Super Awesome Sports Stuff: March 22, 2019 I CBC Kids News

♪ ♪ [board scraping] ♪ ♪ I’m glad I get
to be the youngest, because I want
to show girls, like, it doesn’t matter
how old you are, you can do anything. ♪ ♪ [announcer speaking
indistinctly] Jozy Altidore! Jozy Altidore scores with ten
minutes left to play! New contract,
same Jozy Altidore! He’s back! And he’s looking
for number three here. [crowd cheering]
[horn blaring] Oh, what a move! That’s creative! That’s what we want to see. None of this flying hole stuff. What a goal! Wow. [shoes squeaking]
[ball dribbling] Embiid… Wow! And this is an awkward shot. I don’t think he
was ready for this one. How about– [crowd cheering] Mikaela Shiffrin
just turned 24, looking for a fourth crystal
globe this season! Shiffrin! Oh, yes! That is a 60th World Cup win! And she’s 24! [cheering and applause] [crowd cheering] [ball bouncing] Oh! That is outstanding
from Denis Shapovalov! [cheering and applause] Give. Schultz ahead, Crosby onside
behind the fence toward the net! He scores! [horn blaring]
[crowd cheering] Incredible individual play,
Sidney Crosby! We’re tied up at two! Played down the stretch,
and then in the playoffs, duplicated the production. Here’s McConnell,
and nice save! And it pays off with a bucket. We’ve got a 6er player,
Mike Scott, three rows deep here
at Fiserv Forum. Expensive courtside seats here,
and saying hello. Well, I’ll tell ya,
I like this edition. Watch this, David. Up the slope,
across the ledge, back down to hole. He’s walking after it
and there it goes Nothing but net! Well, this 17th green
through the shotlink here, our second most number of three
putts on this green, and the entire golf course. No, you’ve got to be kidding me! Oh, man! There you go! And now we’ve got a good one. See there is a
golf god here at 17. This goes right in on the flag. That hit at least a
foot and a half, two feet– Up the stick. ♪ ♪ What are the odds
of that happening?

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