The Donald Trump Russia Political Crisis: A Timeline In Breaking News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “The Donald Trump Russia Political Crisis: A Timeline In Breaking News | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK..TICK.. MaddCow's time at MSNBC is almost up. Conspiracy theories tiresome.

  2. From the outside, 'liberal' Americans look hilarious, fizzing at the bung, working themselves into a frenzy over a non-event.

  3. Pop Quiz . What do you call a woman named Rachael who body jerks around like she has a nervous disorder and lies quite often? and always assumes the worst.  Rachael MADCOW. AKA. BSE

  4. Happy last year on tv Maddow, YOU ARE SOON TO BE FIRED! The army of YHVH is awakening…….time is up…..HALLELUJAH

  5. It just highlights how impotent the democratic leadership is/was on this matter! If you can not stand up for yourself, no one else will, Democratic Party does not deserve the presidency as long as it keep being so incompetent.

  6. does no one remember Trump saying somthing like 'i hope the russians did hack crooked hillary. maybe they can find those missing emails.' and everyone cheered.

  7. So weird, I thought this was just a lie that the Dems came up with because they just cant stand having lost the election…

  8. It's funny to watch Maddow go completely off the rails with Russia. Can't watch for more than a few minutes without hearing Russia… Russia… Russia. REPUBLITARDs had Benghazi, DEMOCRITs will have Russia.


  10. The best part of this video is Rachel progressively getting more done with everything related to Russiagate.

  11. Its amazing the bold racism of the leftist white american men on display on national T.V. Not sure how long they will be able to keep this up. How stupid are they? Majority of the world is not white and most certainly not leftist. The big backlash is coming.

  12. I've never watched your program until you began your coverage of interference into the election.. I haven't stopped watching since!

  13. Fake News! Fake poles! Only speculations never fact. Always wrong, Elmo from sesame street has more credibility than Rachel. They don't operate on Principle, only preference n their propaganda.

  14. Everything you've "reported" since your election predictions (a total joke) has been wrong or a big "nothingburger".

  15. the Repubs have intentionally turned a blind eye from the beginning of this tale…..Party over Country🇺🇸

  16. @1:26 "There were hints in the months before the November election that something was off…"

    Yes there was… It was your call of who will win the November election lol :)) like common NBC… months before the election you're also indirectly trying to influence your viewers not to vote for trump

  17. Wouldn't it be a bitter pill for Donnie to swallow if a temporary travel ban were to be imposed on all Russians ?

  18. LOVE Rachel Maddow. A Rhodes Scholar who does intene research to get at the truth. If you don't like what she says, then you CAN"T TAKE THE TRUTH!!!

  19. why do you Americans allow an obvious criminal mafia boss like this trump to buy the presidency of your country??? isn't that awfully stupid and dangerous???

  20. Um, to the comment below – for the wheels of justice to even start, you kind of need a crime first.  And no, accusations are not 'proof' of a crime even when repeated over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over on CNN.  But no shame – this is a common  misunderstanding these days.

  21. Ahhh Yess Rachel MadCow… High Priestess of FAKE NEWS…. Oh yeah, shell have some insight,,,,,,,,,,,NOT!

  22. MSNBC= More Staged News By CIA – – WAKE UP PEOPLE – – Main Stream Media IS LYING TO YOU……….. It's Called Operation Mockingbird and has been place since the 60's……. Racel Maddow is another talking head……….a Max Headroom puppet for the masses spewing deep state lies…….Like the Don Hennley song Dirty Luaundry…..See the Bubbleheaded bleah blonde, she comes on at 5, she can tell you about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye…

  23. Raymond Meadow you are so obsessed with the word Russia in my opinion you should go to Russia marry a Russian and maybe he can make you back into Rachel again

  24. Is there anything positive that you have to say about Trump? What is News Reporting in Comparison with Propagandist Dissemination? We all know that the Collusion wasHillary and Russia and selling 20% of our Uranium, guess that is not collusion?

  25. There is zero proof.this bitxh is running a slander campaign and should ne sue by trump for defamation of character

  26. Unbelievable. I can't believe that the MSM have spent two years peddling a conspiracy theory. The collusion story is complete BS. I'm genuinely shocked that they can get away with this stuff. First, Smollett. Now this. And they're allowed to continue destroying this country unchecked. Incredible.

  27. ffs where is the one of her crying because of no collusion i wanna see it i need a good laugh did they scrub it?
    can we get her deplatformed please, alex jones gives more 'real' information than this

  28. "This is your life [huge grin on face], America. This is what you're life has been like since December. Do you wonder why you've been so stressed out over the past few months? Have you been following this news? [laughter] It has been a long but gratifying seven months for journalism. Particularly the nonstop breaking news from our excellent world class, excellent newspapers, like the Washington Post, and like the New York Times. We have covered a lot of ground over the last seven months on this show, bringing these breaking news updates every night. These stories have just broken night, after night, after night, after night. Over the rest of this hour, tonight, we won't just look at where we've been over this remarkable seven month span in American history, we'll tell you what to look out for as the investigations into this administration continue. So, happy Independence Day. Stay with us tonight [huge grin on face], this is going to be fun. " -Rachel Maddow. ;

  29. wipe that smirk off your face as that crap that's been coming out if your sewer mouth is all fake! no collusion yet you left winged muppets insist on using the media like the clown doing this reporting to brain wash the common folk. absolutely disgusting, should be made to publicly apologise.

  30. Oh my my Rachel, you are a proven hack, since the release of the report. You've been proven absolutely wrong. I suggest you dye your hair purple and take up soccer with Meghan. How do ya like your ratings now? Trump 2020

  31. Ahhh the good ol' days….Remember when your bullsh!t raked in the ratings…where have your followers gone? lol

  32. Here Maddow claims that everyone voted without knowing about the alleged Russia ties but in earlier broadcasts that predates the election, she talks openly about it.

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