The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

Scale of 1 to 10…
…how would you rate
our kiss from last night?
Look who decided to join us.
All right.
You-all know the drill.
Run your routes…
…mark your log books.
You run into anything
you can’t handle…
…you come back.
Dina, where are you!
Get off me!
Please stop!
…I have to finish it.
You have no idea what
you’re walking into.
What are you doing?
You don’t know how
large that group is…
…how armed.
I don’t care.
You can’t stop this.
What the hell are
you doing here?
You think I’d let
you do this on your own?

100 thoughts on “The Last of Us Part II – Release Date Reveal Trailer | PS4

  1. Wait can't the parasite use bodily fluids to infect someone else? So like is the chick that she kissed infected too??????????

  2. Don't kill me for bringing up this possibility but what if the Joel we're seeing is just a delusion brought on by all the trauma Ellie has been through? Has a clip of her hand shaking from possible stress or some other possible mental distress. With all the deaths and having dealt with that creep David and not to mention that stuff in her brain I'm wondering if Joel is actually alive. But again just a thought that came to my mind and please forgive me for thinking of it.

  3. Me : "Mom? I'm gonna buy The Last Of Us Part 2 Special Edition for your money ok?"

    Mom : "You think I'd let you do this on your own?"

  4. hey sony why do you forget Drakan: The Ancients' Gates.

    I wish at least a future remaster or remake put it on the PSnetwork a remastered o remake that game was well ahead of its time that fits well with those of now

  5. I have a feeling Dina gets infected because of her kiss with Ellie, after all, Ellie IS infected with the cordyceps.

  6. If Sony and Microsoft will ever start a real "console war", Sony will have the best weapon of them all. It is called Naughty Dog

  7. A zombie revenge game? Nice. Also, Dina is totally dead. I just hope they only killed her and didn’t do anything else.

  8. The gas mask is probably because she's hiding the fact that she is immune to people (the tattoo hides the bite also). That's what Joel told her to do :"Never tell anyone about your condition, they'll either think you're crazy or they'll try to kill you".

    Also… Ashley Johnson as Ellie is always a win.

  9. I still would like to play a prequel as joel after losing his daughter explaining how he met tess and what happened to sarahs mother

  10. I’ve told my gf that if she cheated on me with Ellie, i wouldn’t even be mad.
    She was like “who tf is Ellie?”

    That’s the last convo we ever had. 🙅🏻‍♂️

  11. Me estas diciendo qua ahora que es mayor ya no tiene la inmunidad que tenía en el 1 donde podía respirar esporas?

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