The Girls Who Fled To Syria: Groomed By The Islamic State

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  1. VICE News gained intimate access to the father of one girl, Amira, and joined him as he dealt with the press and parliament to find out what it's like for those left behind by the tragic choices of their loved ones.

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  2. How could he not have known about the rally.he then took part in it..and for expressing his freedom? Marching along and is quite willingly doing so

  3. how were they allowed to fly there kids and no1 at airport thought was strange 3 school girls where flying to that country

  4. she says Shamima Begum she does not regret going and believes in all that IS stands for she lost 2 kids and husband dead too she was 9mth preg in video interview given this year and she talks about seeing things like a head in bin and says did not shock her she talks about her friend other girl who died and says always thought they would die together and then says i want come to uk so this child can be looked after healthwise at least she says but her newborn son died 3wks later so she has lost 3 children i feel for her when it comes to this but now been told she will NEVER be allowed back in britain and after watching that interview and other ones i agree with decision she can go to bangladesh were was born and also her dad fled back there a while ago which is susp in my book she can go stay with him

  5. You are a disgrace to our people. How could you support while those cocksuckers are beheading your Ethiopian and Eritrean brothers in the Sahara desert. 😡

  6. should have just stayed in ıstanbul ,enjoy the bosphorus, get a tattoo or piercing and fly back.. this is not normal teenage 'rebellion' .. me as a turk feel so lucky not to be born in such a country or culture.. ı will never even come near such groups let alone become a slave to them or travel to a country where ı need to cover myself by force or sad stupid and a waste of life ,they could have been so much more ..ıf ıt was my country, ı would not take em back in ..who the shoe fits let them wear it

  7. The question should be – who brainwashed her parents. Ans. Islam. The root cause of evil in this world. Well for religious terrorism

  8. The double standard here is so prominent. If she was a white girl, from a white family, everyone would be talking shit about ISIS, not about her and her father, and claiming she is a victim of a terrorist organization. Now, because she is Muslim, and her father is an immigrant, she is an awful person, and therefore should die (either by death penalty or by staying in a war filled country). She did make a mistake, she joined a terrorist organization, but they were known for grooming girls, for making it seem like they would have an amazing life. People are not wrong about wanting a better life, in a better country. We are all humans, on one planet. Nationalism is what is going to destroy us, like it already has in the Second World War. A lot of immigrants in peaceful countries are simply victims, and, if a small percentage of them are “bad people”, there are also people like this in Europe, and America. The thing that makes you a bad person is the kind of upbringing you have, no matter what your race or religion is. Let’s not hate, but rather save each other.

  9. These girls were radicalized by their own families. They look like terrorists long before they ran off to become ISIS whores. Leave them where they are. Keep a sharp eye on the families I wouldn't trust them either. Forget it old man. If your ISIS whore daughter comes back she should spend the full 10 years in prison. You should rot in prison beside her.

  10. Her father is too old to handle Rifle and Grenada
    He would have also joined ISIS as jihadi to get his share of 72 virgins

  11. That lawyer is really rubbing me up the wrong way he just seems to be revealing in the lime light and loving the opportunity to speak and sound all intellectual in Parliament. What a self serving prick he is.

  12. I’d be very interested to know if in this family either the father or mother had a job , if they were integrated into ‘British’ society … To me if people genuinely want a better life anywhere they’ve migrated to in the world, they would try & be a part of that society & that includes partaking in that culture …. Those girls didn’t have a sense of belonging, Multiculturalism only divides !

  13. If father was radical then he would have gone there himself or with his entire family like many radicals went. He will also not involve two other young school girls who could spill the beans and jeopardize the whole plan. Also which radicalized man just sends his own daughter to sure death but himself stays behind. So father being involved seems ludicrous. He may not be saint but the facts do not add up. But I suspect the parents knew the girl was becoming radicalized. She would have shown her inclinations.

  14. @14:10 according to that stupid excuse for a lawyer falling in love is same as joining a terrorist organisation.But one can't expect better from Islamic fascism.Such convoluted excuse for terrorism.

  15. that fella is lying, his voice his trembling while he speaks with the journalist. no mercy at all to this stupid immigrants

  16. "Groomed" my foot. They dont call the teen boys who went there "groomed".
    These women were accomplices to ISIL crimes against a foreign sovereign nation. They deserve punishment or severe atonement not sympathy.

  17. "Radicalized"! What radicalized?! Those who joined ISIS were not radicals, they were and are the true Muslims! Islam allows fighting and killing people who don't accept it and allows taking female captives as sex slaves, etc. People who consider themselves as Muslims but do not agree with these crimes are actually not real Muslims as Quran itself says one can either accept Islam in its entirety or not at all! You can't pick and choose with Islam.

  18. Well, these little morons got a poking from the islamists and came back to your home countries with babies from murdering jihadist thugs. Ha ha. Guess who your future war is with yet?

  19. You raise your daughters in a religion that is opressive and a lifestyle that is opressive and then are shocked when someone offers them excitement and something "better".

