The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others BBC News

NHÌN KÌA GOLEM 3000 (quái vật game ) bị cấm rồi
tôi sẽ chỉ cho bạn thấy nó gian lận như thế nào. Người đàn ông nà tôi sẽ gặp , anh ta đã gian lận bao lâu nay

cheating he says it just adds to the fun
of the game for him but what about do
millions of other people who play online
who don’t cheat
you could you could get in some serious
job this cookie yeah if you miss often
decides to come after you because of
copyright infringement in your you’re in
for a tough time in fact for Chinese
hackers just like him were recently
arrested for allegedly creating and
selling cheats police say they made a
hundred and forty thousand dollars
before being arrested this teenage
hacker will call him Lucas runs a
smaller operation from the Netherlands
his business can still make almost
fifteen hundred pounds a week and his
customer base is growing I know quite
some customers that actually are like in
the top top ranks by using a product so
some of the top ranked global players on
this game
use your cheats yes apparently very even
a few people that use it in like proper
tournaments Lukas’s cheats are currently
undetected that players using other
hacks have been caught red-handed watch
as this eSport star tries to delete the
evidence during a live high profile
tournament he was banned and sacked by
his eSports team can we see what your
cheats can do yeah sure first time I
really made a cheat a snack man this is
awesome I want to do this more it was
only a hobby the dinner be less such in
that I could make a lot of money on it
because it’s the only job I have at the
moment oh look at that so already I can
move loaded up and I can see much
further I can now shoot completely in
one spot without any recoil and when I
shoot someone it hurts them a lot more
this is a completely different game now
yeah I almost completed it yeah so
should we play online now we’re not
ruining anyone’s game but now we’re
about to
cheating and gaming is almost as old as
gaming itself but things have changed a
lot since the early days back then a few
cheat codes would affect a single player
or maybe a group of mates arguably it
all started with the 80s classic Gradius
the legend decode army code up up down
down etc was a secret sequence installed
by the developer to make it easier for
him to complete the game but soon word
got out and the cheating began now
gaming is online its global and it’s
highly competitive and a lot of people
are saying the cheating has got out of
mamie leaf is a gaming streamer she says
the cheats are spoiling the fun for
millions for them and maybe a little bit
of fun like yay I won the round but
everyone else they didn’t get fast shot
at that game at all like the games can
last up to half an hour that’s how after
hour of game time that they’ve there’s
been wasted just put the time in it’s so
much more rewarding and it’s not just
gamers this is affecting for game makers
cheating is one of the biggest problems
in the industry it’s very frustrating
that the people who are cheating or
taking development resources away that
could be used for new levels or improved
Ubisoft the makers of this game say
they’re committed to tackling the issue
and use several tools to detect cheaters
going off the individual cheat creators
though is difficult the makers of
Pokemon go recently got a cheat company
shut down by filing a lawsuit for
intellectual property theft the way the
cheat industry is moving is making it
even harder to police cheat to being
sold in encrypted chat forums on
platforms like discord we were shown
four separate communities with hundreds
of members in each they’re all well
organized and work hard to stay
undetected so we’re now playing online
with nine strangers
yeah we got him I just shot someone
through the sealer floor area the floor
because I could see them yes it’s easy
yeah and it really is does that take the
fun out of it
no how do you feel about people using
your cheats in actual tournaments where
there’s prize money and a lot of a lot
at stake obviously we don’t condone it
but we’re not gonna be like hey you
cannot do that Lucas says he has no
plans to stop making cheats in fact Tim
and his team want to expand into other
games and as long as the customers keep
coming and the games makers do nothing
his business and many others will keep
on growing

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