Television News Careers : What Is Broadcast Journalism?

What is broadcast journalism? The meaning
of those words have changed a lot over the years. I’m Glenn Selig and I spent two decades
as a news reporter and anchor in broadcast journalism. And now I am CEO of Selig Multimedia.
Broadcast journalism, years ago in the advent of TV and radio used to only mean TV and radio.
Anything to do with broadcasting and that’s what broadcast journalism was all about. The
journalism component is anything to do with news, reporting the news in any way, shape
or form. Broadcast journalism has now broadened out a little bit more to also include online
media, so you could have broadcast journalism now on the web. There are people who use their
blogs and put videos on there like the one you’re watching, there are people who put
their radio stations online and use that as part of broadcast journalism. So broadcast
journalism is really anything to do with broadcasting and journalism in any way, shape or form.
And while it used to mean it was just TV and radio it has now come to mean online as well.
So broadcast journalism has changed with the computer age. I’m Glenn Selig.

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