The road that links China and Pakistan | A Journey across India & Pakistan – BBC

I’m traveling along the Karakoram Highway
It’s an 800 mile stretch of road that goes all the way to China. It’s one of the highest paved roads on Earth
Built by Pakistan and China, it’s a major trade route helping to generate 11 billion pounds of trade a year between the two countries
We don’t Karakoram Highway a few days now. This last stretch has just been really smooth and developed and safe and it’s this
Assist friendship and this relationship that the chinese have got with Pakistanis. It feels like something’s happening. That’s the thing fears that something’s happening
In return the Karakoram Highway gives China direct road access to quad the report on Pakistan’s coast
where traffic from Chinese commercial and Naval vessels is growing and
For Pakistan, it’s opened up remote areas like attabad leg to tourism
She waived Captain’s are both taking visitors on the lake yeah the ones that
Schway tells me the Lake was formed after a massive landslide at Abad Village in 2010 killing 20 people
It blocked the flow of the hunza river slowly forming this lake over seven months
Just little bits. You can see evidence of people’s houses
Chance of Townley Logan Kagura be aware there are gotta be American with the criminal to Kaito decoding a oversight
the original Karakoram Highway also disappeared with the Village underwater
To restore this vital trade link and bypass the Lake China and Pakistan
built a series of bridges and Tunnels costing over 200 million pounds
Marie De plume is glad that the subsidy amala czechoslovakia. I’m hardly a tiny phoenix is a bridge of landslides or Dr.
Kevin Poole America really only kind of indicated these dose of that
The China Connection is big the two countries have now signed a forty six billion pound series of construction deals
That should rapidly Modernize Pakistani infrastructure and strengthen the economy
How did you see the future of Pakistan GC a burst of trade with China and a person trait of the world live in?
Chinese okay muhammara leave Papa Chak Omkar
Inshallah both turkey calamari, Pakistan

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