,950. Right now trading above the key level
of twenty six hundred. I’m looking at the Nasdaq here. Also the Nasdaq nicely recovering. Let’s take a look at crude oil what
happened to crude oil. Today, Crude oil. Oh let’s see what did they do today. They snapped a winning streak today. Crude oil was slightly down but as you can see still at $52 per barrel. So same here as the overall market’s crude oil also slid down, down, down, down, down in October, November and December and is now nicely bouncing up again. All right. So that’s the summary for today January 17th. What else is in the news? While we still have the government
shut down, the markets right now seem to be
unimpressed by the government shutdown, because as you can see they’re still
rallying. What can we expect for tomorrow? Nothing big. I mean tomorrow we have a last trading day of the week
tomorrow is Friday. So we’ll see. I will be back with you on Sunday
because I like to do these market updates
Sunday through Thursday so on Sunday we’ll look back
on what happened this week and then also what to expect next week. We’ll look at some key stocks in the
market conditions overall. Hope you’re enjoying it and I’ll see you on, Sunday

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