The State of Front-End and JavaScript tutorials: #1.13 the latest News (the Good Parts)

Great News everyone!
HTML 5 point 1 has been published as a Standard.
Let’s talk about new The State of Front-End
and interesting JavaScript tutorials.
I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development.
Web Platform Working Group published HTML
5.1 as a Standard.
We have been gifted with: The picture and
srcset attributes, The requestAnimationFrame
API, The details and summary elements and
The menuitem and type=”context” attribute
Work on HTML 5.2 already started.
Here is another interesting report from Chrome
Dev Summit “Production Progressive Web Apps
with frameworks” by Addy Osmani.
He describes how you can build Progressive
Web Applications using different common development
Kamil Ogórek proposed a minimal, yet useful
JavaScript environment for testing, linting
and watching changes.
You can find his approach to setting up a
system from having nothing, to being productive
in five minutes or less on dev dot to.
You must be surprised with the choice of the
Peter Czibik posted the next chapter in a
“Node.js at Scale series” namely “Writing
Native Node.js Modules” on RisingStack blog.
This article describes how native extensions
If you want to see the code, it’s available
on GitHub.
Una Kravets proposed to rethink Responsive
Design, because the future of the web exists
beyond screens.
With the new Google’s Physical Web project
and chip devices for Virtual Reality the Internet
is significantly changing all the time.
You definitely must read her article on Medium.
I propose to your attention another React
tutorial “How I learned React and how you
can too” by Sean Groff.
You need to cope with 5 React.js challenges.
Don’t look at the solutions on CodePen unless
you’ve exhausted all of your resources first!
Ionică Bizău posted the article namely “The
Ultimate JavaScript Cheat Sheet” on Codementor
It consists of simple and clear code examples
of the variable’s, arrays, functions, promises,
loops etc. usage.
Believe me, it’s worth reading.
Do you remember “The State Of JavaScript 2016”?
Ashley Nolanposted the survey results called
“The State of Front-End Tooling 2016” with
over 4000 responses.
This survey aims to give more of an insight
into the current trends in front-end tooling
from a broader perspective.
As for me I was not astonished at the results.
Probably, you’ve already worked with CSS Custom
Properties using them as current color.
Now CSS variables are handled in every major
browser except Internet Explorer.
Dudley Storey wrote an article about the power
of Using CSS Variables on The New Code dot
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This is all for this week.
Thanks for watching and stay curious.

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