‘The Five’ on Bloomberg bashing Trump after campaign announcement

38 thoughts on “‘The Five’ on Bloomberg bashing Trump after campaign announcement

  1. If he's not a good President to you Mr. Bloomberg , he is a good President to the masses of the American people. He has done much to improve the lives of Americans what have you done lately??

  2. Bloomberg. A billionaire who got rich harvesting money from investments off the backs of the working class. What a perfect Democrat.

  3. Bernie Madoff was Jewish American, and his crimes were extreme; just like the security fraud, embezzlement and other financial crimes perpetrated by Jewish Americans. What would happen if a black mayor of New York ordering an audit of all Jewish businesses in New York? I think everybody knows it would reduce a lot of white-collar crime. But it would really violate the constitution. Why is Bloomberg being given a pass on what could be the most serious abuse of the 4th Amendment and due process – in the history of the city government? I'm going to ask others to ask this question of all people who support Bloomberg.

    S W I M
    I N
    T R U M P'S
    R I C H AND
    F L O U R I S H I N G
    A M E R I C A N
    B O O O O M I N G
    E C O N O M Y!

  5. Gosh, a billionaire who actually is self made, Horatio Alger story, versus a phony who has lied, cheated and all his wealth. Plus he can carry himself with dignity unlike the Pudgy Palomino.

  6. Too old to. He can not speach looking like it reading book ha,ha bloombu is Boling all ready . He just go home sleep! !!

  7. I’m Micheal Bloomberg I have the personality of a wet fish and billions of dollars…. I’m not an NPC…. globalists are you’re friends

  8. Matt nailed it with the Twitter thing same thing happened in Australia last election libs used the AUP to distract we morons

  9. I love the term "tax loopholes" the dems always use against their opponents with lots of money, whether it's Trump or even when Romney ran for President. Like they didn't earn their money, but politicians do. That's funny. Who created those tax laws in the first place? Let's look at that first. Is it a loophole, or is it written exactly the way it was meant to be written? I'd take advantage of the "loopholes" too, who wouldn't? This government wastes so much money (less now that Trump is President) it's criminal, why wouldn't I want to protect MY hard-earned money in the first place?

    Every successful person has had one or more failures at one time or another, big or small, otherwise they would have learned nothing. Abraham Lincoln failed to the point that others in the same scenario would have probably given up, but he did not, and the rest is history.

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