  20. Only people I feel bad for is the families they left behind. Yes they were young but they weren’t too young to understand what they were doing. Yes they were manipulated but so are many many adults so I don’t give them any more sympathy than an adult, which is none. If you volunteer to join a “‘movement” where you are expected to kill people and torture people for simple “crimes” like their clothes or holding hands. That makes you a despicable person and once shit hits the fan they cry to come back home. Nope. You chose that life. Now live it.

  21. She was groomed by her father. ISIS accepted her cause she was already program by the family how did a minor child board a Air plane. These parents it showed the FATHER protesting against government. This is bullshit. They knew nothing untill she was on news!
    My Ass they are lying.

  22. I think she was attracted to the evil demonic killings wht else would it be she sure wasn't offered a beautiful home not even close to it how were they living in a building with a rooftop over their head's no furnishings no car she married 3 isis MEN did she try to come back after the first one died no wht about the 2nd NOPE she still wanted a 3rd husband now because there's nothing left she is wanting to come back oh no 1 isis husband is enough that girl was in it for the long haul

  23. Wassam Alakum and may you be saved by turning to Jesus by rejecting and spitting on your heathen fathers spirits whose prayers smell like the stench of death to our Father,Son and the Holy Ghost.
    May a Golem swollow your Islamic semens lust for life b4 it reaches the ovaries of any poor woman who has the misfortune to come across it.
    Anything said above may not be taken out of context or not and used against me as what I have written above is an expression of what I believe and I am free under our constitution to express this view….you pigs.

  24. Soon they ALL will leave, as many as possible, at once, realizing some will die, that happens in revolution, when risking it no matter what to gain a better life a of freedom.
    Face it, all the world's great religions have had to go through reformation, if only to adapt to modernization.
    Hey, bullying boys club, pulpit, you all need to realize these females are just as human, as YOU are. ISIS fleeing a trap, that will only lead to more bondage. If they had been treated with dignity and liberty, and the same respect boys get, to not only be a good wife and mother, but self actualized individuals, contributing to their society, with their individual talents, and intelligence.

  25. Why does the mother share a bedroom with the child why doesn't she sleep with her husband that doesn't make sense to me the mother and the father both seem to be in some sort of denial it seems to me anyway I feel so sorry for the father in particular

  26. 1. The father looks more than 60 and his wife looks at least 20 years younger than him. I'm sure he went there as a 40ish man to marry a girl who was 18-20.
    2. The mother slept in the same bed as her daughter (Wtf?) and never tried to look upon her shoulder to see what she was doing on the computer until 3am? She probably was very pleaser that her daughter took interest in religious stuff.
    3. The girl was forced to wear the veil at 14, according to one picture of her they show. She was raised in a family with extremists views, who refused to really be a part of this western british society. Amira probably didn't even see the difference between ISIS and her parents at first, they share the same beliefs.
    4. I'm 100% sure that the father would be more pissed if the daughter, instead of joining ISIS, decided to date a non muslim british guy.

  27. The documentary claims it is the confounding speed how radicalization can happen. But is it the right question? Is it a stealthy speed of foreign influence that changed these teenagers mind? Or was the foundation and seeds of radicalism already set in place within the family and communities in that East London neighborhood?

  28. Amazing that this entire production was aimed at painting the police or the school as the reason these girls became radicalised and treating their families like victims???? What am I watching here

  29. These "parents" should be thoroughly investigated, I don't understand how such young girls at that age can be that brave to the extent of joining terrorists organisations (even some boys am sure cant go all that way)and leaving their parents, families and friends behind, not to mention how they got the fundings and papers to travel, all this can never add up,,,,,these poor girls where simply sold by their families to ISIS most probably due to their stupid Islamic faith , you can almost feel zero genuine emotions when they are talking how their girls are missing as a parent I would not be in downtown London getting paid by vice for interviews, I would go straight to Syria and get them back at all costs even though it's the last thing I did alive,,,,,these people are so disgusting , hypocrites, liars, acomplisences , inhuman and to be fair, extremely stupid and heartless , may God punish you (the parents who sold their girls to ISIS)

  30. His composure from the start…and the things he said. Like "she's gone now" and "one day, maybe I'll see her and talk" makes it look like he either he knew she intended on going or he didn't mind too much that she did go.

  31. All these terrorists are radicalised at HOME .. Radicalisation happens in the home first.. These parents who are asking sympathy are the one who radicalised these kids…

  32. I seriously hope your whole family gets wiped out in a horrible way !!! Spread hate and when your life is in danger, you beg for mercy!!! Shameless pseudo secular piece of shit !!!

  33. I don't her father thought she would actually go to Syria. He was protesting US in the safety of UK. He never saw how radicalised his daughter would become. We are all fools at 14. Be careful what you expose your kids to.

  34. British citizenship is a privilege. If they left to join scumbags that behead people, this means they agree with it all.

  35. Fucking Allah and Muslims making the European fooools. You stupid European, just wait still come the disaster like middle East. 🤣🤣🤣

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